Howell 2655 Oriental Area Rug

$70.00 $90.00


Luxurious and Unique

The Luxe Weavers 2655 Blue is a modern area rug that will transform your space with its classic oriental style, giving your friends something to gush over whenever they come visiting. The modern appeal and classic oriental pattern of this area rug will help to define your living room while adding the right splash of color and character.

This affordable rug is well constructed and will exceed your expectations by serving you for several years. Its stain-resistant fiber is child and pet-friendly, great for both low and high-traffic areas.

Comfort and Practical Protection

The Luxe Weavers 2655 Blue is designed to withstand the various level of foot traffic around the home. The polypropylene fiber ensures it is sturdy enough to withstand pressure from high foot traffic and heavy furniture.

Its soft texture and medium pile height ensures comfort and safety of playing kids, protects your hardwood floor from damage, and allow easy movement of doors and object around the home.

Easy Care, low maintenance

The Luxe Weavers 2655 Blue is stain-resistant; hence, never retain dust nor dust, making it super easy to clean and maintain. Occasional spot cleaning with a dry cloth and regular vacuuming is all you need to keep your rug in pristine condition at all times.