8 Polypropylene Rugs Dos and Don'ts

8 Polypropylene Rugs Dos and Don'ts

Polypropylene rugs have the vibes you need to make that space in your home a perfect haven. However, learning its dos and don'ts is as crucial as your plans to beautify your space. 
September 18, 2023 — Luxe Weavers
luxe weavers bohemian area rug

How to Incorporate Bohemian Rugs into Your Décor

“Boho chic” has been around for ages. 

The name comes from Bohemian, an inaccurate term used to describe France's Romani or “Gypsy” population. This nomadic population traveled the country in caravans and became known for their colorful clothing, scarves, and patterned fabrics. 

Today, Bohemian style can be found in everything from fashion to home design—and naturally, that includes area rugs. Bohemian area rugs are the ticket to a truly original space if you'd rather be non-compliant with décor norms. 

But how can you incorporate a Bohemian rug without creating a look that's similar to that of the early 1900s?

Smart styling lets go of preexisting notions and embraces a loose approach to interior décor. So, h
ere are a few modern style tips on how to incorporate Bohemian rugs into your design.

Find Your Unique Bohemian Style

If you love gauzy fabrics and rich colors, then embrace that. "Designing a home you want to live in is all about recognizing what sparks joy" - Maria Kondo. If you like a lush look with plush fabric, introduce a bohemian rug to your living room, bedroom, or other places around your home.

While you may need to edit a few elements in your space, so it’s not overwhelmed by the riot of color, throw in colors that will naturally improve your mood and make you feel good, whenever you step into your room. This Gray Oriental Area Rug is one example of a bohemian rug that transforms your room and adorns your permanent floors.

Layer Bohemian Rugs to Create a Luxury Scene

Imagine the movie Moulin Rouge! or Chocolat. In both of these, the boho aesthetic is strong. Think of vivid colors, many different textures, and lots of layering of textiles.

Now translate that approach to your floor by installing two to three bohemian rugs of varying sizes and colors, like the Hampstead Vintage Bohemian Rug against the Diana Vintage Oriental Area Rug. You'd have created nothing less than a luxurious ambiance in your space.

bohemian area rug

Mix Your Metaphors

Boho is all about being more. This means more textures, more colors, and more patterns. The sky's the limit, provided you don’t get a migraine looking at a room. 

So, you can have fun with a Bohemian palette by playing with wild-hued drapes against busy furniture. And of course, your area rugs. Why opt for a boring monochromatic rug, when you can give your space a splash of outrageous color like this wild Burgundy Bohemian Area Rug?

Bohemian area rug

Work with a Neutral Base

Use a neutral base as your canvas to make your bohemian area rug and other wall and floor accessories pop. A room in a soft cream color is a great foundation and will make your décor attitude stand out. Also, just as it works in magazine design, white spaces will give the eyes enough space to rest before taking in more strong colors.

Juxtapose with Light, Bright Wood

To keep the vibe light, bright, and cheerful, use softwoods as complements for bohemian area rugs as PoshPennies suggests. 

Boho elements can often have a black undertone and extremely dark tones can suck all the brightness from a space. Bright woods will also help frame your gorgeous rug.

A balsam fir or spruce will create an exciting area alongside the Luxe
 Weavers Distressed Modern Bohemian Area Rug.

Luxe Weavers Bohemian Area Rug

Patterns on Patterns

Don’t stress over whether an Ikat blanket will go with your chevron throw pillows. All rules are out of the door with a Bohemian-styled room.

Instead, double down on the patterns, and then pull them together in your area rug with detailed designs. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy.

Luxe Weavers Oriental Area Rug

Tell a Story

Good design naturally tells a story.

What better way to add some color and charm to your space than with a little Bohemian chic design? A unique leather pillow can help spin the tale over, blending with a framed painting you picked up at a flea market and a fascinating rug sourced from Luxe Weavers' top-quality boho area rugs.

Bohemian design is up to you. Play and have fun with it and remember, a great rug — regardless of color, texture, design, or provenance — will only make your space, even more, boho chic.

September 04, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
Foul smell sign that you need a new area rug

5 Signs That You Need a New Area Rug

No matter how much you care and cater for your area rug, a time will come when it will lose its charm and no longer appeal to you or anyone. At this point, the popular quote that says “nothing lasts forever” comes into play for your adorable area rug. Trying to keep your area rug beyond this point will not only cause harm to your home décor but also your wallet in the long run.

