Curtains are one of those accessories that barely get the praise they deserve for the impressive role they play in home decoration. It's incredible how much transformation a single piece of fabric – a curtain – can bring to a room. Either they’re setting the tone for the room or complementing other decorative pieces - curtains are limitless – they simply make everything click.

Due to the sheer variety of options available, picking a curtain with the ideal color, prints, texture, and quality for your living room can be quite confusing. For something so crucial to your home decoration, it is important to get it right on the first trial, because a single mistake can ruin everything. In this short guide, we'll be discussing curtains and how to pick the perfect one for your living room. 

How to Choose Curtains for Your Living Room

For your living room curtain, always have in mind that functionality comes first. Except they’re strictly for decoration, the primary purpose of every curtain is to provide privacy and control the amount of light coming into the room. So here are a few things to consider before choosing a drape for your home:

Fabric is Key for Privacy

Luxe Weavers Window Panels Curtain fabric

One of the main considerations for choosing a curtain fabric is privacy. Pretty sure you don't want neighbors peeping through the window, do you? Do you want a blackout curtain or one that let some natural light through? Once you've figured this out, you're halfway through choosing the perfect curtain.

Curtain fabrics provide varying degrees of opacity ranging from sheer, which block out direct sunlight but still let plenty of natural light through, to opaque, which provides more privacy with little natural light.

Color & Pattern are Equally Important

The color of your drape can either ruin or enhance your living room decoration. Ideally, the curtain colors should either match the walls and furniture or contrast them to create a focus. Another thing about the color of your curtain is that it can determine the amount of natural light that comes into the living room. curtains with lighter colors would let more light through, while those with darker shades will prevent light from coming in.

On Length & Width

Luxe Weavers Window Panels Curtain

Window length and width may vary, but to ensure they all have a cohesive look, the curtain size, length, and width must be uniform. Measure the window’s length from the top of the window to the tip of the floor. Then, measure the width and add about six inches to both sides to ensure the curtains covers the window frame when closed or sit outside it when opened.

On Ease of Maintenance

Curtains, like any other home accessories, need to be washed and given proper maintenance at intervals to ensure their longevity. Ideally, curtains should be washed every 3-6 months, but some fabrics are easier to maintain than others. That's not all, some fabrics can retain their shape, color, and texture better than others after washing.

5 Window Curtain Ideas

So after choosing fabric for your living room, here are five trendy window curtain ideas to transform your interior from shabby-looking to the envy of visitors.

  1. Sheer White Curtains

For rooms lacking windows, choose sheer white curtains for maximum illumination. Let them stretch from the floor up to the ceiling, and they will keep the room from feeling damp and lonely.

  1. Curtains as Decorative Backdrop

You can use a hero pattern curtain to introduce print, color, texture, and style to your living room. This can be used to make a design statement with this – such that it works as a backdrop to the rest of the theme and create a harmonious look.

  1. Floor to Ceiling

Floor-to-ceiling works well not only by creating height illusions but also by keeping the place clean, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. This is best served by using the curtain to complement the wall colors to create a cohesive look.

  1. The Fun Trim

If you don't want to go overboard with colors in a neutral space but still want a little pop of excitement, choose curtains with printed trim and a neutral base to soften things up. 

  1. Short Curtains

They may not be in vogue anymore, but hanging your curtain at the midpoint of the window will create a visually intriguing look in your living room. This will not only ensure privacy, but it will also help to keep things simple and stylish.

Window Curtains for Bedroom

Luxe Weavers Window Panels Curtain

Like in the sitting room, window curtains can make a major design statement in the bedroom. Not only do they provide privacy from neighbors, but they also add warmth and make your room look stylish and elegant. 

What Are Window Panel Curtain?

These curtain panels are four-sided fabrics, helmed at the bottom, and used to frame a window. They’re made of double layers of fabrics and placed over a cotton rod which may extend to the floor or windowsill. 


Curtains, as we now know are not only capable of beautifying your space, but can also ensure privacy and filter the amount of sunlight coming into your living room. Hence, the need to get it right or risk ruining your home decor. While you should choose according to your need and preference, make sure to consider the factors we just shared. Thereafter, go ahead to choose from our list of affordable top quality window panels from different areas of your home.

May 09, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi