5 Reasons to Buy an Oriental Area Rug This Fall

5 Reasons to Buy an Oriental Area Rug This Fall

You’ve heard of spring cleaning? What about fall fluffing? 

‘Tis the season to update your decor, especially as websites and stores roll out holiday sales. As the days turn colder and daylight savings changes the time schedule, it’s a great period to rethink the look and feel of your home and make it more cozy for the winter months. And one of the best ways to do this is by buying an Oriental rug. 

Boasting a long history with, quite literally, generations of interior design footnotes to discover, Oriental rugs are the evergreen trees of home design. 

To back up the argument, here are 5 reasons to buy an Oriental area rug this fall.

Fall is the Perfect Time to Deep Clean

Gone are the hot days of summer. Now you can throw open the windows of your home and give every room in your house a deep clean. 

In the process, you might discover some furniture and furnishings are looking a little tattered. Pieces that get the most traffic area rugs. If yours is looking less than fresh, now is a great time to give it an update and there’s no better look than redecorating with an Oriental rug. 

Traditional and timeless, Oriental rugs can add class and sophistication to any space. Take for instance this Elegant Distressed Ivory Oriental Area Rug. With a balance of cool blue and gray tones, it could suit numerous spaces. 

Fall and Holiday Sales 

With the winter holidays on the horizon, many rug vendors slash prices in the fall in anticipation of meeting end of year sales expectations. 

Take advantage of these deep discounts by seeking out affordable Oriental rug companies. Our Oriental rugs are crafted to exhibit intricate, beautiful patterns that can handle the wear and tear of a busy homelife. Such is the case with the Magnolia Collection Blue Oriental Area Rug. In gorgeous shades of aqua and blue, it can stand up to family fun while still establishing a cosmopolitan aesthetic.

Evolution of Style

Months after the big yearly predictions on hot decor styles, fall is a time when all of those trendy looks have been tested and the best of the best have risen to the fore. If you’re wary about jumping on the bandwagon too soon, autumn is a great time to see what decor looks actually are worth keeping, rather than buy into a passing fad. You’ll find the best evergreen Oriental rug styles in the fall like this ageless beauty, the Taba Collection Ivory Oriental Area Rug.

Invest in Versatility

Unlike a trendy area rug, Oriental rugs are something you can keep for years and adapt from room to room and home to home. 

Rather than try to design a room around a modern rug in each house or apartment you move to, most Oriental rugs can seamlessly fit into any space, saving you time spent debating decoration additions and money on new, costly rugs. For looks that can live in any space, turn to designs like the Nuvola Collection Burgundy Oriental Area Rug, Aspect Collection Blue Oriental Area Rug, and Multicolored Bohemian Oriental Area Rug

Enjoy the Low Maintenance

Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but Oriental rugs are actually very low maintenance. 

Their designs hide dirt (not that you wouldn’t keep your super clean). 

They’re relatively easy to clean yourself with a little vacuuming or outdoor rug beating. 

That’s why so many antique Oriental rugs survive and are sold to this day. Even better, when you buy an Oriental rug, you’ll not only enjoy all of the above, but the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a rug designed to be traversed by an entire family. This Nuvola Collection Black Oriental Area Rug is a fraction of the cost of high end Oriental rugs, but could easily pass for one with its intricate details. Stunning, sophisticated, and easy to clean: it’s a triple threat addition to any home. 

Ready to start your fall Oriental rug shopping? Take a look through our vast collection of designs, colors, lengths, and styles that include everything from Persian looks to Southwest prints. 

Everything is made using the best modern weaving techniques and the most durable materials so that you get the most out of your Oriental rug investment. With accessible prices, Luxe Weavers serves every shopper’s budget and guarantees satisfaction with a robust return policy and excellent customer service. By eliminating the middleman, Luxe Weavers can provide customers with great prices without compromising quality. See for yourself at luxeweavers.com

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10 Affordable Rugs To Style Your Bedroom

10 Affordable Rugs To Style Your Bedroom

An area rug can pull an entire bedroom together. In what’s typically considered the most sacred space in a house, a place to rest, relax, and recharge, adding a rug can provide the cohesive glue to bring this spa-like experience all together. 

