Whether you're an interior design expert or a homeowner, decorating a space to match your taste is one goal you never want to miss. Among other things, it provides an opportunity to express your true character and makes your room more comfortable, stylish, and functional. 

However, a few mistakes in the process can completely ruin your goals and how you have imagined your home, leaving you feeling unsatisfied. Below are some of these pitfalls as well as how to avoid them.

1. No Proper Home Decor Plan and Budget

Imagine coming across a stunning sofa in the store and impulsively thinking it would look amazing in your living room, without considering the necessary layout plan. While planning doesn't have to involve intricate drawings - it could simply involve jotting down a few key points - a lack of proper planning before starting a design project is comparable to traveling to a new place without a map. 

You may reach your destination, but that would also include many unnecessary detours and wasted time. So, it’s always useful to set a budget for your project. If you fancy luxury, make sure to have the means to achieve it.

Having an appropriate budget will prevent overspending on certain items and running out of funds. Identify the design you want, list out the necessary decor items, and estimate the costs of the furniture. Then, follow the plan and purchase everything within your budget. 

2. Making Everything in Your Room Match

From a young age, we are taught to associate colors and match them accordingly. This is evident in our early childhood art lessons that aim to develop our color recognition skills.

As we grow, the principle of color matching extends to our clothing choices, but when it comes to interior design, having uniformity may not always be the most attractive option.

Using a variety of colors may need more effort, but a monochromatic palette often results in a dull and uninspiring look. And if the thought of combining colors makes you nervous, consider incorporating different textures instead.

Modern rugs and decor, for instance, can add a textural effect that you cannot achieve through paint or wallpaper. A good example of this is the Luxe Weavers Magnolia Geometric Area Rug. It doesn’t feature bold colors, but its plush material will add a cozy feel to your space. 

luxe weavers area rug for home decor project


3. Boring Entryway

The entryway is the first impression that visitors have of your home and sets the tone for what they can expect. To avoid creating a lackluster and uninspiring entry, add some visual interest with the right lighting accessories and artwork. 

Although, the amount of space available will determine the size and scale of these elements, incorporating a bold piece of upholstery will make a statement and leave a lasting impression. Even if your entryway is on the smaller side, you should still add a touch of design. Never leave your entry area bare. 

4. Not Considering Scale and Proportions

Scale can make or break a space.  Fill it with furniture that’s too big and it will give an Alice in Wonderland effect to a room. Put small furniture in a large room and it can appear to be swallowed up by the size. 

So before you shell out a small fortune on decor for a room, think about the scale of your furnishings and how they’ll flow and meld together. And if you have missed out on scaling your space, you can tie all pieces together and create cohesion in your large living room with an art deco area rug. 

A circular rug, for instance, can bring elements into one cohesive vision as long as every furniture item touches it at some point. In the same way, installing two modern rugs will create multiple focal points in a large room.  Use a small rug to pull together a reading or dining area while a larger rug, centered around your furniture piece will define the main living room area. 

5. Clutter

Clutter is any room’s nemesis. While it is possible to incorporate a multitude of decorative elements into the decor, overloading your space with an excessive amount of knick-knacks and trinkets can undermine your carefully crafted designs. 

Exercise self-restraint and edit your decor choices. In instances where you are struggling with making choices of what to keep or discard, seek the help of a trusted friend. Sometimes, an impartial viewpoint will provide a much-needed fresh perspective and result in a revitalized and rejuvenated space.

6. Furniture Against the Walls

The idea that pushing all of your furniture against the walls creates more space is a common misconception. In fact, this approach has the opposite effect and makes your room feel cramped and uninviting; like a cold and inhospitable cave. 

To achieve a more spacious and open space, arrange your furniture at some distance from the walls and use an art deco area rug to define and bring together different living areas. The Luxe Weavers Trellis Geometric Area Rug is an excellent choice to create the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is. 

Luxe Weavers trellis area rug for home decor peojects

7. Imbalance

In the Chinese philosophy of feng shui, energy is used to harmonize individuals with their surroundings. Despite being dismissed by some as unsubstantiated, the fundamental idea behind feng shui is practical and holds merits in good design. Uneven distribution of furniture and accessories often resembles a boat unsteadily rocking in rough waters.

On the other hand, equilibrium in all areas not only enhances your space’s visual appeal but also enhances its livability. Avoid overcrowding one side of your room.

8. Undersized Area Rug

We can’t over-stress the importance of a sizeable area rug in a room. It effortlessly brings an entire space together. But if you opt for a carpet that’s too small for your space, it can make your entire decor look downright silly. Learn and understand the size of area rugs you need for different areas of your home.

All, or at least, most of your furniture should be sitting on your area rug. If you have a postage size rug sitting under a coffee table, that isn’t going to cut it. Look for vendors who sell modern area rugs in a variety of sizes so you can choose from different options. The Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection Ivory Oriental Area Rug, for instance, comes in 5x7, 6x9, 8x10, and 9x12 size options. 

Luxe Weavers Hampstead Area Rug for home decor design projects

9. Getting Carried with Throw Pillows

As comfy as the concept of an abundance of pillows might seem, too many can make a couch or chair remarkably uncomfortable. Instead, opt for lesser pillows that dress up a piece rather than consume it. 

10. Bad Lighting

Always have more than one light source in your rooms. To achieve a well-lit space, incorporate a variety of lighting types, including floor lamps, wall lights, and table lamps, positioned at different heights. This will help you create a standard lighting plan that includes ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting serves as the primary source of light in a room and ensures safety when moving around. Task lighting, on the other hand, is ideal for activities like cooking or reading, while accent lighting highlights specific architectural or artistic features. By incorporating all three types of lighting, you’ll create a well-balanced and visually appealing lighting decor.

Final Words 

Home decor mistakes can quickly disrupt the overall aesthetic of your space. From failing to consider scale and proportion to neglecting the importance of lighting, these common mistakes can lead to unpleasant and less functional home decor projects. Nonetheless. achieving great design doesn’t happen overnight and it’s generally not an accident. You’ll need to continue learning new techniques through research, touring other people’s spaces, and testing out different ideas. 

But with these no-nos in mind, you can start on the right foot and begin crafting a home you’ll not only feel comfortable living in but love showing off to others. 

February 20, 2023 — Ademola Ademiluyi