Like every other thing, area rugs are bound to lose their original looks and feel at some point and would need to be replaced. But just in case you don’t know when to replace a rug or have never really paid attention to that part of your home décor plans, there are generally five telling signs that you need a new area rug.

What Are the Five Signs that You Need a New Area Rug?

  1. Stains
  2. Wear and tear
  3. Smell
  4. Depleted rug or rug padding
  5. Outdated area rugs
Stain sign that you need a new area rug

1. Stains

Considering our day-to-day activities, it is almost impossible to avoid little accidents that put those vibrant, sturdy area rugs at risk of losing their quality. Little spills here and there leave stains on our rugs that are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. Also, since we walk daily, our feet and shoes often leave stains or dirt at different spots on the rug.

While you can easily remove some stains with soap and clean water, others leave a permanent blemish on our rug. Having to clean your rug regularly due to temporary and permanent stains will make them age faster than usual until it eventually wears out. So, it is probably time to get a new rug when you have lots of irremovable stains on it.

Tear sign that you need a new area rug

2. Wear and Tear

Wear and tear are the most prominent signs that you need a new area rug. Placing your dear rug in high traffic areas or using the wrong type of rug cleaning equipment can damage the fiber and cause it to wear or tear fast. Regardless of how stunning your décor is, a worn or torn rug will make your home look dirty and trashy. Worn patches, tears, fraying, bald spots, and matting are signs that your rug is aged and needs repair, or possibly, a replacement.

3. Smell

Imagine walking into your room and a foul, unpleasant smell oozes out from the room. You think that's bad enough, then imagine you came in with a guest… You cringed at the thought of the embarrassment, didn’t you?

Truth is, foul-smelling rugs can leave a powerful stench in a room that can last for a long time if not promptly attended to.

Thankfully, it is most common with old rugs and is a result of tiny spaces in between the pile of rugs that allow for mold and allergens to grow. These microorganisms thrive in water so every drop of water on your rug revitalizes them, and then, the smell increases.

When that continues to happen or becomes persistent even after a thorough cleaning, you need not wonder how long do rugs last or start asking when to replace a rug. Offensive smells are big signs that you need a new rug.

Depleted sign that you need a new area rug

4. Depleted Rug or Rug Padding

If you had installed a rug pad beneath your area rug, it may flatten over time and cause the rug to lose shape and firmness. This gradually takes away that feeling of comfort you get when you step on a fluffy, soft, well-cushioned, padded rug. If you are quick to spot this, you may have to take out your rug pad, install a new one and not worry about how long do rugs last. Otherwise, your rug itself will start having dents, irregular textures, and surfaces. If that happens, then it is a sign that you need a new rug.

5. Outdated Area Rugs

Unless you want an antique rug or vintage touch in your home, we all want to stay updated and flow with the latest home décor and accessories trends. Year after year, manufacturers like Luxe Weavers roll out new stylish rug designs. And with the help of technology and an increased level of creativity among artisans, modern machine-made rugs offer all the luxury, classic patterns, and durability that every homeowner wants in an area rug at very cheap prices.

So, if you don’t have to break the bank to keep up with last rug and home décor trends, why keep outdated rugs in your place?

Questions People Ask About Rugs’ Life Span

How long do rugs last?

The life span of an individual rug usually depends on the quality of the rug, the amount of water, and the frictional force you expose it to. However, the general life span of a rug is about 5 to 10 years, depending on these listed factors.

When to replace a rug?

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between when to replace a rug and when you only need to repair and patch it up. Still, some of the strongest signs that you need a new rug include stubborn or permanent stains, wear, and tear, and foul smell.

How often should you replace a rug?

How often you should replace a rug depends partially on your financial strength. Sometimes, what your rug needs is some revamp – cleaning, restyling, and so on. Nonetheless, make sure to replace your rug every 5 to 8 years depending on its condition.

How long should you keep an area rug?

It can be very difficult to let go of that rug that you love so much. Some, because of the memories you've had playing on them; some come in colors that complement your space so well; others just stay impressive in different conditions and make you get fond of them.

Well, no pressure. With proper maintenance, you can keep an area rug for a long time – as long as you want.

Best advice? You can have different area rugs for different times of the year. Besides, having what it takes to change the entire appearance of your living room, bedroom, or dining areas, switching between rugs will help prolong their life.

