Moroccan Floral Area Rug



The Moroccan Floral 5x7 Area Rug works well with multiple home décor styles, including traditional, bohemian, and Scandinavian themes. This 8x10 area rug complements solid-colored furniture, wall art, curtains, and other home décor accessories, helping you beautify your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Here’s a top-quality polypropylene rug with anti-dust, non-fading, and non-shedding properties. It hides stains and is suitable for different levels of foot traffic. Install this Moroccan rug in your foyer, walkway, or as a kitchen runner. It comes with a durable jute backing and a medium pile height that provides extra warmth and cushion for your feet as you move around. Safe for kids and pets, it takes a few minutes to clean up this premium 9x12 rug. Briefly vacuum without a no-beater bar or spot-clean with a mild carpet cleaner to have it in its clean, original condition.

Actual Dimension: 5 feet 2.4 inches width by 7 feet 2 inches length
Actual Dimension: 7 feet 6 inches width by 10 feet 0 inches length
Actual Dimension: 8 feet 9.6 inches width by 12 feet 6 inches length

• Made in Turkey. Machine-woven from 100% Polypropylene; Jute backing.
• Stain-resistant, anti-dust, and dirt-resistant. Colors and rug dimensions may vary.
• 0.5-inches thickness. Soft synthetic fibers, safe for children and pets.
• Spot clean with mild carpet cleaner or gently vacuum with a no-beater bar.
• Lay the rug flat and face down for 2 to 3 days to allow waves or ripples to relax.