Top 10 Reasons Everyone Loves Oriental Area Rugs

Top 10 Reasons Everyone Loves Oriental Area Rugs

Trends usually come and fade off soon after, but antique oriental area rugs never go out of style. Their beauty and finesse are second to no other.

To help you make sense of the fuss , here are the top 10 reasons everyone loves Oriental area rugs.

September 04, 2023 — Luxe Weavers
Why You Need Kitchen Area Rugs

Why You Need Kitchen Area Rugs

Using Kitchen Area Rugs can help you prevent unnecessary slips that could cause injury to you or your loved ones. Kitchen sink rugs help to hold your feet firmly while doing the dishes and prevent slips in water spills.
March 21, 2023 — Luxe Weavers
Why Area Rug Pads are Important Addition to Your Floor Decor

Why Area Rug Pads are Important Addition to Your Floor Decor

A rug pad is a sticky buffer between your rug and floor - a piece with double-sided tape, but without the residue that actual tapes would leave behind. It provides a foundation for your rug, reduces wear, and prevents holes and fraying around the edges.  A rug pad prevents slips, among many other benefits. Here are a few...
February 08, 2023 — Ademola Ademiluyi
soft rugs for bedrooms

Area Rugs vs Hardwood? Which Suits the Bedroom More?

Buying an Area Rug as an addition to a hard surface floor is a trend that isn't going anywhere. Although the debate between Area Rugs and hardwood is not new, there's been an increase in the latter's use in recent times.  Still, some places in the home are just better suited to a soft floor covering than a hard one.
January 24, 2023 — Luxe Weavers
The Best Area Rugs for Kids' Rooms

The Best Area Rugs for Kids' Rooms

Are you looking to buy a fitting rug for your kid’s room? Well, you will need to consider more than beautiful patterns and stylish designs. Below are some of the best kids' rugs ideas that can help you create that stylish and fascinating ambiance in your child's room.

November 28, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
luxe weavers modern farmhouse area rug

9 Exciting Modern Farmhouse Rug Ideas for Your Space

A modern farmhouse area rug has an incredible visual appeal and serves almost as a backdrop to your furniture and rustic décor accessories.  It complements the look and mood of your room in an instant.
October 11, 2022 — Luxe Weavers
luxe weavers bohemian area rug

How to Incorporate Bohemian Rugs into Your Décor

“Boho chic” has been around for ages. 

The name comes from Bohemian, an inaccurate term used to describe France's Romani or “Gypsy” population. This nomadic population traveled the country in caravans and became known for their colorful clothing, scarves, and patterned fabrics. 

Today, Bohemian style can be found in everything from fashion to home design—and naturally, that includes area rugs. Bohemian area rugs are the ticket to a truly original space if you'd rather be non-compliant with décor norms. 

But how can you incorporate a Bohemian rug without creating a look that's similar to that of the early 1900s?

Smart styling lets go of preexisting notions and embraces a loose approach to interior décor. So, h
ere are a few modern style tips on how to incorporate Bohemian rugs into your design.

Find Your Unique Bohemian Style

If you love gauzy fabrics and rich colors, then embrace that. "Designing a home you want to live in is all about recognizing what sparks joy" - Maria Kondo. If you like a lush look with plush fabric, introduce a bohemian rug to your living room, bedroom, or other places around your home.

While you may need to edit a few elements in your space, so it’s not overwhelmed by the riot of color, throw in colors that will naturally improve your mood and make you feel good, whenever you step into your room. This Gray Oriental Area Rug is one example of a bohemian rug that transforms your room and adorns your permanent floors.

Layer Bohemian Rugs to Create a Luxury Scene

Imagine the movie Moulin Rouge! or Chocolat. In both of these, the boho aesthetic is strong. Think of vivid colors, many different textures, and lots of layering of textiles.

Now translate that approach to your floor by installing two to three bohemian rugs of varying sizes and colors, like the Hampstead Vintage Bohemian Rug against the Diana Vintage Oriental Area Rug. You'd have created nothing less than a luxurious ambiance in your space.

bohemian area rug

Mix Your Metaphors

Boho is all about being more. This means more textures, more colors, and more patterns. The sky's the limit, provided you don’t get a migraine looking at a room. 

So, you can have fun with a Bohemian palette by playing with wild-hued drapes against busy furniture. And of course, your area rugs. Why opt for a boring monochromatic rug, when you can give your space a splash of outrageous color like this wild Burgundy Bohemian Area Rug?