Shop some of the most durable, stylish, yet affordable area rugs in the market today. Check out Luxe Weavers' impressive collections of top-quality rugs.



July 31, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
7 Tips On Buying The Best Oriental Area Rug

7 Tips On Buying The Best Oriental Area Rug

The first thing to know about Oriental rugs before you go investing in one, is their origin story. 

Oriental rugs are heavy textiles originally made in what was then referred to as the “Orient,” which stretched from modern day Turkey to the greater subcontinent of India. 

Oriental rugs became en vogue in the 1840s as part of a Turkish design craze.

Today the term more broadly defines rugs that are either made using traditional techniques, or mimic traditional designs of the past. Examples can range in size from tiny entryway rugs to grand area rugs and come in a variety of textiles including wool, cotton, and silk. 

Due to the historic nature of their craftsmanship, antique Oriental rugs are often also designated by their country of origin. Nazmiyal Collection separates Oriental rugs into 10 regional categories including: 

  • Seljuk and Beylik Dynasty Rugs
  • Ilkhanid Dynasty Rugs
  • Timurid Dynasty 
  • Ottoman Dynasty
  • Mamluk Dynasty Rugs
  • Safavid Dynasty Carpets
  • Mughal Dynasty
  • Oriental Rug Weaving in the Far East
  • Europe and Early Oriental Rugs
  • Qajar Dynasty Nineteenth Century Rug Revival

To discover what it is exactly that you like about Oriental rugs, a deep dive into their history isn’t a bad place to start. Once you have a working knowledge of the timeline and how the craft evolved across the globe, you’ll better understand what styles and designs suit your taste. From there, you can follow these 7 tips to find the best Oriental area rug for your home.

Learn How Rugs Are Made

There was a time when a loom would be a common item in any American home, but unless you live on a sheep farm, those days are likely gone. So instead, it might be worth familiarizing yourself with the weaving process. YouTube has some great examples, like this breathtaking demonstration that shows how Persian rugs are made. 

Learn the Design Language

Like a lot of fine art, Oriental rugs come with their own lingo that applies to how the rugs are built, the types of designs used, and the materials included. For instance, those dangly bits on the ends of some rugs? They’re formally called the fringe. And it might surprise you to know, but Oriental rugs actually have a top end and a bottom end. The border and the field are also terms to denote the actual design. Speak the language and you’ll have a much easier time shopping for the right rug.

Set a Budget

True antique Oriental rugs can cost thousands of dollars. If that’s not your price range, however, you can still find a gorgeous rug to suit your home. A wise shopper sets their budget before entering the gallerias and risking pocketbook disappointment. Consider the affordable options at Luxe Weavers if you’re not in the market to secure a vintage Mughal Dynasty rug. Options like Luxe Weavers Blue 8x10 Oriental Area Rug follow traditional Oriental rug design aesthetics while delivering the consumer a much more reasonable price point. 

Buy What You Like

When dealing in old world goods, it’s easy to get caught up in the myth and romanticism associated with an object. But just because Architectural Digest says everyone must have a 1930s hand knotted vintage wool Persian rug, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s your home after all. Buy what suits you best. If Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection 8027 Red Oriental Area Rug gives you joy, go for it. 

Give It A Test Run

Whenever you can, test out a rug at home first. You’ll never really know how a rug will work in a space until you actually lay it out on the floor. Consider vendors that offer convenient returns.

Pick a Rug that Can Stand Up to Foot Traffic

What’s the point spending thousands of dollars on a stunning Oriental rug that’s going to get trampled? If you know your busy household is going to put a hurt on whatever area rug you pick, but you still want something with style and definition, choose something constructed from highly durable, low-maintenance polypropylene material, like this Nayara Collection Rose Oriental Area Rug.

Choose Your Vendor Wisely

When investing in an Oriental rug, it pays to be choosy when it comes to your source. Find a company that specializes in rugs, not just a big box store that offers rugs as one of its many inventory items. Businesses that focus on rugs will be better educated to help you find just the style you’re looking for.

Ready to get shopping? Armed with these seven tips, you can begin your search for the perfect Oriental area rug.

November 10, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
5 Different Ways to Style a Round Modern Rug

5 Different Ways to Style a Round Modern Rug

The round rug is as old as rag rug weaving and yet as perplexing as a Rubik’s Cube. 

