Comfortability, intricate designs, uniquely crafted patterns, excellent quality, durability, versatility, and value for money are only a few out of the many reasons everyone loves Oriental Area Rugs.

Oriental Area Rugs are symbols of class, quality, and testimony of rich cultural heritage that dates back to centuries. Over the years, they have become people’s favorite Area Rugs.

There is a staggering difference between domestic area rugs and the antique oriental area rugs. They are available in different colors, shapes, design, texture, sizes, and patterns.

Trends usually come and fade off soon after, but antique oriental area rugs never go out of style. Their beauty and finesse are second to no other.

To help you make sense of the fuss , here are the top 10 reasons everyone loves Oriental area rugs.

  1. Oriental Rugs are exceptionally Beautiful
Beautiful Oriental Area Rug

You can't but love Oriental rugs for their exceptional beauty and charm. A classic instance is the Luxe Weavers Nayara Collection 7158 Blue Oriental Area Rug.  Indeed, they bring pleasure to the eyes and the soul of everyone who beholds them. Oriental rugs are handmade by highly skilled and professional artisans, with colorful patterns and intricate designs.

Many owners have attested that oriental rugs are simply irresistible and are a joy to behold. They do not only beautify your home, but they also help you create beautiful memories. The beautiful moments you share with your loved ones while sitting on them, your baby crawling around on them, Oriental area rugs give your home that peaceful and magical feeling of comfort.

  1. Oriental Rugs are Investments
Stack of Oriental Area Rugs

Unlike so many other rugs that wear out after a short period of usage, Oriental Rugs seem to grow in value as time goes by. They are considered antique materials or objects of value. It is improbable for you to get bored with your oriental area rugs. Still, if it does happen, you can easily take it to an antique shop and get paid handsomely.

  1. Oriental Rugs are Authentic

Every Oriental rug has a unique style and pattern, and no two are the same. Each is handmade from original vegetable dyes and 100% natural fibers (wool, silk, and cotton) without synthetic additives. These materials make Oriental rugs remain exquisite as ever, even after prolonged usage. They guarantee value for money when you buy one.

  1. Oriental Rugs are Durable

Oriental rugs are designed to last for several years and even generations. A piece can remain clear, clean, and desirable, even after replacing several other modern ones in your home. An original Oriental rug carries the promise of longevity. They are legacies and memories that you can pass down to your children and their  children.

  1. Oriental Rugs Are Perfect for Decorative Purposes
Luxe Weavers' Oriental Area Rugs in the living room

If you'd like to make a statement in your home or create a grand entry for an event or occasion, there is no better way to do that than to use an antique oriental rug. Authentic oriental rugs showcase beauty, personality, and elegance like no other. Antique oriental rugs add color, class, and definition to any space you place them (your living room, bedroom, dining room, stairways, kitchen, doorways, or hallways). They create magic around your space. 

  1. Oriental Rugs Give Comfort

Oriental rugs are made from the highest quality of cotton, silk, or wool. The dense material used in making this beautiful work of art keeps you cozy and gives you comfort. Whether you have them under your feet while walking around, step on them as you get up from bed on those cold mornings or lie to play with your kids and loved ones, the feeling is unbeatable.

  1. Authentic Oriental Rugs are Environmentally Friendly
Luxe weavers' Oriental Area Rug in an eco-friendly living room

Having a piece of all-natural antique oriental area rugs is a sure way to keep your home beautiful, colorful, cozy, and safe at the same time. You won't have to worry about toxic substances or air pollution. They are made from natural materials, just like your clothes.

  1. Oriental Rugs are Easy to Clean

 While synthetic rug owners have difficulties cleaning their area rugs, this is hardly the case with Oriental Rug owners. Oriental rugs are made from exceedingly soft and friendly material, making it easily washable by hand or machine. Aside from the ease of cleaning oriental rugs, the soothing feeling they give your hand while washing them is a delight.

  1. Oriental Rugs Never Go Out of Style
Luxe Weavers' Oriental Area Rug

Investing in the purchase of Oriental rugs is never a loss. They become more appealing and flow with trends, no matter what year it is. They come in classic colors, designs, and timeless patterns.

  1. Oriental Rugs Have a Long History

Antique oriental rugs carry a rich tradition and cultural heritage, dating back hundreds of years to ancient times. All traditional oriental rugs have deep roots, from the story of their origin; to the meaning of the colors and symbols intricately hand-knotted all over their surfaces.

Still not convinced about the distinctness of oriental rugs? Check out Luxe Weavers' collection of Quality Oriental Rugs. Bet you'd be swayed.

September 04, 2023 — Luxe Weavers