How To Incorporate Bohemian Rugs Into Your Design

How To Incorporate Bohemian Rugs Into Your Design

“Boho chic” has been around for ages. 

The name comes from Bohemian, an inaccurate term used to describe the Romani or “Gypsy” population of France. This nomadic population traveled the country in caravans, and became known for their colorful clothing, scarves, and patterned fabrics. 

Today, Bohemian style can be found in everything from fashion to home design—and naturally, that includes rugs. For those who denounce compliance with style norms, Boho looks are just the ticket to a truly original space. 

But how can you incorporate a Bohemian rug without it looking like it was dropped in from the early 1900s? Great question. Smart styling is a matter of letting go of preexisting notions and embracing a loose approach to interior decor. 

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate Bohemian rugs into your design.

Find Your Style

If you love gauzy fabrics and rich colors, then embrace that. Designing a home you want to live in is all about recognizing, in the words of Maria Kondo, what sparks joy. The same goes for Bohemian rugs. If you like a lush look with plush fabric, then pop it in. You may need to edit a few elements in your space, so it’s not overwhelmed by the riot of color, but ultimately, if that sort of look makes you feel good, it’s the right one for you. This Blue Oriental Area Rug is one example of a perfect lived-in boho look.

Layer Those Rugs

Imagine the movie Moulin Rouge! or Chocolat. In both of these the boho aesthetic is strong. Think vivid colors, many different textures, and lots of layering of textiles. Now translate that approach to your floor by showcasing different rugs of varying sizes and colors, like this Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection Silver Oriental Area Rug against this Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection 8027 Ivory Oriental Area Rug.

Mix Your Metaphors

Boho is all about more is more. That means more textures, more colors, more patterns. The sky's the limit, provided you don’t get a migraine looking at a room. 

To that end, you can really have fun with a Bohemian palette playing with wild hued drapes against busy furniture. And don’t forget the rugs. Why be boring and opt for a monochromatic rug, when you can give your space a splash of outrageous color like this wild Luxe Weavers’ Victoria Collection Multi 5x7 Oriental Area Rug?

Work with a Neutral Base

If you want your powerful design choices to really pop, use a neutral base as your canvas. A room in a soft cream color is a great foundation and will make your maximalist decor attitude really stand out. Also, just as it works in magazine design, white space can give the eye space to rest before taking in more strong colors.

Juxtapose with Light, Bright Wood

To keep the vibe light, bright, and cheerful, use soft woods, PoshPennies suggests. 

Boho elements can often have a black undertone and too much dark can suck all the brightness from a space. This will also help frame your gorgeous rug. Just imagine how balsam fir or spruce would look next to Luxe Weavers Magnolia Collection 7560 Blue Oriental Area Rug.

Patterns on Patterns

Don’t stress whether an Ikat blanket will go with your chevron throw pillows. All rules are out the door with a Bohemian styled room.

Instead, double down on the patterns, and then pull them together in your area rug with detailed designs like this Rust South Western Oriental Area Rug. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy.

Tell a Story

Good design naturally tells a story.

What better way to add some mystery to your space than with a little Bohemian chic design? A unique leather pillow you sourced on a trip to Morocco can help spin the tale over to a framed painting you picked up at a flea market to a fascinating rug that looks as if it was bought in Iran but (and who needs to know) actually sourced on Luxe Weavers. Hey, fiction is fun too. Keep them guessing with Luxe Weavers’ Aspect Collection 674 Blue Oriental Area Rug.

Really, Bohemian design is up to you. Play and have fun with it and remember, a great rug — regardless of color, texture, design, or provenance — will only make your space even more boho chic.

November 17, 2020 — Luxe Weavers