How do you style it? Is its only natural home under a round dining room table? Can you put one in your kitchen? What about in a large space with more than one rug? Do they come in sizes bigger than a bathmat? Should you buy one in more than one color? Won’t a patterned round rug make guests dizzy? 

Great news: the round rug is not as complex as you may have made it out to be. In fact, modern round rugs can play a number of roles in pulling different spaces together. 

With the right color themes, size, and design, a round rug can completely alter a space, making it more cohesive and warm. By how do you master that look? In this guide we’ll examine five different ways to style a round modern rug.

Large & In Charge

According to Apartment Therapy, one key to round rug success is to “make it big enough that it touches all of a room’s major furniture pieces.” Essentially, you want to relax the eye by allowing the rug to expand to every element in the room. If it doesn’t touch some pieces, things could look off kilter and out of sync. 

Don’t make the rug compete with the furnishings

As mentioned above, a round table atop a round rug makes geometric sense. 

So one might assume that they should rule out a round rug with a square or rectangular table. Not so. You can marry the two if and when your round rug is significantly bigger than the table. In fact, Homes to Love says that provided there’s enough room for the rug under the chair legs to pull chairs back when seated at the table, you’ve got yourself a winning design element. 

Use a round rug to soften a space

Harsh lines can make a room feel cold and sterile. Adding a round rug can actually soften the space making it feel more inviting. Domino says that in addition to adding some level of comfort to a harsh space, the use of texture in a round rug can amp up the cozy vibe, creating a warm aesthetic. 

Highlight curved architectural details

Have a dramatic curved alcove or columned corner? Show it off with the use of a round rug. Houzz says that by using a round rug to highlight curved details you can “pull the overall feeling of the room together and underscore the room’s curves, turning them into an even more notable design feature.”

Connect the Details

Another great use of round rugs, according to Apartment Therapy, is to use them to highlight a room’s statement piece. For instance, have a great piece of art on the wall? Use your round rug as a visual focal point and you’ll draw the viewer’s eye between the two. You could pull the elements together by color, texture, or design, depending on your style.

So how should you get started shopping for a round rug? 

The first step is to create a mood board of ideals and styles you like. From there, it’s a great idea to set a budget. There are all kinds of levels of rugs you can buy. If you’re interested in something more affordable, however, you need to do your homework. Search for rugs that are both durable and well crafted from vendors that have a good return policy and customer service. Then, begin to look into different designs. 

For modern rugs, a good place to start is with your color palette. 

Modern aesthetic these days often features crisp, cool colors in patterns like Ikat, Greek key, animal print, and houndstooth. The better you speak rug lingo, the easier it will be to navigate shopping sites and showrooms. Be prepared to ask questions via email to an online retailer or in person. And, most importantly, ask if you can test run a rug. Many places will allow purchasers to give it a test run in their homes before they commit to purchasing. By testing it out, you can see if it will really work, then adjust (size, color, shape) accordingly. 

And if you ultimately decide that maybe a round rug isn’t right for you, be sure you keep in mind all of the above in your quest to find a traditional rectangular rug. 

You can view our offerings in our online gallery.
November 05, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
5 Reasons to Buy an Oriental Area Rug This Fall

5 Reasons to Buy an Oriental Area Rug This Fall

You’ve heard of spring cleaning? What about fall fluffing? 

‘Tis the season to update your decor, especially as websites and stores roll out holiday sales. As the days turn colder and daylight savings changes the time schedule, it’s a great period to rethink the look and feel of your home and make it more cozy for the winter months. And one of the best ways to do this is by buying an Oriental rug. 

Boasting a long history with, quite literally, generations of interior design footnotes to discover, Oriental rugs are the evergreen trees of home design. 

To back up the argument, here are 5 reasons to buy an Oriental area rug this fall.

Fall is the Perfect Time to Deep Clean

Gone are the hot days of summer. Now you can throw open the windows of your home and give every room in your house a deep clean. 

In the process, you might discover some furniture and furnishings are looking a little tattered. Pieces that get the most traffic area rugs. If yours is looking less than fresh, now is a great time to give it an update and there’s no better look than redecorating with an Oriental rug. 

Traditional and timeless, Oriental rugs can add class and sophistication to any space. Take for instance this Elegant Distressed Ivory Oriental Area Rug. With a balance of cool blue and gray tones, it could suit numerous spaces. 

