Why Area Rug Pads are Important Addition to Your Floor Decor

Why Area Rug Pads are Important Addition to Your Floor Decor

A rug pad is a sticky buffer between your rug and floor - a piece with double-sided tape, but without the residue that actual tapes would leave behind. It provides a foundation for your rug, reduces wear, and prevents holes and fraying around the edges.  A rug pad prevents slips, among many other benefits. Here are a few...
February 08, 2023 — Ademola Ademiluyi
living room area rug

How to Decorate with Living Room Rugs

Decorating a new living room or redecorating your old space is far from being a walk in the park, especially if you plan to achieve outstanding results and a unique ambiance.  Of course, options that would come to mind would be either a traditional, minimalist, modern, bohemian, coastal, or farmhouse design. And whichever one you choose, you’d always find a broad range of complementing furniture and accessories within your budget.
July 28, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
How to Pair a Rug with your Couch

How to Pair a Rug with your Couch

Have you ever heard of the phrase; "You can never go wrong with a rug?" Probably not, and that's because we invented it, but we can prove that it is true. Rugs can be used to beautify any space, literally.

You need to change the setting of your room? Get a rug. You want your visitors to always feel welcomed? Get a foot rug. You want to add a little spice to your rug? Get a rug. You want to beautify your space? You know what to do. It is safe to say that putting a rug in a room can never be overestimated.
Now, putting a rug in your living room means that you get to pair your rug with other pieces of furniture, especially the ones that take a lot of space in the room, like the sofa, couch, and tables.
With many years of experience in interior decor, We've learned that when it comes to creating a cohesive living room look, it's important to get the rug and the couch just right. They are, after all, the two largest pieces in the space! But how to find the perfect combination for your lifestyle and home? We've got you! Below, we'll guide you through the process of how to pair a rug with your couch.

1. Measure the Space

As much as you want your room to look as good as ever, you want to be able to move around without knocking over something or even hurting your little toe. One of the smartest ways to achieve beauty and safety in a room is to measure it. You need to know the size of the room before you know the size of the rug and couch to buy. Yes, the couch, it's not only your rug that needs measurement. So, get a measuring tape, and get ready for the perfect sitting room decor.
The trick to perfect spacing between your rug and your couch is to space them. You don't want your couch overlapping on your rug, it damages it. So, leave at least 6-8" between the rug and the floor on all sides. This will ensure the rug looks intentional in the space. If at all you need to place your furniture on your rug, At least two legs of all main furniture pieces should rest on the rug. rug under couch rules but be careful.

2. Get a Large Rug

Whatever you do to your room, never get a rug that is too small. It goes against the rule of interior decor. As much as you don't want to damage your rug with your furniture, you don't want a small rug. It dampens the magic that the rug adds to the room. To know how to position a rug in the living room, keep reading.
In a standard but fun setting, below are the recommended rug and sofa size pairings:
1. A 6x9' rug pairs best with our 60-80" wide sofas
2. An 8x10' rug pairs best with our 85" or 90" wide sofas or a nice 98" x 98-127" couches
3. A 9x12' rug pairs best with our 90-115" wide couch, 101-119", or a nice 98-105" x 98-136" sofa
4. A 10x14' rug pairs best with our 98-105" x 98-136" sofa.

3. Understand Space Layout

There is nothing as important as space layout when you are trying to pair your rug and your couch. This is very important, especially when you want to place a rug in a small living room. It will help you know the right rug, color, and even texture to buy. Rugs are known to command respect. Your rugs complement your couch and speak of how sophisticated you are. Pairing the rug and the couch is not much of an issue once you understand the measurement and the layout.

4. Find Common Colors

Also, we can't talk about pairing without talking about colors. In cases like this, finding colors for your rug and couch is the easiest way. Simply identify a common color on your rug that's also on your couch, and voilà—you've got the perfect pair! This part can be as fun as you want it to be. Just pick the furniture that you think would match your rug.

January 07, 2022 — Luxe Weavers
luxe weavers distressed rug

Are Distressed Rugs in Style?

A modern distressed rug has as a vintage or retro kind of appearance. To improve its overall appearance for instance, manufacturers use additional efforts like bleaching techniques to give off the signature faded look during production.
June 07, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
Decorating with Ottomans: Everything You Should Know

Decorating with Ottomans: Everything You Should Know


When decorating and arranging furniture in living rooms, many of us stick to sofas, tables, chairs, wall arts, and other basic home décor accessories. We often overlook a rather incredible piece – an ottoman. An ottoman furniture can be the hidden gem or piece that completes the décor puzzle of a room. So, what is an ottoman, and why is it a fascinating furniture piece?

