Buying an Area Rug as an addition to a hard surface floor is a trend that isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Although the debate between Area Rugs and hardwood is not a new one, there's been a considerable increase in the latter's use in recent times. Without a doubt, there are so many tiles and hardwood floor designs that are pleasing to the eyes - some of which you may not be able to resist their charm. Still, some places in the home are just better suited to a soft floor covering than a hard one. One of the best instances of this is the bedroom. The softness, quiet, and warmth of an Area Rug often make it the best flooring option for this part of your home. The bedroom is a cozy sanctuary from the bustle and activities of the rest of the home. After working all day, you will want to return to the peace and quiet of your bedroom. So why not add softness to the list?

Area Rug in a Bedroom

While there are many reasons you should get the perfect flooring design for your house, Area Rugs are specifically ideal for your bedroom because of these qualities:

  1. Area Rugs provide quiet space:

Realistically, everyone wants a restful night to prepare them for the next day's work. No one wants to be woken up by the sound of someone else clomping through the bedroom. Thankfully, Area Rugs are quieter to walk on than hard flooring. They help to mask the sound of your partner walking around the room. This quality can be especially beneficial when partners have different schedules. Since it absorbs sound, it also reduces speech noise and other otherwise noisy activities in the bedroom. Hardwood floors are direct opposites. Again, the noise reduction quality of Area Rugs is beneficial to moms who have babies. When there's an Area Rug in your child's bedroom, it becomes easy to lay them on the bed without waking them up.

  1. Area Rugs provide safety:

Sometimes, we have emergency commitments to attend to. So, we make attempts to rush out of the house. If an accident occurs as we move around in haste, hard floors can cause a lot more damage than Area Rugs will ever do. Slips can happen quickly, particularly if you're half asleep. Also, stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you are not quite awake could be hazardous on a hard, slippery floor. For kids' rooms and nurseries, Area rugs are the logical choice, and the reason is not farfetched. Young children are more prone to falling out of bed and can make a soft landing to avoid serious injuries. Area Rugs in the bedroom are very useful for this purpose as they are much softer on the knees and much more forgiving during crash landings. And for babies who are crawling or learning to walk, bedroom rugs act as a childproofing medium.

  1. Area Rugs protect your floors:

An Area Rug is the most comfortable form of protection (scratches and scuffs) for floors, especially in high-traffic areas.

  1. Area Rugs add personality to your bedroom and make it look beautiful: 

An Area Rug adds color, pattern, and texture to your bedroom, giving the area a more polished and personal look. It is also a cost-effective way to design your bedroom - a super-easy way to refresh your space without breaking the bank.

Area Rug in a bedroom
  1. Area Rugs aid breathing:

 Rugs absorb allergens, filtering particles in the air like dust and pollen. Having a bedroom rug improves the overall air quality of a room. It is especially a great idea for those who have asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems. However, you can only be sure of this aid when you clean your Area Rugs regularly and appropriately.

How to Select the Best Area Rug for Your Bedroom

Area Rug in a Bedroom

Bedroom rug ideas take many forms. It can be wall-to-wall covering, layered on top of carpet, or even a very large area rug. Whatever form they may be, they can instantly add excitement to an otherwise simple space.  Still, before you decide on what shape, size, or style you should purchase, take note of these tips:

  1. Size and Placement:

When selecting a bedroom rug, you must choose a rug that perfectly fits the room. You don't want a bedroom rug that is too big or too small. It has to be just the right size for its beauty to show. For small bedrooms where furniture space is limited, you need your footboard legs to reach your rug. In that case, you can opt for a small bedroom rug. For larger bedrooms where you might have room for a seating area, desk, or vanity table, use several Area Rugs to set apart those spaces or a large bedroom rug. They provide a soft cushion underfoot and create a central focus for your room. Although your budget will help you narrow down the options, the layout of your bed and end tables should primarily influence the rug size you choose.

