Marble Blue Abstract Area Rug



The Marble Abstract Area Rug offers top quality experience in your living room. Its rectangular shape, medium pile height, and marble inspired patterns, add glamour to any modern home. It is made from 100% polypropylene, is non-shedding, its colors remain vibrant for many years, and has an impressive life span. Use its large 8x10 rug size to beautify your living room. This marble-styled area rug draws the right attention and lightens up every floor and space it covers. It comes with a medium pile thickness that helps your feet land softly when you and your kids move around your home. Being a large rug for living room, its soft texture will help your body relax as you play with your pets on the floor of your living room and or bedroom. Clear stains instantly by spot-cleaning with a mild carpet cleaner or a no-beater bar vacuum. Here's a blue modern rug with anti-dust properties, machine-made with quality polypropylene fibers.
About this Item
• Affordable polypropylene fibers with a soft texture.
• Creatively designed marble patterns
• Top-quality anti-dust floor cover
• Easy and low-cost maintenance.
• Stain resistant, fade resistant, non-shedding rug
• 2x3 - Actual Dimensions: 1 foot 11 inches wide by 3 feet 0 inches length
• 2x7 - Actual Dimensions: 2 feet 1 inches wide by 7 feet 5 inches length
• 4x5 - Actual Dimensions: 3 feet 9 inches wide by 5 feet 3 inches length
• 5x7 - Actual Dimensions: 5 feet 1 inch wide by 7 feet 4.5 inches long
• 6x9 - Actual Dimensions: 6 feet 4.5 wide by 9 feet 3 inches long
• 8x10 - Actual Dimensions: 7 feet 4 inches wide by 10 feet 2 inches long
• 9x12 - Actual Dimensions: 8 feet 5.5 inches wide by 12 feet 7.5 inch