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Area Rugs vs Hardwood? Which Suits the Bedroom More?

Buying an Area Rug as an addition to a hard surface floor is a trend that isn't going anywhere. Although the debate between Area Rugs and hardwood is not new, there's been an increase in the latter's use in recent times.  Still, some places in the home are just better suited to a soft floor covering than a hard one.
January 24, 2023 — Luxe Weavers
How to Keep Your Area Rugs Looking New

How to Keep Your Area Rugs Looking New

Area rugs brighten up any room with their intricate patterns and textures. However, over time, those in areas with more foot traffic mostly become dingy and faded. Just like the smell of a new car, a rug’s appearance
January 13, 2023 — Ademola Ademiluyi
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Can Runner Rugs Enhance Your Rooms?

Runner rugs are popular, but when contemplating where to place them in the home, one place that rarely pops up in our minds is the bedroom. However, time and trends are changing. Can a runner rug enhance your bedroom? Yes, absolutely! A long runner rug in bedroom is an infamous idea, but it may be the game-changer...
December 13, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

Sometimes, getting the perfect area rug for your space might just be the easiest way to go if you truly desire a comfortable zone.

With a 9x12 area rug, you’d introduce life, taste, color, texture, and harmony to your space. 9x12 area rugs undoubtedly give your home a distinct palatial effect – creating an environment you’d always want to come back home to.

However, choosing to buy a premium quality rug with this dimension is as important as understanding how to install it the right way.

In this guide, we’ll discuss where and how to use 9x12 rugs to redesign your home.

9x12 Area Rugs in Living Room

9x12 rug in a living room

Just maybe you have been on a long search for accessories, but you can’t seem to figure out what to fill up the space in your living room, try a 9x12 area rug. You would quickly realize how much elegance large rugs for living rooms can introduce.

A 9x12 area rug is never a wrong call. It helps you to re-fit your living room to your desired taste without having to add to or take out any of your stuff, most especially your furniture. It gives you the liberty to be dynamic when setting up your living room. If you want your living room to appear bigger and spacious, choosing an area rug 9x12 works. Placing an area rug 9x12 partially under your furniture, spread across your room will give your living room a broad, attractive appearance.

On the other hand, placing a 9x12 area rug at the center of your living room with your coffee table nicely placed on it gives your living room a compact but unique look.

9x12 Area Rugs in Dining Room

9x12 rug in a dining room

An area rug in the dining room may not be necessary. But if you’re looking for something to complement your furniture and make the dining area more appealing, then go for an area rug 9x12.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, 9x12 area rugs in the dining room help to muffle sounds especially since lots of movements happen in the dining room. (moving and adjusting chairs, clattering, and clanging of cutleries and other sounds that could cause distractions). A 9x12 area rug will be just perfect for your dining room as it is large enough to cover the dining area for a sizeable dining room.

To get this right, ensure to add about 60cm on each side of your dining area when measuring your dining room. This allows all four legs of each chair to sit and balance on the rug properly without having to worry about the rugs folding or the chairs staying off balance. Other things that must be put into consideration include the furniture, floor type, rug color, and the possibility of spilling food on the floor in the dining area.

9x12 Area Rugs in Bedroom

9x12 area rug in a bedroom

You may never know what you are missing out on until you have a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom. Area rugs 9x12 go beyond adding color, pattern, or texture to your bedroom. They generally help to increase the receptive outlook of the area. They make the area less boring and make you want to explore your bedroom more. Awesome right?

With a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom, you realize there’s more you can shape your bedroom into rather than just getting in and out of your bed.  

Another plus about having a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom is that it takes your bedroom’s privacy to a whole new level as it muffles sound, footsteps, and allows you to keep movements and activities in the bedroom private.

While creating a warm environment in your bedroom, 9x12 area rugs also create a more inviting space and provide a soft surface for your feet and your body, making it easier to get out of bed when you want to.

When installing a 9x12 area rug for your bedroom, you can either slip it underneath your bed and any furniture around it or give some space between the edge of the rug and the piece of furniture.