Read on to learn these and how they help to enhance the appearance of rooms.


Luxe Weavers Ottomans and coffee table set

What is an Ottoman?

An ottoman is a piece of furniture with neither arms nor back. It is a piece of versatile and multifunctional furniture for different types of spaces and rooms. Some users refer to them as footstools, others as hassocks and poufs. They help to switch things up and spice up the arrangement of an entire area.

Ottomans come in different sizes and shapes. While some ottomans are small and would fit into small rooms, there are oversized ottomans made specifically for large rooms. For shapes, you’d mostly find round ottomans and rectangular ottomans.

Ottomans sometimes come as upholstered low couches or little cushioned seats that can be used as stools, fireside seats, small tables, or stand-in coffee tables.

Some ottomans with lids or inner hollows are used as storage spaces for linen, magazines, and other light items.

Nonetheless, smaller ottomans without adjustable lids make excellent footrests. You can place them close to an armchair as part of your living room furniture.

In general, ottoman furniture is very versatile and can conveniently take on a table form for items such as a coffee tray and mugs, snacks, and remote sets. Many ottomans are also used to supplement couches, center tables, and footrests. They are mostly found in the living rooms, family rooms, and sometimes bedrooms.

Different Sizes and Shapes of Ottomans

The size of an ottoman varies and often depends on the size of a room. They mostly come in cubic, square, round, and rectangular shapes. Ottomans with wooden frames covered with some sort of padding or cushioning are the most common. Let’s examine their peculiarities, quickly.

Rectangular Ottoman

Rectangular Ottoman

Of all types of ottoman furniture, the rectangular ottomans are without a doubt, the most versatile. This is largely due to their large surface area and the number of items they can hold. Rectangle ottoman, like others, come in different sizes, colors, and designs.

They are suitable for storage spaces, extra seating, and stand-in coffee tables in the living room.

Round Ottoman

A round ottoman is made primarily for your family room or children playrooms. They often have hard or soft top layers and may also have storage spaces.

These are not as common as rectangular ottomans. However, you can use them to replace your coffee table as a unique centerpiece in the family room.

Square or Cubic Ottoman

Luxe weavers orange cubic ottomans

These are also less common. However, the smaller square ottomans are more popular than the bigger ones due to their portable size and extra aesthetics they inject into your furniture arrangements.

Cubic ottomans are perfect as lounge chairs or footstools in the bedroom and playrooms. They fit into different room sizes and switch into different uses smoothly.

If you are looking for multipurpose ottomans, then, cubic/square ottomans are ideal. Shop for top-quality and stylish ottomans from Luxe Weavers’ rich collection. They come in different colors; they have removeable, washable covers and are stylish for any type of room or space.

10 Decorative Ways Ottomans Transform Any Space

rectangular ottoman in a bedroom

Ottomans have since broken free from being mere footstools and have become an integral part of many home décor styles.  Ottoman furniture adds uniqueness to any space and is now being used by decorators and interior designers in many interesting and creative ways. Ottomans help to:

  1. Create Focal Point

While area rugs usually act as focal points in many homes, luxurious ottoman furniture is now being used as the centerpiece/showstopper by many home decoration experts and the results are astonishing. From their tufted fabrics to exquisite suede ottomans, you can use this décor piece to create that “wow” effect in your home.

  1. Add Color and Brightness

Adding ottomans is an excellent way to infuse a pop of color and brightness to an otherwise boring or dull-looking room. Selecting colors that pair nicely with other items in a room is key and this is only possible where an ottoman set comes in different stylish colors. Thankfully the luxe Weavers collection of luxurious ottomans are styled with bright, trendy, and classic colors that instantly add excitement to any space.

  1. Create Contrast

Uncomplimentary contrasts are not ideal. But if you feel the scheme of your room seems one-directional, contrasting ottomans will create the magic. You can have your walls, furniture, floor, or rugs with the same theme but a little color contrast from your ottoman can make the room a lot more exciting.

  1. Add Visual Appeal & Interest

Ottomans are visually fascinating because of their shapes, designs, and geometric styling. Some ottomans form circles or some unique shapes when put together, while some can make 4 or more wedges of seating when separated. These are great visual appeals that transform the appearance of rooms.  