But just because you want to give your bedroom a high-end, hotel-level comfort feel doesn’t mean you have to take out a mortgage to pay for a nice rug. 

Whether you’re looking for a soothing pattern to blend seamlessly into your monochrome space or an inviting pop of color that lures you into taking a rest, there are a multitude of design options that can work for a bedroom. 

Here are 10 examples of not only beautiful, but affordable, rugs to style your bedroom. 

Hampstead Collection Red Oriental Area Rug

Available in three sizes, even the largest amongst the Red Oriental rug option (9x12) is under $300. But even at that competitive price, this Hampstead Collection piece looks and feels like a beautiful vintage Oriental rug. The worn-in red hue would fit well in any older home and blend in perfectly with antique furnishings. Or use it to add a touch of old world design to a modern bedroom.

Victoria Collection Light Blue Abstract Area Rug

There’s a reason many people paint their bedrooms blue: it’s incredibly soothing. So why not carry that calming vibe forward by continuing it in your rug choice. This Blue Abstract rug suggests a subtle design that’s at once sophisticated and comforting — perfect for making a bedroom a peaceful oasis.

Victoria Collection Blue Oriental Area Rug

Another ode to blue, this Victoria Collection takes similar hues as the one above and translates them into an intricate Oriental design. This rug would work well in a more formal bedroom space or under a sitting area of the bedroom used for lounging or reading. 

Victoria Collection Grey Abstract Area Rug

If you prefer your bedroom to have a little personality, you can nix dull colors altogether and add a vibrant edge with this Grey Abstract area rug that has pops of loud red within it. Bold and beautiful, this rug would work well in a bedroom that features a strong color palette.

Beverly Collection Cream Oriental Area Rug

For a bedroom with beach views looking out on the shoreline, this rug seems ideal. Cream drives the color scheme with subtle hints of tan and green, making this rug a versatile addition whether a bedroom is heavy on viridescent hues or more earth tones. 

Wale Collection Black Abstract Area Rug

Comfort is key in a bedroom. Even if you have the highest thread count sheets, the fluffiest pillows, the best ambient sound machine, it still won’t take away the shock of stepping onto a scratchy carpet each morning. Rather than go through this wake up call day in and day out, opt for an area rug that’s as plush as its pattern. 

Capello Collection Blue Abstract Area Rug

Soothing tones don’t have to mean one solid color. Not with a Capello Collection Blue Abstract area rug. Blend blue and red, this soft rug is still visually calming while adding a touch of brightness to a space. 

Moroccan Collection Grey Abstract Area Rug

If you have modern taste, you can’t beat a Moroccan patterned rug. Intertwining hexagons in thin white lines, this light gray rug offers an aesthetically pleasing look that would work well in a contemporary bedroom. And at just $80 for the 5x7, you can’t beat the price. 

Collection Gray Geometric Area Rug

If your bedroom connects to a large bathroom or flows to a walk-in closet, a geometric rug can help marry the spaces. Choosing a bold pattern, as featured in this geometric area rug, lets you play off of blacks, greys, and whites for a bedroom-wide style-driven color palette. 

Magnolia Collection Beige White Abstract Area Rug

Get the look of an antique expensive Oriental rug for a fraction of the cost with this Magnolia Collection Beige White Abstract area rug. Designed to look lived in, placing this in your bedroom will add character to the space, making it feel more cozy and cosmopolitan. 

Want to discover even more affordable rugs to style your bedroom? Take a look at our modern collection here.
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6 of the Best Video Tutorials for Making a DIY Rag Rug

6 of the Best Video Tutorials for Making a DIY Rag Rug

One of the hallmarks of frontier families in the American West were rag rugs. Most often crafted by women, these floor coverings were handmade by taking bits of rags and tying, knotting, or braiding them together. 

Like all good crafts, what was first a way of recycling old fabric became an actual art form. The website Rug Makers Homestead says that by the 1910s, rag rugs were seeing a rise in popularity and had evolved from primitive pieces to elaborate designs during the Arts and Crafts movement.