Some other Ways to Use Your 9x12 Area Rug

  • Your office space - beautifies your work environment and makes it comfier.
  • Studio apartment - it gives your studio a larger outlook and helps you maintain a functional space.
  • Hallway
  • Foyer - it gives it an inviting and relaxing look.
  • Outdoor events décor.

Put these ideas into practice and watch as you become more dynamic in shaping your space to your desired taste. Start by exploring the Luxe Weavers' beautiful collection of 9x12 area rugs right away.


January 21, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
5 Top Area Rugs To Make Your Bedroom Cozy This Coming Winter

5 Top Area Rugs To Make Your Bedroom Cozy This Coming Winter

Is there anything less appealing than tucking into a chilly bedroom on a cold winter night? There’s the nip at your toes followed by the unwelcome freeze of a cold pillow. Not to mention the moments spent shivering while clutching a pile of blankets. It’s absolutely miserable. 

What can you do? Turning up the heat is step one. Making the room more cozy is step two. 

And the way to do that? Well, taking a good long look at one’s furnishings is the place to start. Believe it or not, different colors, textures, and designs can warm up a bedroom enormously even before adding a space heater or hot water bottle.

You can add ambiance with updated lighting, keep out the chill with fresh window coverings, and amp up a calming aura by implementing soothing colors. Another simple touch is to replace or add a cozy area rug. You’d be amazed how much a new rug will physically keep the cold out as well aesthetically make a space more inviting. 

So what are some of the best area rugs for a cozy winter bedroom? In this guide we’ll look at 5 stunning options. 

Soothing Abstraction

Remember “Magic Eye” books? Pages of 3D images would mesmerize the viewer, sometimes relaxing them and lowering their blood pressure in the process. 

Applying this same concept to abstract rug selection can actually give the visitors the same effect. By choosing something that allows the eye to rest, the body will follow, calming them and providing a cozy feeling in the process. Luxe Weavers Nuvola Collection 8722 Blue Abstract Area Rug blends cool tones of blue, grey, and cream, providing a subdued palette to center a bedroom.

Warm Oriental Style

Warm colors have a long tradition in Oriental rugs. Timeless, classic, and sophisticated, not only is a red- or orange-colored Oriental rug a great option for any space, it makes a lot of sense in the pursuit of warming up a bedroom. But you don’t have to spend thousands on an antique Oriental rug to get the look. We’ve got dozens of ageless Oriental rug styles that can update a space. For example, the 8x10 foot Howell Collection Red Abstract Area Rug is large enough to fill a grand bedroom, instantly making a big space feel more welcoming.

Comforting Textures

Slipping off a pair of slippers in the winter can be uncomfortable, especially on a hardwood floor. Spare yourself the agony with a shaggy carpet. Not only will it help you feel warm and cozy, it can also give the room a more shabby chic appeal. Ideal for this concept is the Luxe Weavers Manhattan Tree Shag Modern Area Rug. Sporting a simple tree motif, this rug would work well in a children’s bedroom or guest bedroom.

Tranquil Designs

A feast for the eyes is often used to describe decadent tables of food or incredible art galleries, but who says it has to be limited to those subjects? 

Can’t an area rug be a feast for the eyes? We’d argue that yes, it can. And to prove the point, here’s a cozy rug ideal for winter that’s as beautiful as it is enticing. The Manhattan Patterned Shag Gray Modern Area Rug is, on the surface, simple. Grey and white thread intertwine to form an infinity design. But you know what? It’s a peaceful landscape that’s as relaxing as it is lovely thanks to the fluffy shag perfection that beckons one to lie down with a cup of tea and a good book. 

Zen-Like State

The word “zen” gets thrown around a lot, especially by interior designers, but the idea of achieving an enlightened state of mind is still a profound concept worth exploring in home decor. 