Fall and Holiday Sales 

With the winter holidays on the horizon, many rug vendors slash prices in the fall in anticipation of meeting end of year sales expectations. 

Take advantage of these deep discounts by seeking out affordable Oriental rug companies. Our Oriental rugs are crafted to exhibit intricate, beautiful patterns that can handle the wear and tear of a busy homelife. Such is the case with the Magnolia Collection Blue Oriental Area Rug. In gorgeous shades of aqua and blue, it can stand up to family fun while still establishing a cosmopolitan aesthetic.

Evolution of Style

Months after the big yearly predictions on hot decor styles, fall is a time when all of those trendy looks have been tested and the best of the best have risen to the fore. If you’re wary about jumping on the bandwagon too soon, autumn is a great time to see what decor looks actually are worth keeping, rather than buy into a passing fad. You’ll find the best evergreen Oriental rug styles in the fall like this ageless beauty, the Taba Collection Ivory Oriental Area Rug.

Invest in Versatility

Unlike a trendy area rug, Oriental rugs are something you can keep for years and adapt from room to room and home to home. 

Rather than try to design a room around a modern rug in each house or apartment you move to, most Oriental rugs can seamlessly fit into any space, saving you time spent debating decoration additions and money on new, costly rugs. For looks that can live in any space, turn to designs like the Nuvola Collection Burgundy Oriental Area Rug, Aspect Collection Blue Oriental Area Rug, and Multicolored Bohemian Oriental Area Rug

Enjoy the Low Maintenance

Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but Oriental rugs are actually very low maintenance. 

Their designs hide dirt (not that you wouldn’t keep your super clean). 

They’re relatively easy to clean yourself with a little vacuuming or outdoor rug beating. 

That’s why so many antique Oriental rugs survive and are sold to this day. Even better, when you buy an Oriental rug, you’ll not only enjoy all of the above, but the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a rug designed to be traversed by an entire family. This Nuvola Collection Black Oriental Area Rug is a fraction of the cost of high end Oriental rugs, but could easily pass for one with its intricate details. Stunning, sophisticated, and easy to clean: it’s a triple threat addition to any home. 

Ready to start your fall Oriental rug shopping? Take a look through our vast collection of designs, colors, lengths, and styles that include everything from Persian looks to Southwest prints. 

Everything is made using the best modern weaving techniques and the most durable materials so that you get the most out of your Oriental rug investment. With accessible prices, Luxe Weavers serves every shopper’s budget and guarantees satisfaction with a robust return policy and excellent customer service. By eliminating the middleman, Luxe Weavers can provide customers with great prices without compromising quality. See for yourself at luxeweavers.com

October 30, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
10 Affordable Rugs To Style Your Bedroom

10 Affordable Rugs To Style Your Bedroom

An area rug can pull an entire bedroom together. In what’s typically considered the most sacred space in a house, a place to rest, relax, and recharge, adding a rug can provide the cohesive glue to bring this spa-like experience all together. 

But just because you want to give your bedroom a high-end, hotel-level comfort feel doesn’t mean you have to take out a mortgage to pay for a nice rug. 

Whether you’re looking for a soothing pattern to blend seamlessly into your monochrome space or an inviting pop of color that lures you into taking a rest, there are a multitude of design options that can work for a bedroom. 

Here are 10 examples of not only beautiful, but affordable, rugs to style your bedroom. 

Hampstead Collection Red Oriental Area Rug

Available in three sizes, even the largest amongst the Red Oriental rug option (9x12) is under $300. But even at that competitive price, this Hampstead Collection piece looks and feels like a beautiful vintage Oriental rug. The worn-in red hue would fit well in any older home and blend in perfectly with antique furnishings. Or use it to add a touch of old world design to a modern bedroom.

Victoria Collection Light Blue Abstract Area Rug

There’s a reason many people paint their bedrooms blue: it’s incredibly soothing. So why not carry that calming vibe forward by continuing it in your rug choice. This Blue Abstract rug suggests a subtle design that’s at once sophisticated and comforting — perfect for making a bedroom a peaceful oasis.

Victoria Collection Blue Oriental Area Rug

Another ode to blue, this Victoria Collection takes similar hues as the one above and translates them into an intricate Oriental design. This rug would work well in a more formal bedroom space or under a sitting area of the bedroom used for lounging or reading. 