Not surprisingly, rag rugs gained popularity again during the Depression and master rug maker Diana Blake Gray writes that “hooked, 3-strand braided, loom woven and crocheted rugs, and the emphasis on the practical aspects of the rugs overrode most of the artistic developments earlier in the century.”

The craft is still practiced today, and if you’d like to give it a try, the internet is full of video tutorials. Here’s a guide to six of the best online videos for learning to make a rag rug.

Easy No Sew Rag Rug

Beginners should, well, start at the beginning. Before you can bust out the crochet darning needles, it makes sense to learn a basic pattern. That’s where this video from Nancy’s Notions comes in. With this step-by-step instruction you can learn how to make a small rug. This video is great because it uses an aerial view to show the viewer exactly how to pull and thread the strips of rags to form the rug. 

Crochet Rag Rug Tutorial

Crocheting is a type of weaving done with a hook (called a darning needle) and most often prepared with yarn. But the same principles can apply to other materials—in this case rags. YouTuber Francis Young demonstrates this process in her video Crochet Rag Rug Tutorial and if you follow closely, you can easily craft your own.

Oval Rag Rug

The beauty of a rag rug is you can design it in multiple shapes as, HooknLoops Calm Country Crochet does in this Crochet Oval Rag Rug Part 1 video. One of the benefits of this guide is the video doesn’t just launch you into the actual strokes needed to create the rug. Rather, it begins by explaining exactly what tools you’ll need so you can get set up before attempting to make the rug on your own. In addition, the video just shows the work of the crocheter’s hands on a black background so it’s easy to follow every step. 

Lost Art of Braid-in Rag Rugs Part 1

Part of the fun of learning a new craft is studying its history. That’s why we’re recommending Erin Halvorsen’s video Lost Art of Braid-in Rag Rugs. As Halversen explains, this form of rag rug making nearly vanished at the end of World War II when the conservation of scraps was no longer necessary. To rediscover this folk tradition, Halversen researched extensively and this video essentially allows crafters to step back in time and reclaim a long-lost art form. 

How To Weave a Rag Rug Using Scrap Fabric

It might come as a surprise, but you can actually make a rag rug on a loom. Using those same fabric scraps gathered up for the other aforementioned videos, weavers can utilize their looms for this craft as well. Amazingly, the video from DIY On The House explains that the size of the scrap doesn’t matter. Even a 4x4 inch square can be used to make a loom rag rug. 

How to make Amish Knot Trivets/Placemats (toothbrush rag rug)

Fun fact: historical evidence shows that crafters cut an "eye" into old wooden toothbrushes to make needles for weaving rag rugs. That’s why Barri-Jayne Makes calls her craft a toothbrush rag rug. Today, toothbrush needles are an actual tool you can buy at a fabric store or online. Better yet, in this video Barri-Jayne makes her own and shows viewers how they can save some cash by doing the same. 

With these videos, you can get started on your own rag rug crafting adventures. All you need to do is rip up some old bed sheets or start collecting bits and bobs of fabric — say from old drapes, table clothes, or even T-shirts — and saving it for your eventual rag rug project. 

Then, following these tutorials, you can turn your scraps into a functional masterpiece to decorate your home. As a bonus, the rag rug pattern can be used for more than just rugs. Think: placemats, table runners, and even wall hangings. 

And if that doesn’t work out, as some craft projects are wont to do, you can always just buy a rug. While there may not be any rag rugs in our store, we do have the best in affordable modern rugs and Oriental rugs in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. 

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10 Rugs That Are Perfect for Breathing New Life Into Your Space

10 Rugs That Are Perfect for Breathing New Life Into Your Space

Got a case of the rug blues? It happens to the best of us. When a well trod rug starts to show wear and tear, it’s time to look for a replacement.
And you might be surprised what a new rug can do for your home. Here are 10 rugs that are perfect for breathing new life into your space.