Bohemian area rug

Work with a Neutral Base

Use a neutral base as your canvas to make your bohemian area rug and other wall and floor accessories pop. A room in a soft cream color is a great foundation and will make your décor attitude stand out. Also, just as it works in magazine design, white spaces will give the eyes enough space to rest before taking in more strong colors.

Juxtapose with Light, Bright Wood

To keep the vibe light, bright, and cheerful, use softwoods as complements for bohemian area rugs as PoshPennies suggests. 

Boho elements can often have a black undertone and extremely dark tones can suck all the brightness from a space. Bright woods will also help frame your gorgeous rug.

A balsam fir or spruce will create an exciting area alongside the Luxe
 Weavers Distressed Modern Bohemian Area Rug.

Luxe Weavers Bohemian Area Rug

Patterns on Patterns

Don’t stress over whether an Ikat blanket will go with your chevron throw pillows. All rules are out of the door with a Bohemian-styled room.

Instead, double down on the patterns, and then pull them together in your area rug with detailed designs. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy.

Luxe Weavers Oriental Area Rug

Tell a Story

Good design naturally tells a story.

What better way to add some color and charm to your space than with a little Bohemian chic design? A unique leather pillow can help spin the tale over, blending with a framed painting you picked up at a flea market and a fascinating rug sourced from Luxe Weavers' top-quality boho area rugs.

Bohemian design is up to you. Play and have fun with it and remember, a great rug — regardless of color, texture, design, or provenance — will only make your space, even more, boho chic.

September 04, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
How to Choose an Abstract Rug for Your Space

How to Choose an Abstract Rug for Your Space

It can be quite tasking to know how to choose an abstract rug as you are besieged with all various colors and patterns that can project various forms of feeling on anyone that comes visiting.  Below are a few expert guidelines that will help you in choosing the best.
August 29, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
New Area Rug Trends that Will Beautify Your Space

New Area Rug Trends that Will Beautify Your Space

Interior rugs play significant roles in home decoration. It is common knowledge that the best way to make a statement in a room or complement its décor is to add an area rug. So, whether you are a homeowner, an interior décor designer, or just an enthusiast looking to catch up with the latest home décor trends, you've come to the right place.  We have rounded up some of the most fascinating new area rug trends.

August 15, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
Luxe Weavers Rug on Hardwood floor

Best Area Rugs for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are fascinating and are sometimes regarded as the height of home aesthetics and sophistication. Besides making your home more appealing, hardwood floors can make it feel warmer and more spacious. Some home homeowners see them as long-term investments and points of bargains when trying to resell properties.

Nonetheless, hardwood floors are not without their cons and vulnerabilities. Moving heavy objects and walking in high-heeled or strong-soled shoes on a hardwood floor will leave it looking dull, scratched, and damaged. Hence, the need to add a layer of protection on your hardwood floors with an area rug.

The contrasting textures of a soft rug's fibers and a wooden floor combine to create a stunning view. And if you must use the best rugs for hardwood floors, here are some tips to help you narrow down your options.

Polypropylene rug on hardwood floor

What Kind of Rugs Are Safe for Hardwood Floors?

After investing in an attractive and well-engineered hardwood floor, you don’t want to mess it up with a poor rug choice. Rugs come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics, but here’s a list of the best and most common rugs for hardwood floors:

  1. Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are the most common and are often regarded as the best choice for hardwood floors. Wool rugs are admired not only for their adorable appearance, but also for being breathable, durable, soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and designs to accommodate any type of hardwood.

  1. Polypropylene Rugs

If you'd like to add a layer of protection to your hardwood floor while also beautifying your space, polypropylene rugs get the job done. They are flexible, durable, affordable, and user-friendly. You can't go wrong with a polypropylene rug. However, make sure to go for those with a jute backing as polypropylene rugs with plastic backings can scratch your hardwood.

  1. Cotton Rugs

Pieces of cotton such as wool are common natural fabrics with soft and durable textures that are perfect for hardwood floors. Cotton rugs are available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns to give your room a casual look.

  1. Natural Fabric Rugs

If you’re looking to keep your hardwood floors clean without sacrificing a modern look in your home, consider natural fiber rugs like jute, sisal, coir, or seagrass. They're long-lasting, inexpensive, and easy to maintain.