Victoria Collection Grey Abstract Area Rug

If you prefer your bedroom to have a little personality, you can nix dull colors altogether and add a vibrant edge with this Grey Abstract area rug that has pops of loud red within it. Bold and beautiful, this rug would work well in a bedroom that features a strong color palette.

Beverly Collection Cream Oriental Area Rug

For a bedroom with beach views looking out on the shoreline, this rug seems ideal. Cream drives the color scheme with subtle hints of tan and green, making this rug a versatile addition whether a bedroom is heavy on viridescent hues or more earth tones. 

Wale Collection Black Abstract Area Rug

Comfort is key in a bedroom. Even if you have the highest thread count sheets, the fluffiest pillows, the best ambient sound machine, it still won’t take away the shock of stepping onto a scratchy carpet each morning. Rather than go through this wake up call day in and day out, opt for an area rug that’s as plush as its pattern. 

Capello Collection Blue Abstract Area Rug

Soothing tones don’t have to mean one solid color. Not with a Capello Collection Blue Abstract area rug. Blend blue and red, this soft rug is still visually calming while adding a touch of brightness to a space. 

Moroccan Collection Grey Abstract Area Rug

If you have modern taste, you can’t beat a Moroccan patterned rug. Intertwining hexagons in thin white lines, this light gray rug offers an aesthetically pleasing look that would work well in a contemporary bedroom. And at just $80 for the 5x7, you can’t beat the price. 

Collection Gray Geometric Area Rug

If your bedroom connects to a large bathroom or flows to a walk-in closet, a geometric rug can help marry the spaces. Choosing a bold pattern, as featured in this geometric area rug, lets you play off of blacks, greys, and whites for a bedroom-wide style-driven color palette. 

Magnolia Collection Beige White Abstract Area Rug

Get the look of an antique expensive Oriental rug for a fraction of the cost with this Magnolia Collection Beige White Abstract area rug. Designed to look lived in, placing this in your bedroom will add character to the space, making it feel more cozy and cosmopolitan. 

Want to discover even more affordable rugs to style your bedroom? Take a look at our modern collection here.
October 27, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
Area Rugs and Accent Rugs, What You Need to Know

Area Rugs and Accent Rugs, What You Need to Know

Accent rugs and Area rugs are identical, so most rug lovers have a hard time figuring them out. While shopping for rugs, it is common to come across rugs tagged "accent rug" and those labeled "area rug," forcing many shopper to wonder what type of rug is actually ideal for their homes. If you have had a similar experience, you don't have to wonder anymore. Here are some clear descriptions that will help you identify their differences and similarities.

October 22, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug Size for your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug Size for your Home

Area rugs come in different sizes, color, shape, texture, and design. Therefore, choosing the perfect area rug for your home can be an overwhelming task. But not to worry, in this guide, you'll not just learn how to choose the perfect area rug size but also how to bring out the beauty and grace in your home.
October 18, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
10 Rugs That Are Perfect for Breathing New Life Into Your Space

10 Rugs That Are Perfect for Breathing New Life Into Your Space

Got a case of the rug blues? It happens to the best of us. When a well trod rug starts to show wear and tear, it’s time to look for a replacement.
And you might be surprised what a new rug can do for your home. Here are 10 rugs that are perfect for breathing new life into your space.

Neutral Hues
According to Elle Decor, neutral rug hues are all the rage this year. Want to get in on the trend? Consider this Silver Oriental Area Rug. This polyester rug features an old world design in blue, purple, and white. With a vintage design, it will give your space a classic look that will blend seamlessly with antiques and fine furnishings.

Pop of Pattern 
Give new life to a space—say, a dining room—by updating the existing rug with a patterned option. Repeating geometric designs can add a clean uniformity to an undefined space as well. If you want to make a corner of your living room a reading nook, add a patterned rug for dimension. We like this Diana Collection Area Rug in Grey.

Rugs as Art
House Beautiful says 2020 is all about using rugs as art. That might bring to mind expensive, handcrafted rugs made by artisan weavers. But that doesn’t actually have to be the case. You can achieve this look without breaking the bank by grabbing a rug with a more artistic look, like this Ivory Floral Modern Area Rug

Shine like a Jewel
Jewel tones in rugs are also getting a lot of attention right now and we can understand why. With their bright, evocative appeal, they add a happy element to any space. If you want to embrace the jewel tone aesthetic, look no further than the Turquoise & Beige Rustic Modern Area Rug. In this rustic design, the beige actually acts as a gold in contrast with the turquoise.