Neutral Hues
According to Elle Decor, neutral rug hues are all the rage this year. Want to get in on the trend? Consider this Silver Oriental Area Rug. This polyester rug features an old world design in blue, purple, and white. With a vintage design, it will give your space a classic look that will blend seamlessly with antiques and fine furnishings.

Pop of Pattern 
Give new life to a space—say, a dining room—by updating the existing rug with a patterned option. Repeating geometric designs can add a clean uniformity to an undefined space as well. If you want to make a corner of your living room a reading nook, add a patterned rug for dimension. We like this Diana Collection Area Rug in Grey.

Rugs as Art
House Beautiful says 2020 is all about using rugs as art. That might bring to mind expensive, handcrafted rugs made by artisan weavers. But that doesn’t actually have to be the case. You can achieve this look without breaking the bank by grabbing a rug with a more artistic look, like this Ivory Floral Modern Area Rug

Shine like a Jewel
Jewel tones in rugs are also getting a lot of attention right now and we can understand why. With their bright, evocative appeal, they add a happy element to any space. If you want to embrace the jewel tone aesthetic, look no further than the Turquoise & Beige Rustic Modern Area Rug. In this rustic design, the beige actually acts as a gold in contrast with the turquoise.

Morrocan Mystique
Moroccan patterns never go out of style. That’s why we love this Mango Moroccan Trellis Modern Area Rug. The juicy mango color is guaranteed to add a pop of fun to any space and could brighten up a dark corner or be the perfect centerpiece for a child’s playroom.

Wild Rugs
In the same vein as artistic rugs comes the riotous rug trend, a shift from the severe patterns some people prefer to wild, abstract rugs. One way to deploy this look is in an otherwise organized space. Let the floor be the surprise with an outrageous rug in brilliant colors, like this Blue Swirls Modern Abstract Area Rug.

Black & White and Loved All Over
Love the look of newsprint? Or the crisp appeal of black and white photos? Take that same spirit and translate it into your rug styling with a black and white pattern. You can go black and white in an Oriental rug or pull off your own checkerboard look with this Checkered Black and White Modern Area Rug.

Sailor Stripes
There’s something about stripes that evokes the sea and works perfectly in a coastal cottage. But even if you’re landlocked, you can steal the idea with a striped rug. The straightforward design can easily blend into a space while perking up the color palette and you don’t have to go with the classic Navy blue and white. This rug uses multiple colors for a visually appealing striped effect.

Monochromatic Appeal
There’s something to be said for a design in one hue. It can help make for a clean, uncluttered space. Whether you go for a blue to match your wallpaper, or a dull red to blend in above wood floors, the concept is to not have the rug intrude, but rather meld with the rest of the room. Make the idea your own with this Distressed Blue Oriental Area Rug.

Spa Aesthetic
Comfort is paramount these days and turning our homes into zen-like spaces is something more and more designers are embracing. But how do you achieve a blissed-out living room or super calm bedroom? A soothing rug can’t hurt. Stick to colors that feel restful on your eyes—adding a plush thread count doesn’t hurt either. For instance, this Cream Brown Patterned Shag Area Rug would work well in a bedroom. 

Whatever design style you go for, remember that quality and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive. Take a look at our selections and give your home some new life!   

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How to Get Rid of Stains on Your Area Rugs (DIY)

How to Get Rid of Stains on Your Area Rugs (DIY)

Cleaning rugs is not usually as tedious as you may have been imagining. Instead, knowing what process works for what type of rug remains the smartest way to get your rug back to a pristine condition. 
October 15, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
10 Gorgeous Kitchen Rugs to Brighten Up Your Space

10 Gorgeous Kitchen Rugs to Brighten Up Your Space

Seven months into the pandemic, you’ve probably had a good long time to sit and stare at your kitchen rug and think “Hmm, I could do better.” Indeed you could. And with all this time to assess your interior design aesthetic, why not start now? 

Kitchen rugs have come a long way since the Colonial era, when painted floorcloths gave way to rag rugs, and then to more complicated designs. Nowadays there are new materials that can stand up to all the wear and tear that occurs in what’s often the most trafficked room in the house. And, even better, you don’t have to sacrifice style. 