Rugs on Hardwood Floors, Yes or No?

Luxe Weavers polypropylene rug on a hardwood floor

Rugs especially come in handy when trying to prevent water damage on your hardwood floors. Install natural fiber rugs or wool rugs in water-prone areas to absorb water that would otherwise damage your floor. Keeping rugs at your sink's base, pets' water bowls, refrigerators, and other similar areas help your hardwood floor remain intact for many years.

Here are some other benefits of Area Rugs on hardwood floors:

  • An area rug can help to bring the elements of a room together.
  • Area rugs add warmth to any room.
  • Area rugs provide comfort and soft cushioning for your feet.
  • Area rugs can shield your hardwood floors from scratches and stains.
  • Area rugs are very appealing and can enhance the appearance of your room.
  • Area rugs help to reduce the noise.

Rugs for Hardwood Floors in Living Room

Installing a rug on your hardwood floor in the living room serves two purposes. Visually, the rug creates a focal point, defines a space, and improves the overall appearance. Functionally, they absorb noise typically caused by hardwood floors and provide extra cushioning. Consider buying an area rug that complements your current living room theme. Place it under your coffee table and partially beneath your chairs and sofas to help define the seating area.

Best Rugs for Hardwood Floors in Kitchen

Kitchens are high-traffic areas prone to spills, drops, and stains, which means the hardwood floors are constantly exposed to dirt and scratches. As a result, we recommend installing a rug in your kitchen to prevent your hardwood floor from deteriorating. Rugs for hardwood floors in kitchens will also create a soothing ambiance and provide a cushion for your feet. Make sure to buy easy-to-clean and jute-backed rugs so you don't have to worry about maintenance. Avoid cheap PVC, latex, and plastic backings.

Hardwood Floors and Rug Pads

Rug pads offer comfort and stability for your rugs or carpets, but most importantly, they protect your hardwood floors against dings, stains, scratches, and damage.

When choosing a rug pad, consider the two most important qualities: performance (rug and floor protection) and safety (resistance to slipping). Natural rubber and felt rug pads are the safest options for hardwood floors. Some rug pad manufacturers combine felt and natural rubber to maximize their combined qualities.

However, avoid latex rug pads. They are not breathable and will trap air and moisture that can damage your hardwood floor. Other types of rug pads to avoid are plastic and cheap PVC.

Natural rubber rug pad for hardwood floors

Natural rubber rug pads are arguably the best choice for hardwood floors as they combine great performance with safety and eco-friendly qualities. They are excellent for holding rugs in place while also protecting the hardwood floor from damage. Although lacking slightly in cushioning, natural rubber pads make up for it in strength and stability.

Polypropylene rug on hardwood floor

Tips for Protecting Hardwood Floor with Area Rugs

  • Clean the Area Before Placing the Rug

Dirt, oil, and other sorts of waste can stain and damage your hardwood floors. And if you choose to place an area rug on a dirty floor, visible markings will remain after it is removed. You can avoid this by sweeping, mopping, drying the surface, and filling visible scratches with filler.

  • Use Runners in High-traffic Areas

High traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and living rooms are prone to dirt and wear and tear. Area rug in such areas will help to preserve the integrity of your hardwood floor.

  • Use Waterproof Rugs in Moisture-Prone Areas

Water seeping into a hardwood floor can cause it to swell, get stained, or become waterlogged. The best rugs for hardwood floors are natural wool or synthetic fiber rugs as they are waterproof and colorfast.

  • Use Oversized Rugs in Large Rooms

An oversized rug anchored by furniture is appropriate for a living or dining area but use with caution. Oftentimes, hardwood floors underneath large rugs will keep their colors longer than the uncovered ones around them. Lastly, try to reduce the amount of direct sunlight your hardwood floor is exposed to prevent discoloration.

Bottom Line

Get a suitable rug pad and fabric furniture pads to prevent scratches and scuffed finishes. Rugs on hardwood floors can improve the visual appeal of the room while also serving as a practical item for protection. Buy an affordable premium area rug for your floor now and pay $0 in shipping fees.



July 05, 2022 — Luxe Weavers
3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

Sometimes, getting the perfect area rug for your space might just be the easiest way to go if you truly desire a comfortable zone.

With a 9x12 area rug, you’d introduce life, taste, color, texture, and harmony to your space. 9x12 area rugs undoubtedly give your home a distinct palatial effect – creating an environment you’d always want to come back home to.

