There’s a nip in the air, frost on the ground, the crackle of leaves underfoot—and you know what that means...cozy season has arrived! 

But if your house is feeling more arctic than snuggly, it’s time to amp up the throws, pillows, and rugs. One of the easiest ways to make a space feel more warm and inviting is to add a welcoming area rug. But what styles and designs say “come on in and sit a spell”? Well, this guide will tell you just that with 7 cozy area rug suggestions designed to warm up your house this winter.

Mimic a fire

There’s a reason people love to sit mesmerized by a big fire. As much as its warm glow is soothing, the flicker of the flame casts a spell on its subjects making them feel safe and sheltered. 

There’s likely some psychological survival science behind the feeling, but the bottomline for our purposes here is you can get that same vibe from a warm colored rug. 

Think hues of red, orange, and yellow. Designed in a way that’s as soothing as the colors selected, a fiery rug can transform a space from a sterile living room to a homey nook. For example, Luxe Weavers’ Howell Collection Red Abstract Area Rug takes the flame concept and transforms it into a classic Oriental motif perfect for a sophisticated loft. 

Soothing Shades

Say red shades just don’t jibe with your design scheme. 

No worries. 

You can use other colors to make a room more snug. Consider soothing tones of grey, taupe, andcream. Taken together in an abstract form that doesn’t exhaust the eye, these shades can be just as comforting as a warm cup of tea. Such is the case in this Luxe Weavers Beverly Collection 6490 Turquoise Abstract Area Rug.

Straightforward Design

Believe it or not, but the design of a rug can actually elevate anxiety, or help promote relaxation. 

Research has shown that holistic design can be soothing to the point of actually helping ease things like depression

What some designers call “pleasant distractions” can be used to uplift. Most people might immediately think of artwork as a means of providing these distractions, but a well-designed area rug can work just the same. A pleasing geometric design can calm nerves and help someone channel their thoughts. And Luxe Weavers has many concepts that fit this bill. The Chevron Collection 3400 Turquoise Geometric Area Rug, for one, feels like a depiction of the sea with its rolling waves of turquoise and blue. On the other hand, a Luxe Weavers Madison Collection 9040 Beige Abstract Area Rug features a wave design in a neutral color that could easily soothe a weary visitor.

Consider the Cushion

Sensorily speaking, touch often gets overlooked, but it should be a big consideration when trying to find an area rug that will up your cozy factor. How a rug feels underfoot can make or break its success in a room, especially in one where you want to draw people in to relax and unwind. To that end, finding a rug that has a high thread count or is plush or soft is the goal. 

Don’t Forget Durability

If the room you’re outfitting really will be the most loved and lived in, then you need a rug that’s as durable as it is inviting. 

That’s no easy feat as some of the softest, snuggliest rugs out there are often the most delicate. Instead, opt for a rug that combines these two characteristics in the most affordable and fashionable designs. 

Case in point, the timeless Aspect Collection 674 Grey Oriental Area Rug. Elegant and up to the challenge of welcoming many footsteps, it’s the epitome of winter comfort.

Easy to Clean

If this rug will live in a space where everyone wants to congregate it’s bound to pick up some dirt. Choose a rug that’s designed for easy maintenance, like this Luxe Weavers Beverly Collection 6055 Blue Oriental Area Rug.

Timeless Beauty

Part of what makes a space feel like the perfect winter hideaway is its timelessness, and that can only be captured by filling it with classic pieces like an antique hutch, an old quilt, plush throw pillows and maybe a wooden rocking chair. A traditional Oriental rug will lend its classic appea. Much like the joy of watching the snow fall while snuggling by a roaring fire, this Luxe Weavers Aspect Collection 674 Blue Oriental Area Rug will never go out of style. 

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November 26, 2020 — Luxe Weavers