There is a huge variety of kitchen rugs to match your mood, style, and circumstances, whether it’s a pack of kids constantly requesting snacks, or a bachelor pad begging for a more adult design look. Here we’ll look at 10 gorgeous kitchen rugs to brighten up your space.

Boho Chic

Just because you’re chopping onions doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re working in an industrial kitchen. Those days are long gone. And with the Bohemian Cream Oriental Rug you’ll have a rug to match your culinary attitude. Creamy turquoise and brown make up this runner that can easily fit between an island and range, perfect for adding a bit of pep to an otherwise functional space.

Boho chic rug

Moody Blues

With the popularity of open floor plans, many kitchens today double as dining spaces. And while this often leaves them feeling more casual, you can amp up the formality with a rug like the  Turquoise & Beige Rustic Modern Area Rug. With the same patina as a well-loved Southern porch, this geometric rug adds a touch of personality in calming colors. Turn on a little Miles Davis, pour a glass of wine, have a seat above this sophisticated rug, and tell us you don’t feel more relaxed.

Beige Rustic Modern Rug

Criss Cross Apple Sauce

Trying to balance family-friendly kitchen functionality with pulled-together design? Look the part with this Moroccan Collection Area Rug. The trellis pattern in gray adds a level of sophistication to a kitchen, while also offering durability for busy little bodies running in and out.

Subtle Sophisticate

An original, traditionally made Oriental rug may be out of your budget, but who says you can’t fake it? This Pink & Beige Vintage Oriental Area Rug was inspired by a vintage Oriental design and gives a feminine flair to a cozy kitchen space.

Make it Pop

The Rust South Western Oriental Area Rug is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the color-loving, bold decorators who need a pop of wow in their life. Nothing spices up a kitchen (aside from, well, spice) like this red and yellow rug.

Southwestern Oriental Area Rug

Covert Crumb Catcher

Let’s be honest, some of us need a rug that will not only brighten up a space but also hide the odd spill in the process. Enter: the Blue Oriental Area Rug. This gorgeous beige and blue rug will easily obscure any random bread crumb that falls — giving you ample time to vacuum before company notices it — while also being able to hold up thanks to its tough durability.

Blue Oriental Rug


Who said kitchens have to be boring? The entire idea of eating is to play off the senses and that’s not limited to taste. Sound, smell, and touch all come into play, so why not boost sight as well. This multi-colored rug is intriguing and entertaining—just like your cooking, perhaps? 

Checkerboard Nostalgia

Whether it reminds you of the classic italian checkerboard tablecloths or 1950s linoleum, there’s something charmingly nostalgic about a black and white checked pattern. Play off black and white photos or art with this evergreen Checkered Black and White Modern Area Rug design.

Flower Power

There’s something empowering about one large print and that’s the case with this Orange Modern Floral Area Rug. Rather than a series of small flower prints, this thick rug comes in a brilliant orange, a perfect complement to a muted kitchen hue. 

Modern Appeal

If vintage looks aren’t your thing, consider this Tobis Light Blue Collection Area Rug. With an almost yin and yang look, this artful design plays off two shades of blue for a unique, timeless look that would fit in any modern kitchen. 

Regardless of the style you choose, rest assured that when you shop Luxe Weavers, there’s always room to reconsider. Our 30 day return policy allows shoppers the freedom to see a rug in their own space before committing to owning it for life. So why not take this time at home to try something new? Be it modern or traditional, Luxe Weavers’ lengthy product list has something for every kitchen, from new build to historic property and everything in between. 

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8 Magazine-Worthy Ways to Style Your Area Rug

8 Magazine-Worthy Ways to Style Your Area Rug

If you’re looking for rug inspiration, home decor magazines have got it covered. 

From Real Simple to Country Living, the legacy publications know their way around a thread count and how best to make it look great in a home. 

Sometimes their editorial teams place a rug in a surprising spot. Other times it's the use of contrasting patterns that’s a particular splash to a space. Ultimately it’s nailing the unexpected style choice that appeals to readers, which is why we’ve scoured the pages of some of the best design periodicals to find eight magazine-worthy ways to style your area rug. 