How can one create a space where the mind is at ease and stress is lifted? Clean, crisp choices are a good place to start and can piggyback on the warming up of a winter bedroom project. Find colors, textures, and designs that make you feel at peace like this Hampstead Collection 5623 Grey Abstract Area Rug or this Towerhill Collection 7567 Grey Abstract Area Rug for cozy nights of winter wonderland nirvana. 

Of course, Luxe Weavers has many more options for great rugs to make your bedroom cozy for winter. With styles as varied as modern to distressed, patterned to abstract, Luxe Weavers can outfit all of your bedrooms with new, affordable area rugs perfect for the frosty season. And with our handy guide in hand, you’ll have all the notes you need to make the right choice. 

December 01, 2020 — Luxe Weavers
3 Things To Think About When Choosing A Rug

3 Things To Think About When Choosing A Rug

Choosing a rug isn’t like choosing a life partner, but it can still be just as emotional. 

A rug is something that will command attention in your space for years or decades to come. So, naturally, people take selecting one seriously. There are many factors to consider when choosing a rug, with the obvious being color, style, and size. But what about the hidden factors? That’s what we’ll discuss here—three very important things to think about when choosing a rug. 

What kind of maintenance are you agreeing to?

There is a vast array of area rugs to choose from, and some require more particular care than others. Choose an antique rug and you’d better be ready to put in the time and money to keep it looking good. After all, an antique Oriental rug is old and often that means it's in delicate condition. Regular vacuuming might actually damage it. Instead, you may need to invest in regular professional cleanings to help it keep its luster.

A more durable rug, on the other hand, offers its owner a longer lifespan with less expensive care. 

Rather than requiring the services of professionals for a regular shampoo each season, a good weekly vacuum and annual deep cleaning should be enough to hold its shape and look. For instance, this Euston Collection 7681 Blue Abstract Area Rug is contemporary and tasteful, but it’s also hardy and can stand the test of time in any space. 

How will the rug be used?

Is this rug in a formal living room that rarely sees guests? Or is it going to be placed in a kids’ playroom that sees everything from fort building to multi-child wrestling matches? How you answer this question could play a big role in which rug you decide to go with. 

If it’s a busy space with lots of foot traffic, a flat-weave rug with a low pile is likely the best option. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to outfit the very private sanctum of your bedroom where only those you allow can enter, then go wild with a plush shag rug. While the latter does require more attention and care, if you know you’ll be one of the few individuals stepping on it, that may not be an issue. 

For most of us, a delicate, high-maintenance rug is not an option. It’s rugs built of stronger stuff that we’re after. And there are plenty of rugs available that offer both beauty and hardiness. While still providing optimal elegance, you can get the same look as a gorgeous antique rug, but with much more rugged materials. The Hampstead Collection 8027 Silver Oriental Area Rug, for example, is the epitome of Old World elegance, but provides the durability of a brand-new rug.

How does the rug feel?

Is it soft to the touch? Does it have a unique texture? Does it feel scratchy or itchy? 

If, given the chance, you could walk on it barefoot (as most of us are wont to do in our own homes) would you want to? 

This is important, not only for your own comfort, but for those around you. If you have frequent guests, chances are someone’s feet will come into contact with your rug. If you have small children, what are the chances of rug burn given a particular fabric? Is there a possibility of tears over a skinned knee on the rug? Might want to rule it out.

And if you’re ordering online and can’t feel rug options in person, look for descriptions and product details that explain and describe the materials used. The textiles used will affect the feel of a rug, but so will the weave itself, so educating yourself on area rug weaving techniques can help inform your rug purchase decision. 

Determining exactly which rug will work for you is a calculated decision that requires a thoughtful look at all the variables from textures to fabric, cut to color. 

Weighing all of these options will help guide you to just the right choice, at which point it comes down to one final question: How does the rug make you feel? If, as Marie Kondo would say, it “sparks joy,” then what’s not to love? Sure, you might be contradicting some of the earlier questions with your choice, but if a rug is really right for you, it will make you feel good and make your space feel happy.

November 24, 2020 — Luxe Weavers