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How to Decorate with Living Room Rugs

Decorating a new living room or redecorating your old space is far from being a walk in the park, especially if you plan to achieve outstanding results and a unique ambiance.  Of course, options that would come to mind would be either a traditional, minimalist, modern, bohemian, coastal, or farmhouse design. And whichever one you choose, you’d always find a broad range of complementing furniture and accessories within your budget.

However, hardly any accessories match the unifying strength of living room rugs. And the reason is not far-fetched.

The best rugs for living rooms offer a vast choice of colors, patterns, and textures that add finishing touches to your preferred décor style. In this guide, we discuss the peculiar features of each of these popular décor styles, and the most suitable types of living room rugs to install in your space, depending on the style you settle for. Let’s get to it.

Living Room Rugs for Traditional Décor

Luxe Weavers Oriental rug for living rooms

There’s no denying that traditional design is by far the most popular décor style. A traditional décor style depicts class and sophistication seamlessly, combining timeless, beautiful, and well-defined elements. When you think of the traditional style, you think of antique art pieces, calm hues, simple furniture, orderly decoration, and an emphasis on balance and consistency. If you are decorating with traditional design in mind, make your home feel homey, warm, and welcoming with an Oriental area rug. It is undoubtedly one of the best rugs for living rooms, particularly those with traditional décor.

Traditional Oriental and Persian rugs are the true definitions of class and elegance. Everyone loves them and for good reasons too. They’re usually finely woven with beautiful color combinations, elaborate patterns, and great attention to detail.

Although Oriental rugs are versatile and add an exotic touch to almost all décor styles, they have a special type of connection with traditional décor.

Get an oriental rug in your preferred color and pattern to help you create a neat traditional look and feel in your home. Oriental rugs create focal points in living rooms, define conversation areas, create a faux sense of enlargement in a room, and give rooms exciting fresh looks.

Living Room Rugs for Minimalist Décor

shag rug for living rooms

The minimalist home décor style, contrary to popular belief, is anything but boring. This decoration style combines simplicity and functionality in the most stylish way possible. When done correctly, minimalist décor is one of the most eye-catching design styles, always lending itself to stunning Instagram shots with chill, clean, and tranquil vibes.

So if you’re a minimalist and want to express your personality in your décor, you’re in the right place. One way to bring your minimalist idea to life is to install solid color shag living room rugs in your space. Shag rugs have the shape, texture, and design to create your desired minimalist ambiance. They combine simplicity with style, comfort, and functionality, making them ideal choices for a minimalist living room. To keep your space flawless, use a plain or patterned shag rug with solid hues like blue, black, or gray. Introducing a shag rug ensures that you have a fluffy texture, increased coziness and that eyes are drawn to the center of your living room.

Living Room Rugs for Contemporary Décor

Geometric rug for living rooms

Traditional and minimalist designs may sometimes feel cold, inflexible, and one-dimensional. On the other hand, contemporary designs allow for further expression and adoption. While paying attention to the basics (simplicity and functionality), contemporary designs allow for the incorporation of trends, styles, colors, and patterns to achieve a more balanced look.

Geometric rugs and abstract rugs are the best area rugs for living rooms if you are looking to achieve a contemporary design. Regardless of their style, patterns, color, size, or design, contemporary abstract rugs are unique and can make your home feel and look astonishing.

Since contemporary designs prioritize the deliberate use of colors, textures, lines, spaces, and patterns to achieve harmony between all the varying elements, abstract rugs are a perfect match.

Geometric rugs have also aged like fine wine, having been around the longest of all contemporary rug designs. Their simplicity and functionality have allowed them to evolve, so they have transformed into almost any shape, size, color, or quality - from hand-made traditional luxury rugs to machine-made geometric patterns for contemporary spaces.

Living Room Rugs for Farmhouse Décor

Distressed living room rug

The farmhouse décor style is famous for its warm, comfy, welcoming, unpretentious, and homey ambiance. Like the traditional design, a farmhouse design is all about vintage and antique items with earthy color schemes. Farmhouse designs feature distressed woods, vintage prints, wrought iron, and calm, neutral hues like white, gray, beige, cream, sage, navy, and brown.