In no particular order they are:

The Hidden TV Hack

Truly a genius concept, Domino magazine posted this trick for hiding a TV when not in use. Simply take a small area rug and hang it above the tube on a dowel. 

When you’re not binging the latest Netflix series, no one even needs to know it's there. Simply flip it over the TV and voila, you have a beautiful woven piece of art above your mantle. This Luxe Weavers Moroccan Collection Area Rug in Ivory would work well. 

Moroccan collection area rug in ivory

Dress Up the Loo

Take it from Architectural Digest, the bathroom does not have to be a boring space. And you can easily spice it up, especially if you’re dealing with a dark floor by tossing out the fuzzy bath mat for a chic area rug. This Red Oriental Area Rug, for instance, will keep your toes warm while warming up the entire space. 

red oriental rug

Set the Stage with a Staircase Rug

Elle Decor says staircase rugs are statement makers, and they would know. Punch up your own stairway by securing a runner with staircase rods. The vintage meets modern look will add drama to an entryway while avoiding wear and tear on wood stairs. Or it can add a soft subtle look, like with this Bohemian Cream 2x7 Runner Rug

Cuddle Up with a Rug

Hear us out: a rug can also be used to accent a bedspread. Real Simple gave this look its seal of approval by citing artist Sharlene Kayne's clever twist of taking a colorful, red-hued rug and laying it atop her white linens.

bed with rug and bedspread

Source: Real Simple

Surely incredibly warm on a cold winter’s night, the look also adds a creative textured element to the space. Steal the idea by using our Burgundy & Pearl Oriental Area Rug on your own bedding. 

Embrace Contrasting Designs

If it’s good enough for the readers of Dwell magazine, then this idea is certainly worth consideration. 

In this scenario a pair of interior designers turned an old Belgian factory into their home. With a severe white interior, the wildly different rug designs feel welcoming. A similar look could be achieved by pairing Luxe Weavers’ Gray Square Modern Area Rug and Nuvola Collection Area Rug in Beige.

rug with contrasting designs

Make It a Headboard

Ikea bed frame got you down? Want a headboard that says “I have very refined taste, but not the budget for it?” DIY it. Domino magazine fully endorses the use of a rug as a makeshift headboard. And why not? It adds color and frames your sleep space while making the wall feel cozier. To get the right look, consider Luxe Weavers’ Nuvola Collection Area Rug in Ivory.

Make it Wall Decor

While we’re on the subject of putting rugs on the walls, why even bother with the headboard and just make the rug itself your wall art? Apartment Therapy has an entire blog on the topic with ideas like hanging a vertical runner behind a petite sofa to make use of vertical space. This Distressed Blue 2 x 7 Hallway Runner Area Rug Carpet would work nicely in such a concept.

blue rug on pale wood floor

Let a Rug Define a Space

As the brightest minds in design told Town & Country Magazine, “A well chosen rug is incredibly important, as it has the power to fully resolve a room and pull together many of the other decorating elements.” 

It also has the power to define a space, especially in an open concept floor plan. Make an area feel more like a lounge with a rug. Cap off a breakfast nook with a rug. Focus on a sitting area with an area rug. For instance, if you want to make a reading corner more cozy, define it with this Blue Oriental Vintage Area Rug.

Those are the big ideas from the most clever people working in decor. 

But if you’re looking for even more inspiration or are just ready to start shopping, take a scroll through Luxe Weavers’ selection of affordable and beautiful rugs. Designed to hold up to busy households while not taking a beating on your pocketbook, they have magazine-worthy options to fit any of these magazine-worthy concepts. Plus, each rug order comes with complimentary shipping which is one thing, we all know, that never goes out of style.

October 06, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
Here’s How to Style Your Room Around Your New Oriental Rug

Here’s How to Style Your Room Around Your New Oriental Rug

Looking to add a traditional old world look to your home? An Oriental rug is a great way of bringing a sophisticated aesthetic to a space. 

