Victoria 4620 Oriental Area Rug



Do you need your living room, bedroom, or dining area to come alive and remain fashionable for many years? Luxe Weavers’ Victoria Collection Area rug delivers that and more. The 100% polypropylene machine-made floor cover is a mix of durability and luxury, complimenting every piece of furniture in your home seamlessly. Through its classic color variants: Blue, Beige, Gray, Pearl, Navy, cream, and silver, this modern oriental area rug works for every home décor goal and transforms your space.



 Besides its luxurious feel and intricate designs, the Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection 4620 Oriental Area rug provides all the warmth you need in your living room or bedroom. Its medium pile height and plush fiber texture add extra cushion to your floor, protecting your floor from scratches and damages caused by high foot traffic or heavy furniture within your home. If you care to have a therapeutic feel beneath your feet when walking around your home, here’s one area rug that delivers at all times.



This rectangular oriental rug is soft, stain-resistant, and only requires periodic spot-cleaning and tender vacuuming. Whether you choose to place it in high-traffic areas, entryways, or your bedroom, its fade-resistant properties ensure that you not only beautify your space with this top-quality machine-made area rug for many years but also enjoy stress-free rug cleaning procedures, while benefiting from its catchy oriental patterns.


• Based on where you are standing, colors may appear darker, lighter, or muted. Brush the fibers with your hand in one direction for your desired effect.

• Easy spot cleaning and maintenance.

• No Shedding and anti-dust.

• Great half-inch pile height. Colors and dimensions may vary.