Taking rug measurements will help you narrow down your choices too. Unless your bed is against the wall, it should have an exact 36 inches on all sides for you to make your way around it. To visualize how an area rug will look in your space, use masking tape to create a border on the floor, leave 8 inches of space if the room is smaller.

No matter what individual needs you may have, keep these rules of thumb in mind. The bed should always be the focus of your room, and any Area Rug you put under the bed should extend 18-24 inches beyond its edges.

For placement, your bedroom rug can be placed at the foot of the bed, underneath the bed, or at the side of the bed. It can also be layered under the bed, extending towards the foot, where you can place your feet while sitting. You can also place your Area Rug in a position that accentuates the furniture around the bed.

  1. Style

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Choosing the right style for your Area Rug should be about personal preference and balance. You also don't have to worry about foot traffic; you should focus more on your comfort. Here are some Area Rug style options you could choose from:

Shag style: They have a high-pile feature that is soft, plush, and luxurious to touch. Shag rugs come in a vast range of materials, colors, and designs that can add texture and an upscaled sophistication to your bedroom.

Vintage style: If you are a fan of antiques and traditional culture, a bedroom rug with vintage styles will be just perfect. They are usually top-quality, with the allure of an antique. Apart from these, they are an excellent, budget-friendly option.

Bohemian: Bohemian rugs are whimsical and stylish and usually feature vibrant color palettes, bold designs, distressed patterns, flatwoven designs, and natural fiber components. The key to achieving a Bohemian look with your bedroom Area Rugs is to layer antiqued traditional rugs with flatwoven, natural-fiber material. 

Moroccan: Moroccan rugs are distinct and recognizable yet complement a range of decor styles. Look for bedroom area rugs that feature the familiar crisscross or zigzag pattern of traditional Beni Ourain rugs, or tie in a bolder Moroccan design like geometrical trellis or latticework.

Although there are many styles you can adopt, but a Moroccan style is one of the most sophisticated bedroom rug ideas. It will not only beautify your bedroom, but it will also give you the comfort you desire.

  1. Material

The best material for your rug depends on where you want to place it. The material a rug is made from determines both its durability and softness, making it a core element to consider when shopping for a new rug. You may want to consider these options:

Wool: Wool rugs work in high and low traffic areas, adding a luxurious touch to bedroom floors. Naturally, stain-resistant wool Area Rugs also help keep the bedroom cooler in the summer months and warmer when Jack Frost starts nipping. With regular maintenance, a wool rug can last for years, making it an excellent household investment.

Olefin: Olefin rugs come in vibrant colors. It is an attractive choice for the bedroom and a good option because of the material's versatility, durability, and welcoming feel.

Silk: Silk oriental rugs have adorned palace floors globally, even though it is not a budget-friendly option. Silk rugs are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers; its material is a perfect option for the bedroom. Silk Area Rugs are ideal for bedrooms since the bedroom doesn't experience much foot traffic. Like wool, silk rugs can last for decades. However, it is not durable for high traffic areas.

Polypropylene: Polypropylene Area Rugs are not bad for a bedroom rug. Their backings generally eliminate the need for a rug pad. So, you will less likely slip or trip.

Area Rug in a Bedroom

Buying the right Area Rug is one thing, but protecting it is also a significant thing to consider. The best way to do this is to buy a pad for your bedroom rug.

Retreating into the bedroom for much needed quiet time to kick back and relax is a necessary activity. That is why you should ensure yours is comfy and cozy. An Area Rug is absolutely a bedroom must-have because a room can appear somewhat bland without it.

If you have ever walked into a bedroom with bare floors, you know the feeling. It may appear stark and scattered, as though the furniture is floating in the room. A bedroom area rug gives your room a complete feel. Surf through Luxe Weavers' top-quality Area Rugs today. Purchase the most suitable style for you and give yourself the kind of comfort your feet and bedroom would thank you for.




November 18, 2020 — Luxe Weavers