The term originally derived from rugs made in “Oriental” countries. Today that’s not always the case, but the name—despite its politically incorrect nature—endures and has come to define heavy textiles in a variety of motifs. These include, but aren’t limited to the Blossom, Chinese script, Cyprus, and Hyacinth patterns. 

Beautiful and classic pieces of interior art, an Oriental rug can bring a room together. Here’s how to style your room around your new Oriental rug.

Have the Colors Echo the Walls

Say you’ve painted your bedroom a dramatic blue. An oriental rug with a more subtle, complementary blue, as is the case in this Luxe Weavers Howell Collection Oriental Blue 5x7 Area Rug, can pull the whole scene together by drawing the eye down to the floor and subsequently, the rest of the room. 

blue oriental rug

Crisp Meets Cool

Pair crisp furnishings in muted hues with a cool colored Oriental rug such as this Luxe Weavers Silver Oriental Area Rug for a soothing spa-like space. The addition of the rug can save this concept from feeling austere by adding a warming element. 


Marry Bold Artwork and Soft Patterns

Bold artwork driving the scene of a room? Soften the space with a subdued Oriental area rug like this Elegant Distressed Ivory Oriental design. 

cream oriental rug

Go Monochromatic

Make a statement with a carpet to match your drapes… and your walls… and your furniture. Any why not make it extra wild with something like this Pink Oriental Area Rug.

blue and red oriental rug

Black & White Appeal

Let the design be the focus with a black and white Oriental rug and save the color for the rest of the decor. The surprising choice will add a wow factor to an otherwise unexpected space. This Luxe Weavers Distressed Silver Oriental Area Rug is one direction to go with it. 

black and white oriental rug

Stack Them Up

Creative interior designers have been stacking rugs for years and for good reason: it adds texture and depth. You can put a rug on a carpet or place two on top of each other on a wood or cement floor for a unique idea guests won’t expect. Take a bestseller from Luxe Weavers like Multi-Colored Distressed Oriental Area Rug and place it atop the Ivory 8x10 Oriental Area Rug for a totally original design.

Old Meets New

Too often people assume that they have to choose one concept or the other, modern or traditional. But that’s not the case. You can make a room full of pop art look fabulous with a classic Oriental rug in the middle. The two aren’t mutually exclusive aesthetics. Try it with Luxe Weavers Magnolia Oriental Blue 9x12 Area Rug.

soft oriental rug

Combine Classics

Then again, old things do look good with other old things—just ask any antique dealer. If you want a timeless appeal, an Oriental rug is a must. Pull together a room featuring your grandfather clock and 19th century secretary by framing it with a well paired rug like Luxe Weavers’ Howell Collection Ivory Oriental option. 

orange and blue oriental rug

Thoughtfully Scale

If you want a room to work its best feng shui magic, it’s important to consider scale. A tiny chair in a corner might not flow with a giant rug filling up the rest of the space. Play with options and pick what fits your furnishings’s size as well as style. And swap sizes if it doesn’t work, like with this Burgundy & Pearl Oriental Area Rug from Luxe Weavers that comes in 5'2x7'2 and 7'10x10'6. 

Be Playful

Interior design is meant to be an extension of your creative self, so have fun with it. Go for the wild colored rug. Try out the bold design. What’s the worst that could happen? You change your mind? Add a little fun to your home with an Oriental rug that breaks the mold like this Distressed Blue & Ivory Oriental design

blue oriental rug

Whatever you choose, be it a combination of classic looks or a retro rug that contrasts with modern art, there are no wrong answers here. 

Whatever makes you feel good in your home is always the right design choice, no matter what the decor police tell you. So give a couple of these ideas a go. And do it at a price that won’t break the bank with Luxe Weavers, leaders in affordable woven furnishings. With Oriental and modern options priced at reasonable rates, there’s no better way to have fun decorating and testing out new ideas. Plus, with a great return policy and free shipping, you have even more incentive to get creative. Forget updating one room—why not do the whole house? 

Ready to get started shopping for your new Oriental rug? Visit luxeweavers.com to see all the sizes and styles to put these ideas into place. 

October 01, 2020 — Luxe Weavers