While a farmhouse design may seem streamlined, it’s a stylish and functional style that never goes out of style.

If you choose to adopt a farmhouse décor style, distressed and neutral color oriental rugs will help to add class and character to your living room. They also define areas and protect your floors from wear and tear. A distressed rug, for instance, improves the visual appeal and creates a chic rustic ambiance in your living room.

Living Room Rugs for Boho-Chic Décor

Bohemian living room rug

Boho-chic or bohemian design explores the idea of self-expression, resulting in carefree, creative, and unconventional décor. This décor style features an eclectic mix of bold and unconventional items such as colors, textures, patterns, and natural elements. Boho design is a top choice for homeowners who adore cultural pieces and highly intriguing items. There are no strict rules to bohemian design, metallic colors are common, and so are earthy tones.

Geometric rugs offer simple and tasteful ways of bringing bohemian ambiance into your home.   Consider gray, green, and deep brown as the base color, and then electric blue, orange, and saturated purple as accessorizing colors. In a nutshell, go for those with earthy tones to tie your color palettes together.

Moroccan and bohemian area rugs are other types of floor covers that are perfect for your boho décor. They come with traditional patterns, tones, shapes, and textures that incorporate a bohemian style in your living room.

Before you decide…

When choosing an area rug style for your living room, there are no strict rules or one-size-fits-all solutions. Some area rugs, however, are better suited and appropriate for certain designs than others. Shop Luxe Weavers' premium quality Geometric Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Shag Rugs, or Boho-Chic Rugs to redefine your living room’s character today.

July 28, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
Area rug in the laundry room

7 Uncommon Spots to Transform with an Area Rug at Home

Who doesn’t want the living room and other parts of their home transformed by the magical powers of area rugs? Besides being able to inject necessary color into an otherwise bland room and make a room either feel bigger or smaller, rugs also have the power to unify even the most disjointed environment.

When it comes to rug placement in homes, the living rooms and the bedrooms are usually the first on our minds. However, in this guide, we'll discuss seven other unusual spots you can brighten up with a rug.

The truth is, there's nothing like "too much rug."

  • Does your hallway feel empty? Install an area rug there.
  • Do you need extra warmth at your bedside? Add a rug!
  • Want to make your corridor feel more homely? Place a rug there.

Now, let's walk you through some of the commonly overlooked places to brighten up with a rug.

  1. The Closet
Area rug in a closet

This is one of the most unconventional spots to place a rug in the home. But there's no harm in trying, you know? You might be wondering "isn't there enough or too many items in the closet already”? Since rugs are known to add a calming and refreshing touch, you might as well consider placing one in your closet.

If you have a walk-in closet, consider throwing in a runner or area rug size like 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' to spice things up a little. Placing an area rug will add just the right amount of polish, plus an extra warm cushioning for your underfoot.

  1. The Bedside
Area Rug in a bedroom

It’s not unpopular to find rugs in the bedroom, and we believe that every foot that leaves the comfort of the bed in the morning should land on the warm, soft pile of an area rug. Whether your bedroom floor is bare or you already have a large area rug or wall-to-wall carpet placed there, you should consider having a small rug on your bedside. A small or accent rug of medium pile height with fluffy texture will add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your underfoot after getting out of bed.

  1. Laundry Room
Area rug in a laundry room

Because laundry rooms are dedicated to washing clothes does not mean they don’t deserve to look great, too. At least if you're going to be doing the somewhat tedious task of sorting, washing, and folding laundry, you should do it in a comfortable place. Placing an area rug next to your utilitarian machines will make your laundry room more stylish and comfortable.

  1. The stairs
Area rug on a staircase

The extra comfort and elegance provided by a runner will instantly make your stair and home, in general, seem like a royal abode. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one for your home. Runners come in various sizes, colors, and design such that you can find one that fit your stairs and match the décor theme in your home.

