Area rugs are a beautiful sight to behold when appropriately used in the home. They bring color, style, comfort, and harmony to your space, irrespective of where you use them.

Your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, or hallway, will come to live with well-placed rugs, anytime. And the reason is not far fetched.  Area rugs have the vibes and spices you need to make that space in your home a perfect haven. They are made with cotton, wool, silk, or synthetic fiber and usually come with or without rubber backings, making them hand and machine washable.

However, learning the area rugs dos and don'ts is as crucial as your plans to beautify your space. Once you know them, you can give your home an overwhelming aesthetic touch.

First, what do we classify as Area rugs? Area rugs are floor covers that do not extend to the walls. They are primarily used to beautify and unify furniture in a space.

Area rugs are more beneficial than traditional wall to wall carpeting due to their ease of cleaning and maintenance. You can replace them easily with a newer or more appealing one if you ever get bored of the old.

They come in different varieties of colors, shapes, styles, texture, sizes, and designs, and they can fit perfectly into just about any part of your home.

The versatility of area rugs makes them an excellent design option for spaces of every size and shape. Many often use area rugs to create a focal point in their living room or bedroom.

Three ways Area rugs create a hype around your home

  1. Area Rugs Harmonize Your Living Space

If you have your living room or bedroom furniture scattered all over and you don't seem to have an idea of how to keep them together as a unit (or keep them in one piece).

Area rugs have a reputation for unifying furniture and creating focal points such as sitting area, conversation area, or dining area in any space they occupy.

  1. Area Rugs Beautify Every Space

Area rugs come in beautiful colors, designs, patterns, and aesthetic features that can totally transform a space into a stunning sight.

You can use them to create all sorts of wonder in your home without overwhelming the area.

  1. Area Rugs Protect Your Floor

Aside from providing warmer, softer, and firmer floor surfaces, they also protect your floor surface from wear (especially for places with high movements, such as hallways, stairs, and doorways).

They also give a firmer hold to your feet, preventing falls and trips that could injure you or your kid(s).

Area Rugs Dos and Don’ts

Now that you know how area rugs transform your home, the purpose they serve in your home, below are some dos and don'ts that help them live up to expectations.

Dos of Area Rugs

1. Extend Area Rugs below the Furniture

Area Rug extending under the furniture

Always ensure that the area rugs in your living room and bedroom extend under all the rooms' essential furniture.

You should ensure the area rugs in your living room, for example, extend below the furniture, such that all the key furniture are on the rug.

If this is not possible due to the rug's size or some other conditions, it is advisable to have at least the front legs of your furniture on the rug to create harmony within the sitting or conversation area.

Bedroom rugs should also extend below and to either side of the bed. Dining room rugs should go under the table, chairs and stretch out of the dining area by a foot or two.

 2. Centralize Area Rugs

Area Rug at the center of a room

 Remember to leave an equal size of floor spaces on all sides of your living and dining room rug. Keeping your rug at the center of your living room will create a focal point around the rugs.

Since Area Rugs would naturally beautify and bring unity to your space, nowhere but the rug's area should be the center of attention.

Anywhere between eight and twenty-four inches of floor space on all sides is the ideal size. However, you can make exceptions if your room has a smaller space.

3. Know how to Clean Your Area Rugs

Vacuum on Area Rug

Ensure to look out for cleaning instructions from manufacturers before or while buying it. Natural fibers, jute, and sisal are not expensive but can be difficult to clean when they get dirty, or there's a big spill on them.

Some area rugs can only be hand-washed, while others can cope well with both hands and machines. Therefore, you should know how to clean and avoid damaging your Area rug. Replacing them too frequently may be pocket-draining.

4. Use the Appropriate Area Rug Size and Shape

Standard Area Rug size for a living room

Using a large area rug in a large living room or bedroom is advisable to balance your space.

Keep a square or rectangular area rug in a room with an equivalent shape. You can use a round rug in a rectangular room in some cases but ensure the shapes complement each other perfectly.

Don’ts of Area Rugs

5. Don't Use Inappropriate Area Rug Size

Inappropriate Area Rug size in a living room

Placing a small-sized area rug in a large room can have a somewhat less appealing effect on your space. It can make the room look scanty, creating disharmony within your space.

For a perfect look, don't use large area rugs for small rooms. Rather, sizes for area rugs should correspond with the size of the room you place them.

It is the most common rug misplacement move many tend to make. Don't fall for it too.

6. Don't Buy Area Rugs Just for the Price

Prices sometimes can be deceptive because a hefty price tag may not always justify the quality. Quality rugs are relatively expensive, and most homeowners buy rugs because they are affordable or considered cheap. Inexpensive rugs usually go along with low quality.

Quality, rather than just price, should be your priority when buying an area rug for your home. However, there are some exceptions. If you buy one of Luxe Weavers' premium Area Rugs online, you would have cut off the middleman and other extra costs. So, you can purchase top-quality rugs for less.

7. Don’t Buy Conflicting Area Rug Patterns or Colors

Your Area Rug should ideally complement the shape, style, design, and color of rooms. However, many buy rugs with sentiments rather than actual befitting rug patterns, styles, and designs that correspond with their living or bedroom.

Don't buy rugs that conflict with your room's style, color, pattern, and other things within it. 

8. Don't Shy Away From Area Rug Colors

Area Rugs infuse playfulness, life, fun, and comfort into your room. You should embrace beautiful patterns and colors when buying your rugs, as far as they match and blend smoothly with the existing furniture and colors of your room. Colorful and patterned rugs are usually more beautiful than plain or bland ones.

Quick reminder - you can still make your space the talk of the town without emptying your pockets. Surf through Luxe weavers’ collection of adorable Area Rugs to begin.

October 29, 2020 — Luxe Weavers