  1. Create Shared Space Seating

As more houses and apartments are adopting the open floor plan that shares seating with more than one area, having seats that are movable and suitable in each section can be extremely vital. The versatility of ottomans can be a big advantage in this case as they can be used either as a seat or pulled together against a wall with pillows to form a couch.

  1. Store Items

Another function that justifies the versatility of ottomans is their storage options. Besides being used for other important purposes, you can use ottomans to store things like remote controls, magazines, children’s toys, movie CDs, game controllers, and other handy items.

  1. Serve as Coffee Table

A small table lower than your couch that sits beside or in front of your couch is called a coffee table. Ottomans are usually firm, sturdy, and are a perfect fit for coffee tables. You can place your drink tray (or magazines) on them without worries about spills.

  1. Manage Small Spaces Through Tuck-away Seating

If you happen to have a small room or apartment, this idea is an excellent and creative way to inject interest and function in your space without sacrificing too much space. Ottomans with rollers beneath them mostly play this role better as you can always move them whenever or wherever you need them. And when they're not needed, you can quickly tuck them under your table.

  1. Provide Pattern

The different pattern prints on ottoman cover fabrics can help inject life and flavor into your room's décor. Some very interesting patterns on ottomans include geometric shapes, floral designs, abstract arts, and so on. You can also create custom DIY covers for your ottomans to harmonize the décor theme in your home.

  1. Serve as Conventional Footrests

Tradition never dies, they say. We can never really exclude the primary purpose of an ottoman. Candidly, there are only a few things more exciting and comforting as taking an evening rest on an armchair with your feet stretched nicely on your ottoman. Traditional ottomans, besides being very high-end, are catchy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ottomans

Luxe Weavers Ottomans and Coffee Table Set

Is it bad to sit on an ottoman?

It’s absolutely fine to sit on your ottoman, provided your weight or size is within its weight capacity. One primary use of an ottoman is sitting, so it is not unusual to sit on an ottoman.

Where to put ottomans?

Ottoman is not only for resting or stretching our feet. They can serve several purposes at home if you would think of them as more than just footrests. Some of the places you can place your ottoman include the front of the fireplace, under a console table, beside a lounge chair, center of your living room, and so on.

Do ottomans have to match the chairs or sofa?

Many stores sell their sofas alongside ottomans that have similar colors and fabric designs. However, an ottoman doesn’t need to match the sofa or any of the other pieces of furniture in your room. Ottomans with distinct colors and patterns create amusing contrasts.  

How do I choose an ottoman?

The best way to choose anything, ottoman inclusive, is to find out what you need it for, and then make your choice based on that. Most ottomans are used as footrests and storage spaces, while some are used as extra seating and coffee table replacements.

What to do with an extra ottoman?

Simply find another place for it in your home. If your living room can't take additional furniture, you can move an extra ottoman to the bedroom, children's play area, or find a place for it in your home office.

Final Thoughts

Ottomans are multifunctional and can be whatever you want them to be – footrests, coffee table replacements, storage spaces, or extra seats. Ottomans are versatile.

Cubic and rectangular ottomans are the most common due to their versatility and ease of movement or placement.

Since they are usually made with wood, have soft cushions at the top, and sometimes all over their bodies, they make great footrests and seats.

In a nutshell, there’s a whole lot you can do with your ottoman. If you don't have any yet or are looking to add more to those in your home, shop through the Luxe Weavers Ottomans collection for affordable and stylish ottomans right away.


March 21, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
How to Transform Your Home by Matching Area Rugs with Wall Art

How to Transform Your Home by Matching Area Rugs with Wall Art

Irrespective of your budget size, you can make your home look as stunning as possible if you can harmonize the furniture, walls, floor, area rugs, and artworks.

So whether you've seen it somewhere or have had thoughts like "how do I match the rugs and art in my home to enhance the décor?" Here's a guide on all you need to know about matching your area rugs and wall arts to achieve a complementary and stylish look for your space.

January 29, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
Traditional, Modern or Transitional Rug, which is Best for Home Décor?

Traditional, Modern or Transitional Rug, which is Best for Home Décor?

Rugs are grouped into three categories: Traditional, Modern, and Transitional rugs. But if you walk into a rug store right now, you would likely find it hard to distinguish one from the other. However, each category is unique, and learning this uniqueness will make your rug shopping experience more fun and effective.