Also, you don’t need a pro designer to pull off this chic move, it’s a DIY project you can do with your family on a less busy day.

  1. On the Deck

Outdoor spaces like balconies, decks, and porches are part of the home and deserve to look good, too. And how best do you make an outdoor space look beautiful and at the same time feel homely? Simply add a rug – and boom – your deck is no longer the boring outdoor space no one wants to visit.

We recommend going specifically for rugs that are built for outdoor use, which are mold – stain -and moisture-resistant.

  1. Under the Kitchen Island

We consider the kitchen island an essential component of small kitchens. If you happen to have one, you should consider placing an accent rug beneath it to give your kitchen that finished and stylish look. An additional accent rug may not be necessary if you already have a runner in your kitchen, but if not a small rectangular low-pile rug would be a good fit.

Since kitchens are notorious for food and drink spills, ensure the rug you're buying is one that's easy to clean. One you can easily throw in the washing machine to clean.

  1. Framing the Coffee Table

f you ever feel like your living room needs an extra touch of beauty, add an extra layer of rugs. Place a small rug on top of your existing carpet to frame and highlight the coffee table. It's a quick way to spice things up in your living room without disrupting your existing style.

And that's it!. Now, you can confidently install beautiful area rugs in other uncommon parts of your home to add more life and glam to your home. While you are here, shop form our rich collections of modern area rugs today.




April 22, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

Sometimes, getting the perfect area rug for your space might just be the easiest way to go if you truly desire a comfortable zone.

With a 9x12 area rug, you’d introduce life, taste, color, texture, and harmony to your space. 9x12 area rugs undoubtedly give your home a distinct palatial effect – creating an environment you’d always want to come back home to.

However, choosing to buy a premium quality rug with this dimension is as important as understanding how to install it the right way.

In this guide, we’ll discuss where and how to use 9x12 rugs to redesign your home.

9x12 Area Rugs in Living Room

9x12 rug in a living room

Just maybe you have been on a long search for accessories, but you can’t seem to figure out what to fill up the space in your living room, try a 9x12 area rug. You would quickly realize how much elegance large rugs for living rooms can introduce.

A 9x12 area rug is never a wrong call. It helps you to re-fit your living room to your desired taste without having to add to or take out any of your stuff, most especially your furniture. It gives you the liberty to be dynamic when setting up your living room. If you want your living room to appear bigger and spacious, choosing an area rug 9x12 works. Placing an area rug 9x12 partially under your furniture, spread across your room will give your living room a broad, attractive appearance.

On the other hand, placing a 9x12 area rug at the center of your living room with your coffee table nicely placed on it gives your living room a compact but unique look.

9x12 Area Rugs in Dining Room

9x12 rug in a dining room

An area rug in the dining room may not be necessary. But if you’re looking for something to complement your furniture and make the dining area more appealing, then go for an area rug 9x12.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, 9x12 area rugs in the dining room help to muffle sounds especially since lots of movements happen in the dining room. (moving and adjusting chairs, clattering, and clanging of cutleries and other sounds that could cause distractions). A 9x12 area rug will be just perfect for your dining room as it is large enough to cover the dining area for a sizeable dining room.

To get this right, ensure to add about 60cm on each side of your dining area when measuring your dining room. This allows all four legs of each chair to sit and balance on the rug properly without having to worry about the rugs folding or the chairs staying off balance. Other things that must be put into consideration include the furniture, floor type, rug color, and the possibility of spilling food on the floor in the dining area.

9x12 Area Rugs in Bedroom

9x12 area rug in a bedroom

You may never know what you are missing out on until you have a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom. Area rugs 9x12 go beyond adding color, pattern, or texture to your bedroom. They generally help to increase the receptive outlook of the area. They make the area less boring and make you want to explore your bedroom more. Awesome right?

With a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom, you realize there’s more you can shape your bedroom into rather than just getting in and out of your bed.  