However, choosing to buy a premium quality rug with this dimension is as important as understanding how to install it the right way.

In this guide, we’ll discuss where and how to use 9x12 rugs to redesign your home.

9x12 Area Rugs in Living Room

9x12 rug in a living room

Just maybe you have been on a long search for accessories, but you can’t seem to figure out what to fill up the space in your living room, try a 9x12 area rug. You would quickly realize how much elegance large rugs for living rooms can introduce.

A 9x12 area rug is never a wrong call. It helps you to re-fit your living room to your desired taste without having to add to or take out any of your stuff, most especially your furniture. It gives you the liberty to be dynamic when setting up your living room. If you want your living room to appear bigger and spacious, choosing an area rug 9x12 works. Placing an area rug 9x12 partially under your furniture, spread across your room will give your living room a broad, attractive appearance.

On the other hand, placing a 9x12 area rug at the center of your living room with your coffee table nicely placed on it gives your living room a compact but unique look.

9x12 Area Rugs in Dining Room

9x12 rug in a dining room

An area rug in the dining room may not be necessary. But if you’re looking for something to complement your furniture and make the dining area more appealing, then go for an area rug 9x12.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, 9x12 area rugs in the dining room help to muffle sounds especially since lots of movements happen in the dining room. (moving and adjusting chairs, clattering, and clanging of cutleries and other sounds that could cause distractions). A 9x12 area rug will be just perfect for your dining room as it is large enough to cover the dining area for a sizeable dining room.

To get this right, ensure to add about 60cm on each side of your dining area when measuring your dining room. This allows all four legs of each chair to sit and balance on the rug properly without having to worry about the rugs folding or the chairs staying off balance. Other things that must be put into consideration include the furniture, floor type, rug color, and the possibility of spilling food on the floor in the dining area.

9x12 Area Rugs in Bedroom

9x12 area rug in a bedroom

You may never know what you are missing out on until you have a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom. Area rugs 9x12 go beyond adding color, pattern, or texture to your bedroom. They generally help to increase the receptive outlook of the area. They make the area less boring and make you want to explore your bedroom more. Awesome right?

With a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom, you realize there’s more you can shape your bedroom into rather than just getting in and out of your bed.  

Another plus about having a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom is that it takes your bedroom’s privacy to a whole new level as it muffles sound, footsteps, and allows you to keep movements and activities in the bedroom private.

While creating a warm environment in your bedroom, 9x12 area rugs also create a more inviting space and provide a soft surface for your feet and your body, making it easier to get out of bed when you want to.

When installing a 9x12 area rug for your bedroom, you can either slip it underneath your bed and any furniture around it or give some space between the edge of the rug and the piece of furniture.

Some other Ways to Use Your 9x12 Area Rug

  • Your office space - beautifies your work environment and makes it comfier.
  • Studio apartment - it gives your studio a larger outlook and helps you maintain a functional space.
  • Hallway
  • Foyer - it gives it an inviting and relaxing look.
  • Outdoor events décor.

Put these ideas into practice and watch as you become more dynamic in shaping your space to your desired taste. Start by exploring the Luxe Weavers' beautiful collection of 9x12 area rugs right away.


January 21, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
How to Prep Your Home for Guests this Holiday

How to Prep Your Home for Guests this Holiday

Everyone’s favorite holiday is around the corner and you can be sure that all your friends are preparing for that family gathering as much as you. Nonetheless, if you are hosting your family or a large crowd for Christmas, you certainly have tons of work to do.

It is not just about the Christmas trees or the presents under it, you need proper planning to host your visitors without losing your area rug, your sanity, or your entire home. Visitors come with a lot of pleasant surprises as there are lots of holiday party ideas to make the festive period and reunion fun. However, there can unpleasant ones too.  So, if you want your rug or other interior décor accessories to still look as good as new after the festive period, you will need some holiday hosting essentials. Below are some tips on how to prepare for guests, entertain with ease and survive the season. 

  1. Tidy up

Hosting guests for holidays can be stressful. You need to ensure that the house is clean and neat. You do not want your guests to feel uncomfortable in your home. It would also make your guests very conscious about making the house untidy. No matter how long your guests will be around, tidy up the house. A good guest would not leave a clean house dirty.

