Accent rugs and Area rugs are identical, so most rug lovers have a hard time figuring them out. While shopping for rugs, it is common to come across rugs tagged "accent rug" and those labeled "area rug," forcing many shoppers to wonder what type of rug is actually ideal for their homes. 

If you have had a similar experience, you don't have to wonder anymore. As you read on, all your misconceptions about area rugs and accent rugs will become clear, and you will be able to make the right choice for your space.

Choosing between area rugs and accent rugs is mostly a matter of individual choices and personal preference. Still, here are some clear descriptions that will help you identify their differences and similarities. And when you eventually decide, your home will turn out stylish and classic. 

What is an Accent Rug?

Accent Rug

An Accent rug is generally a small-sized rug designed to inject style, texture, beauty, and color into a space. Many users also refer to them as throw rugs as are usually 4x6ft or smaller.

  • They bring beautiful patterns and colorful designs into your home without overwhelming your space.
  • You can change them quickly, as new trends emerge. New seasons bring a touch of seasonal style to your space.
  • Accent rugs usually are smaller in size than area rugs and shorter in length than runner rugs.

Accent rugs (made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fiber) with or without rubber backings are hand and machine-washable, making them great for kids, pets, and parties. You don’t have to worry about how to clean them.

Where to Place Accent Rugs?

Accent rugs are very adaptable, you can use them for various purposes in your home. There's always an accent rug that will perfectly fit your space. Whether you are placing them in the kitchen, hallway, or decorating your bedroom, family room, or living room, accent rugs can fit just about anywhere in your home.

Now, they are famous for use as dining room rugs.

Kitchen Accent Rug
Kitchen Accent Rug     
Bathroom Accent Rug
 Bathroom Accent Rug

You can place Accent rugs (size 4x6ft) at the center of your living room, just under your center table. Set the front legs of your couch and armchairs also on the rug, such that the furniture carve out the sitting area in your living room. That helps to bring a form of beauty, style, and harmony to your living room.

Smaller accent rugs (like 2x3ft or smaller) will do just fine in smaller places such as your kitchen (placed in front of your stove or kitchen sink, bathrooms (in front of your bathtub or mirror), utility room, or in your hallway(s). They would also look superb and colorful in front of your door as a welcome mat.

What is an Area Rug?

Area Rug

On the other hand, area rugs are larger and can be used to fill larger spaces in your home to provide comfort, beauty, color, style, and texture to your space.

The 5x7ft rugs, 8x11ft, and 6x8 ft area rugs can fit perfectly in your living room, bedroom, and dining room.

  • They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, making them a versatile floor covering for your home.
  • Area rugs do not extend from wall to wall. Nonetheless, they fit into your living room, preferably around your furniture.
  • Area rugs (made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fiber) with or without rubber backings are also hand and machine-washable.

So you have absolutely nothing to worry about when you or your kids spill tea, milk, oil, drinks, or food on the area rugs in your home.

There are many reasons why area rugs are a good idea for beautifying your home. They provide comfort and warmth, help to create a frame for your furniture and define your sitting area.

They are indeed a beauty to behold.

Where to Place Area Rugs?

Area rugs are versatile and can be used in different areas in your home for various purposes, depending on how stylish and artistic you want your home to look.

You can use them as dining room rugs, living room, and bedroom rugs. You can also use them in your kitchen and hallways, and they will fit just right in.

Wherever you choose to place your area rugs, be sure to have the place transformed, lively, and comfortable. 

Bedroom Area Rug
                                          Bedroom Area Rug                                              
Dining Room Area Rug

Dining room Area Rug    

Common Rug Placement Mistakes

Don't let the wrong placement take away your area rugs' beauty, shine, and style. Many make mistakes in rug placements when they attempt to use accent rugs and area rugs interchangeably.

An area rug will help you define your sitting area by unifying the furniture in your living room or bedroom. However, trying to make an accent rug perform this stunt will cause more harm than good to your space.

Small accent rugs (2x3ft and smaller ones) are best for small places like the kitchen, hallways, bathroom, and doorways.

Small accent rugs are usually gorgeous and stylish, but they can look the opposite when placed in other bigger rooms.

Never place a small accent rug between your furniture set. It will disconnect rather than harmonize the area.

Far too small

Accent rugs and area rugs are beautiful and stylish when you use them correctly, i.e., using the perfect size for the appropriate places.

When you place accent rugs in large conversation areas, they usually seem to be swimming or in a vast sea of the surroundings—making them look somewhat out of place.

To avoid making a mess of your home, always use the appropriate sizes for each room or space to get the best out of your rugs.

Lonely Man

When an accent rug is in the wrong place, it feels lonely and excluded if its size, color, pattern, and design don't correspond with its surroundings.

So, there you go. The next time you go rug-shopping, remember these differences and avoid mistakes many other rug-lovers make. Suitable rugs can help transform your space without additional heavy costs.

Meanwhile, you can browse through our gorgeous collections of Area rugs in different sizes. You'd find a perfect fit!


November 13, 2023 — Luxe Weavers