Another plus about having a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom is that it takes your bedroom’s privacy to a whole new level as it muffles sound, footsteps, and allows you to keep movements and activities in the bedroom private.

While creating a warm environment in your bedroom, 9x12 area rugs also create a more inviting space and provide a soft surface for your feet and your body, making it easier to get out of bed when you want to.

When installing a 9x12 area rug for your bedroom, you can either slip it underneath your bed and any furniture around it or give some space between the edge of the rug and the piece of furniture.

Some other Ways to Use Your 9x12 Area Rug

  • Your office space - beautifies your work environment and makes it comfier.
  • Studio apartment - it gives your studio a larger outlook and helps you maintain a functional space.
  • Hallway
  • Foyer - it gives it an inviting and relaxing look.
  • Outdoor events décor.

Put these ideas into practice and watch as you become more dynamic in shaping your space to your desired taste. Start by exploring the Luxe Weavers' beautiful collection of 9x12 area rugs right away.


January 21, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
area rug and wall-to-wall carpet

Will Area Rugs Replace Wall-to-Wall Carpets?

Area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets increase overall safety, so you don't have to panic every time your precious little one falls, especially while practicing their walking skills or while at play. However, deciding between an area rug or a carpet can become very tricky.

September 24, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
luxe weavers lantanas shag rug

Shag Rugs: 4 Affordable Modern Designs for Every Home

Shag rugs never disappoint, especially if realistic and interactive interior décor accessories tickle your fancy.

Their fluffy textures are quite soothing and can get you into a relaxed mood within seconds. But they are far more valuable than being just floor mats.

Shag rugs come in thick piles that provide extra warmth, cushion, and protection for different permanent floor types. Their patterns are hyper-realistic. They always get the attention of everyone around.

Modern shag area rugs are intricately and uniquely designed too. No surprise they are usually in demand. 

So, if you are a homeowner or home décor expert looking to keep a unique look and feel for your living room and bedroom, dining area, or entryway, here are four top luxe weavers shag rugs to put your money on.

Top Features of Luxe Weavers Shag Rugs

  • Supreme comfort & softness underfoot
  • Easy spot cleaning and maintenance
  • No Shedding
  • Great pile height
  • anti-dust
  • Modern Prints
  • Affordable
  1. The Luxe Weavers Lantanas Collection 7072 Shag Area Rug

luxe weavers lantanas 7072 shag rug

Unify every decorative piece in your space with the Luxe Weavers Lantanas 7072 Collection shag rug. Its unique patterns will instantly create a focal point in the room, and its natural color tones will lighten up the mood in every room you install it. This modern shag rug blends smoothly with any minimalist home décor style and introduces calmness and class into any brightly decorated room. It is simply the best of different home décor worlds.  The Lantanas 7072 Collection is available in Pink, Yellow, Turquoise, Red, Grey, and Navy hues.

Why You Should Buy This Shag Rug

  • It has a thick pile height that supports the weight of your furniture and prevents them from damaging your hardwood floor.
  • It comes in rectangular shapes such as 2 x 3 rug size, 5 x 7 rug size, 8 x 10 rug size, and 9 x 12 rug size.
  • It has anti-slip properties, giving it a firm grip on any permanent flooring.
  • It provides warmth when and serves as the ideal playground for your kids and pets.
  • This shag rug is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Stains, dirt, and pet hair do not stick and are quickly cleared through spot-cleaning or vacuuming with a rotating brush.
  • It performs excellently in low and high traffic areas without losing its colors.

Buy at a discounted price now!

  1. The Luxe Weavers Lantanas Collection 7071 Shag Area Rug

luxe weavers lantanas 7071 shag rug

If you’d like to take the ambiance in a room a notch higher, here’s one fluffy rug to bank on. The Luxe Weavers Lantanas 7071 Collection shag rug raises the standard for luxurious area rugs. Its multicolored and shag abstract designs are calm and stylish, complimenting every decorative piece around it. Available in rectangular shapes such as 2 x 3 rug size, 5 x 7 rug size, 8 x 10 rug size, and 9 x 12 rug size, this machine-made fluffy rug will fit perfectly into almost any space. It has a charming character that attracts and unifies everything around it, transforming its environment into an aesthetically pleasing scene. The Lantanas 7071 Collection plush rug is available in Pink, Yellow, Turquoise, Red, Grey, and Navy hues.