December 28, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
How to Match Your Area Rugs and Living Room Furniture

How to Match Your Area Rugs and Living Room Furniture

Area rugs are meant to define the sitting area and create a sense of perfection by complementing or matching the colors of everything in a room. If you must get the best out of your gorgeously-produced area rug by matching the existing  décor and furniture in your home, below are a few things to keep in mind.
December 18, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
5 Top Area Rugs To Make Your Bedroom Cozy This Coming Winter

5 Top Area Rugs To Make Your Bedroom Cozy This Coming Winter

Is there anything less appealing than tucking into a chilly bedroom on a cold winter night? There’s the nip at your toes followed by the unwelcome freeze of a cold pillow. Not to mention the moments spent shivering while clutching a pile of blankets. It’s absolutely miserable. 

What can you do? Turning up the heat is step one. Making the room more cozy is step two. 

And the way to do that? Well, taking a good long look at one’s furnishings is the place to start. Believe it or not, different colors, textures, and designs can warm up a bedroom enormously even before adding a space heater or hot water bottle.

You can add ambiance with updated lighting, keep out the chill with fresh window coverings, and amp up a calming aura by implementing soothing colors. Another simple touch is to replace or add a cozy area rug. You’d be amazed how much a new rug will physically keep the cold out as well aesthetically make a space more inviting. 

So what are some of the best area rugs for a cozy winter bedroom? In this guide we’ll look at 5 stunning options. 

Soothing Abstraction

Remember “Magic Eye” books? Pages of 3D images would mesmerize the viewer, sometimes relaxing them and lowering their blood pressure in the process. 

Applying this same concept to abstract rug selection can actually give the visitors the same effect. By choosing something that allows the eye to rest, the body will follow, calming them and providing a cozy feeling in the process. Luxe Weavers Nuvola Collection 8722 Blue Abstract Area Rug blends cool tones of blue, grey, and cream, providing a subdued palette to center a bedroom.

Warm Oriental Style

Warm colors have a long tradition in Oriental rugs. Timeless, classic, and sophisticated, not only is a red- or orange-colored Oriental rug a great option for any space, it makes a lot of sense in the pursuit of warming up a bedroom. But you don’t have to spend thousands on an antique Oriental rug to get the look. We’ve got dozens of ageless Oriental rug styles that can update a space. For example, the 8x10 foot Howell Collection Red Abstract Area Rug is large enough to fill a grand bedroom, instantly making a big space feel more welcoming.

Comforting Textures

Slipping off a pair of slippers in the winter can be uncomfortable, especially on a hardwood floor. Spare yourself the agony with a shaggy carpet. Not only will it help you feel warm and cozy, it can also give the room a more shabby chic appeal. Ideal for this concept is the Luxe Weavers Manhattan Tree Shag Modern Area Rug. Sporting a simple tree motif, this rug would work well in a children’s bedroom or guest bedroom.

Tranquil Designs

A feast for the eyes is often used to describe decadent tables of food or incredible art galleries, but who says it has to be limited to those subjects? 

Can’t an area rug be a feast for the eyes? We’d argue that yes, it can. And to prove the point, here’s a cozy rug ideal for winter that’s as beautiful as it is enticing. The Manhattan Patterned Shag Gray Modern Area Rug is, on the surface, simple. Grey and white thread intertwine to form an infinity design. But you know what? It’s a peaceful landscape that’s as relaxing as it is lovely thanks to the fluffy shag perfection that beckons one to lie down with a cup of tea and a good book. 

Zen-Like State

The word “zen” gets thrown around a lot, especially by interior designers, but the idea of achieving an enlightened state of mind is still a profound concept worth exploring in home decor. 

How can one create a space where the mind is at ease and stress is lifted? Clean, crisp choices are a good place to start and can piggyback on the warming up of a winter bedroom project. Find colors, textures, and designs that make you feel at peace like this Hampstead Collection 5623 Grey Abstract Area Rug or this Towerhill Collection 7567 Grey Abstract Area Rug for cozy nights of winter wonderland nirvana. 

Of course, Luxe Weavers has many more options for great rugs to make your bedroom cozy for winter. With styles as varied as modern to distressed, patterned to abstract, Luxe Weavers can outfit all of your bedrooms with new, affordable area rugs perfect for the frosty season. And with our handy guide in hand, you’ll have all the notes you need to make the right choice. 

December 01, 2020 — Luxe Weavers