Incredibly fascinating, warm, sleek, and classy, there is no denying that a modern farmhouse rug is one of the most sought-after floor covers for interior décor projects.

The word "farmhouse" usually conjures up a number of images in our minds. Barns, cornfields, stables, vineyards, delicious pies, and more. However, it’s completely different when we hear the term "modern" interiors, because we always think of something fancy and brand-new.

But what happens when you combine traditional farmhouse style with modern decor? Well, what you get is an ultra-chic design that strikes the perfect balance between an astonishing contemporary flair and a heart-of-the-country vibe.

The modern farmhouse style combines poppy heirlooms, vintage accents, fresh flowers, and an impressionable farmhouse area rug to create a rustic, beautiful ambiance.

So, why are modern farmhouse rugs must-haves in your farmhouse décor projects?

A modern farmhouse area rug has an incredible visual appeal and serves almost as a backdrop to your furniture and rustic décor accessories.  It complements the look and mood of your room in an instant. Thankfully, they come in different styles and patterns so you have options to play around.

Below are a few to consider.

Modern Farmhouse Rugs Ideas 

  1. Buffalo Check Plaid Area Rugs
luxe weavers checkered farmhouse area rug

Buffalo check area rugs are less complex than tartan or madras plaid rugs. They are bold, crisp, and adaptable to a wide range of décor styles. Their designs are primarily intersecting square blocks in two different colors that form an alternate pattern. This colorful area rug collection is very stylish and is suitable for floors in traditional and modern farmhouse areas.

  1. Tartan Plaid Area Rugs
Luxe weavers plaid modern farmhouse area rug

Modified tartan plaid rugs with chic hues of blue, gray, and ivory create tailored textile patterns and unique shapes. Its classic designs and sophisticated color schemes combine to provide a durable floor cover with ageless appeal. Tartan plaid area rugs are mostly handwoven with only natural wool fibers. 

  1. Luxe Weavers Incas Modern Plaid Area Rug
Luxe weavers plaid modern farmhouse area rug

Whether you place them in your living room, bedroom, or dining room, luxe weavers’ Incas Modern Plaid Rug instantly draws attention while serving as the perfect complement to your farmhouse décor. Designed specifically for modern farmhouse floors, this adorable area rug ticks all the right boxes. Its unique stripes with a distressed effect are catchy and it comes with a medium pile that offers warmth and cushion. Be sure to brighten up your modern farmhouse with this easy-to-clean rug as it works with multiple home décor styles.

  1. Textured Rugs
Textured farmhouse rug

When you add a braided or textured rug to a space, you inevitably introduce a farmhouse theme since they go so well with country or farmhouse décor. The best part? Textured rugs are available in a wide range of designs, weaves, color schemes, and sizes, and can help you accomplish your desired farmhouse style.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Runners
modern farmhouse kitchen runner

A runner rug is a terrific addition to any kitchen for a variety of reasons, but kitchen décors benefit most from farmhouse kitchen runner rugs. They create a cozy, cheerful, and elegant ambiance in every kitchen space.

  1. Hand-Woven Jute Rug
handwoven jute farmhouse rug

Jute rugs are soft to the touch, as they are made of natural or plant-based fibers. They are adaptable and low-maintenance. And whether placed on wall-to-wall carpet or hardwood floors, jute rugs add beautiful finishing touches to any farm-style themed room. They look particularly good in a rustic-style, modern farmhouse theme where their natural elements can truly stand out.

  1. Handwoven Wool Rugs
handwoven farmhouse rug

A handwoven wool rug has a thick pile and a soft texture that provide a warm, cozy feeling in any room you choose to use them in. Since they are made from 100% wool, they are a healthy choice as they have natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. Choose a handwoven wool rug with a soft neutral color for your farmhouse décor project. It blends seamlessly with any color scheme and you can quickly move it from one room to another if you decide to switch things up.

  1. Clair Gray Farmhouse Area Rug
clair gray farmhouse area rug

The Clair grey area rug is one of the best farmhouse rug ideas you can have in your space. It features a distressed geometric motif with a neutral grey and cream color scheme that helps to reinforce the farmhouse vibe. This stylish area rug transforms any room that you place it in. It has a unique print that stands out without overwhelming your décor theme. This area rug is made of soft yet durable material. It does not retain dust, dirt, or stains, making it easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Oriental Distressed Ivory Area Rug
oriental farmhouse area rug

Create a farmhouse design in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or any other part of your home with this beautiful and affordable rug. It’s an adorable mix of both modern and vintage designs, perfect for your rustic home décor. Oriental rugs are made with strong, high-quality fibers, so they can serve you for a long time without losing their appeal.

Wrapping Up!

Finding a perfect area rug for your space can be challenging, but if you're looking to buy modern farmhouse rugs, you can make your search easier by choosing a neutral or muted color palette. They complement most furniture pieces and accessories.


October 11, 2022 — Luxe Weavers