Why You Should Buy this Shag Rug

  • This modern abstract area rug delivers warmth, comfort, and coziness.
  • It has a soft texture that provides a cushion for every foot.
  • It acts as a safe landing surface for playing kids and breakables.
  • Its thick pile height ensures your floor is fully protected from damages by heavy furniture or high foot traffic.
  • You can get this shag rug to a pristine condition by spot-cleaning using a dry cloth or a no-beater bar vacuum.
  • It neither retains stains nor absorbs dirt.
  • After years of use and cleaning, its quality and colors remain intact as they were when new.

Buy at prices starting at $100 today.

  1. The Luxe Weavers Lantanas 7070 collection Shag Area Rug

luxe weavers lantanas 7070 shag rug

The Luxe Weavers Lantanas 7070 collection is a stylish modern shag rug with a luxurious character that adds a unique and elegant ambiance to any room. With its light colors, you can introduce a bright tone to a dull space without contradicting the existing decorations. Whether you place it in your living room, bedroom, or dining room, the Luxe Weavers Lantanas 7070 Collection shag rug always delivers class and quality. It leaves a lasting impression on anyone who comes into your home. Its faded pink hues and abstract design would unify every furniture and decorative piece around it. It is available in Pink, Yellow, Turquoise, Red, Grey, and Navy colors, and in 5x7 rug size, 8x10 rug size, 2x3 rug size, 9x12 rug size.

Why You Should Buy this Shag Rug

  • The Luxe Weavers Lantanas 7070 Collection area rug is machine-made with 100% polypropylene fibers.
  • It provides warmth, comfort, and coziness.
  • Its fluffy texture provides soft cushioning and firm gripping for your underfoot.
  • It has a thick pile height that protects your hardwood floor against wear and damage from foot traffic or heavy furniture.
  • Regular vacuuming with a no-beater bar and occasional spot-cleaning with a dry cloth are all it takes to keep this plush rug in pristine condition.
  • Thanks to its natural hues and stain-resistant properties, this shag rug can retain its charm even after many years of continuous use.

Buy now and have it delivered to your doorstep in days.

  1. The Luxe weavers Lantanas Collection 7119 Shag Area Rug

luxe weavers lantanas 7119 shag rug

Create an overwhelming ambiance and décor style in your home or office with this modern fluffy rug. It undoubtedly brings real-life perfections to your imaginations. The Luxe Weavers Lantanas 7119 Collection Shag Rug is in a class of its own, as its multiple hues and striped patterns introduce beauty and luxury to your floor.  Regardless of where you place this modern plush rug, it never fails to deliver. It syncs perfectly with different home décor styles while providing that touch of class. This living room shag rug is available in Grey, Navy, Pink, Red, Turquoise, Brown colors, and in 5x7 rug size, 8x10 rug size, and 2x3 rug size.

Why You Should Buy this Shag Rug

  • The Luxe Weavers’ Lantanas 7119 Collection Area Rug has a thick pile height that offers maximum protection for your furniture and hardwood floors.
  • Its smooth, lush, soft texture provides a cushion for every foot that steps on it.
  • This 100% polypropylene rug is durable and performs excellently in both low and high-foot traffic areas.
  • Beyond its stylish looks and fluffy texture, your kids can have a swell time on it.
  • Caring for this shag rug takes little to no time. It only needs a quick spot-cleaning or a no-beater bar vacuuming to get back its cool, chic, and classic look.
  • It does not retain stains, and dirt is easy to remove.

Get one at a discounted price today!

There you go! Buy any of these shag rugs today and enjoy free shipping (Orders above $100)

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