Morrocan Mystique
Moroccan patterns never go out of style. That’s why we love this Mango Moroccan Trellis Modern Area Rug. The juicy mango color is guaranteed to add a pop of fun to any space and could brighten up a dark corner or be the perfect centerpiece for a child’s playroom.

Wild Rugs
In the same vein as artistic rugs comes the riotous rug trend, a shift from the severe patterns some people prefer to wild, abstract rugs. One way to deploy this look is in an otherwise organized space. Let the floor be the surprise with an outrageous rug in brilliant colors, like this Blue Swirls Modern Abstract Area Rug.

Black & White and Loved All Over
Love the look of newsprint? Or the crisp appeal of black and white photos? Take that same spirit and translate it into your rug styling with a black and white pattern. You can go black and white in an Oriental rug or pull off your own checkerboard look with this Checkered Black and White Modern Area Rug.

Sailor Stripes
There’s something about stripes that evokes the sea and works perfectly in a coastal cottage. But even if you’re landlocked, you can steal the idea with a striped rug. The straightforward design can easily blend into a space while perking up the color palette and you don’t have to go with the classic Navy blue and white. This rug uses multiple colors for a visually appealing striped effect.

Monochromatic Appeal
There’s something to be said for a design in one hue. It can help make for a clean, uncluttered space. Whether you go for a blue to match your wallpaper, or a dull red to blend in above wood floors, the concept is to not have the rug intrude, but rather meld with the rest of the room. Make the idea your own with this Distressed Blue Oriental Area Rug.

Spa Aesthetic
Comfort is paramount these days and turning our homes into zen-like spaces is something more and more designers are embracing. But how do you achieve a blissed-out living room or super calm bedroom? A soothing rug can’t hurt. Stick to colors that feel restful on your eyes—adding a plush thread count doesn’t hurt either. For instance, this Cream Brown Patterned Shag Area Rug would work well in a bedroom. 

Whatever design style you go for, remember that quality and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive. Take a look at our selections and give your home some new life!   

October 15, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
How to Get Rid of Stains on Your Area Rugs (DIY)

How to Get Rid of Stains on Your Area Rugs (DIY)

Cleaning rugs is not usually as tedious as you may have been imagining. Instead, knowing what process works for what type of rug remains the smartest way to get your rug back to a pristine condition. 
October 15, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
6 Reasons to Shop for Rugs at Huge Discounts, This October

6 Reasons to Shop for Rugs at Huge Discounts, This October

Fancy Area Rugs? We bet you do! At Luxe weavers, we are super prepared to give you the best discount shopping experience ever, this October.

We’ve done our homework, assessing and curating the best quality and fashionable rugs that will make your space Instagram-worthy. We’ve met direct manufacturers to cut out extra costs. Now, we are ready! We’ll be taking all your orders and shipping them out as you complete them, from October 13th to 18th. Save the date!

Here’s what we know: With the holidays, Christmas, and a new year around the corner, there's no better time to substitute your old rugs and carpets with luxurious new ones without breaking the bank.  So why should you shop for rugs from our premium but pocket-friendly list?

  1. We know you’d like to give your apartment an aesthetically pleasing new look and feel. We have a broad collection of quality oriental rugs you can choose from.
  2. Your kids also deserve to have their room looking beautiful with sturdy modern rugs. That way, they can show their cousins, nephews, and nieces around.
  3. Winter is almost here. Our thick pile rugs will sure provide extra warmth.
  4. Your mudroom needs a heavy-duty and washable mud rug if you will have friends and family visiting during the holiday.
  5. You get to buy any of our already affordable rugs at a whopping 25% discount. Yes, we are taking off 25% from the original prices on all our rugs.
  6. We'll ship your orders at no charge at all. Incredible, isn't it?

Wait, there’s more!

The Luxe Weavers’ Annual Sales event will run from midnight, October 13th, until midnight, October 18th. That’s enough time to check out our top-class rugs in detail before deciding on which would be a good fit for your home. Fair enough.

Before you go, we know a few things can get you carried away. We don't want you to be late for the party. The rugs you fancy may be out of stock if you don’t cart them on time. So, scroll below and subscribe to our email list. We’ll let you know once the party starts. Happy Shopping!