  1. Clean Your Surfaces

Cleaning the surfaces in your house, especially the floor, is as essential as cleaning the house. Before your guests arrive, take your time to vacuum your rugs and carpeted areas. Your guests deserve the best treatment this festive season, so ensure that your floors are clean enough to be decorated with cool rugs.

  1. Be Strategic

You don’t have to know the accurate number of guests that will show up at your house. You can't control the crowd because it is the festive period; friends and family will always come with a plus one. What you can do is to be strategic with your hosting. You must plan for the number of days your guests will spend at yours. This will give you a hint about the rooms your guests are likely to use.

For dinner, you will need to pay attention to the dining room, the living room, and the kitchen. If they are spending more than a day, then it is more than a dinner.  You will need to consider your bedroom and guest rooms too. You can decide to make a list of activities that you will engage in when they arrive.

  1. Keep Your Cleaning Tools Handy

It’s a holiday party; things are going to get messy. Some kid is going to spill their drink; there will be crumbs of bread, cake, or snacks on the floor even before the dinner starts. So, get your mop and your vacuum ready. Make sure all the surfaces are clean so that you don’t ruin your holiday rugs.

  1. Be Conscious

Don’t be creepy; just be conscious enough to save your area rug from permanent damages. Especially when there is a pet or a kid around. Be sure to clean up drops of pets' hair with a lint roller. Prevent kids from going on your rug area with liquid.

  1. Kid-proof Everything

If kids are coming, you must clear your house to be safe enough for them. Kids love running around; make sure the floors are also dry to avoid home accidents. Hide sharp objects and be alert around kids.  Kid-proof settings are also safe for pets. You should also buy them edibles. Stock your fridge up with snacks, candies, and chocolates. Make your home feel like the North Pole.

  1. Roll out Fresh Rugs

Do you feel all that cleaning may not enough? Then you should consider buying a new area rug. Rugs always give the room a refreshed and refined look. It could be the missing piece to your dissatisfaction. Yes, you will be having lots of guests but what better time to roll out your soft, anti-dust rug than a Christmas holiday? Holiday rugs improve interior decors, everyone loves a beautiful home. You can try out any of our rugs to find the perfect look.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Corners

Corners are easy hideout spots for dirt. When cleaning, you need to look out for every nook and cranny. You will be having guests; your cleaning is never complete without those corners. They could ruin your rugs for they are not well cleaned.

  1. Clean the Kitchen and Stock Up

They say the spice of the party is in the kitchen – no lies. The right food or drink can change the mood of a gathering. Holiday parties are not the time to run out of foodstuff and snacks. You don’t want to have to run to a store during Christmas to get something essential just to hear that they are out of stock too. Be sure that you clean your kitchen utensils as soon as you use them so that you won’t have to spend the whole day doing the dishes. So, if you want your Christmas dinner to leave a good memory, then buy enough for the kitchen.

  1. Make Sure Things are Handy

When rearranging, you need to consider the presence of your guests. They would need to make use of some things and you can’t be in two places at a time. To avoid stress, ensure that things are visible and within reach. This way, kids around won’t get hurt trying to reach high places, and your kitchen won’t have to go back to a messy state. You don’t want your guests digging around your drawers for a utensil.

  1. Take Care of Your Guests

Guests are the reason for your holiday party ideas in the first place. So, everything you do within the period of their stay should help them feel comfortable and welcome. Clean and prepare the guest rooms, even when you are not sure they will stay over. It depicts that you are excited to have them over. Also, you should stock up the bathrooms and put in clean towels for them. Make extra blankets, pillows, and phone chargers handy. Also, provide cleaning tools like vacuums and mops so that they can use them when they need to.

  1. Plan Fun Activities

If your guests are staying over for a week, then they can’t possibly stay indoors all through. It would become boring fast, and this will kill the jolly festive spirit. You can plan fun activities ahead. You can also make a list of fun places to visit when your guests arrive, as part of the holiday party ideas. You can even plan a movie marathon, whatever will keep your guests engaged and glad.

In summary, the festive period is a time for love and reconnection. There is no better way to reconnect than with a well-planned holiday hosting. Remember, your holiday hosting essentials is incomplete without a fashionable, traffic-ready, colorful, and refined area rug. So, as you make your plans, do not forget to include holiday rugs.

With this and other holiday party ideas, you are good to go with hosting guests for as long as you want. Happy Holidays!


November 19, 2021 — Luxe Weavers