Boho Moroccan 2735 Geometric Area Rug



The Daphnes Collection area rug comes with geometric patterns that create an irresistible appeal in your living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other areas of your home. Get this top-class area rug as a cream rug, gray rug, yellow rug, and blue rug. Install a 5x7 rug size option to complement the decor of your living room. For larger spaces, get its 6x9 rug size, 8x10 rug size, or its 9x12 rug size to create an impressive outlook in your large living rooms. It is machine-made with 100% polypropylene and of the highest quality fibers. It has a medium pile height that supports the weight of your furniture and allows free movement of doors.


This durable rug provides warmth and a soft texture for your feet and serves as a comfortable playing area for your kids. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Keep it in a clean, sparkling condition with a no-beater bar vacuum and spot-clean stains quickly with a mild carpet cleaner. Stains, dirt, and pet hairs area can be cleared easily. This area rug is also perfect for high-traffic areas and is non-shed and non-fade.


About this Item

  • Medium pile height with excellent ability to protect permanent floors
  • Creatively designed geometric patterns
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance.
  • Supreme comfort & softness underfoot
  • Machine-made from 100% Polypropylene
  • 5x7 - Actual Dimensions: 5 feet 2 inches width by 7 feet 3 inches length
  • 6x9 - Actual Dimensions: 6 feet 5 inches width by 9 feet 1 inches length
  • 8x10 - Actual Dimensions: 7 feet 5 inches width by 10 feet 0 inches length
  • 9x12 - Actual Dimensions: 8 feet 8 inches width by 12 feet 4 inches length