How to Pair a Rug with your Couch

How to Pair a Rug with your Couch

Have you ever heard of the phrase; "You can never go wrong with a rug?" Probably not, and that's because we invented it, but we can prove that it is true. Rugs can be used to beautify any space, literally.

You need to change the setting of your room? Get a rug. You want your visitors to always feel welcomed? Get a foot rug. You want to add a little spice to your rug? Get a rug. You want to beautify your space? You know what to do. It is safe to say that putting a rug in a room can never be overestimated.
Now, putting a rug in your living room means that you get to pair your rug with other pieces of furniture, especially the ones that take a lot of space in the room, like the sofa, couch, and tables.
With many years of experience in interior decor, We've learned that when it comes to creating a cohesive living room look, it's important to get the rug and the couch just right. They are, after all, the two largest pieces in the space! But how to find the perfect combination for your lifestyle and home? We've got you! Below, we'll guide you through the process of how to pair a rug with your couch.

1. Measure the Space

As much as you want your room to look as good as ever, you want to be able to move around without knocking over something or even hurting your little toe. One of the smartest ways to achieve beauty and safety in a room is to measure it. You need to know the size of the room before you know the size of the rug and couch to buy. Yes, the couch, it's not only your rug that needs measurement. So, get a measuring tape, and get ready for the perfect sitting room decor.
The trick to perfect spacing between your rug and your couch is to space them. You don't want your couch overlapping on your rug, it damages it. So, leave at least 6-8" between the rug and the floor on all sides. This will ensure the rug looks intentional in the space. If at all you need to place your furniture on your rug, At least two legs of all main furniture pieces should rest on the rug. rug under couch rules but be careful.

2. Get a Large Rug

Whatever you do to your room, never get a rug that is too small. It goes against the rule of interior decor. As much as you don't want to damage your rug with your furniture, you don't want a small rug. It dampens the magic that the rug adds to the room. To know how to position a rug in the living room, keep reading.
In a standard but fun setting, below are the recommended rug and sofa size pairings:
1. A 6x9' rug pairs best with our 60-80" wide sofas
2. An 8x10' rug pairs best with our 85" or 90" wide sofas or a nice 98" x 98-127" couches
3. A 9x12' rug pairs best with our 90-115" wide couch, 101-119", or a nice 98-105" x 98-136" sofa
4. A 10x14' rug pairs best with our 98-105" x 98-136" sofa.

3. Understand Space Layout

There is nothing as important as space layout when you are trying to pair your rug and your couch. This is very important, especially when you want to place a rug in a small living room. It will help you know the right rug, color, and even texture to buy. Rugs are known to command respect. Your rugs complement your couch and speak of how sophisticated you are. Pairing the rug and the couch is not much of an issue once you understand the measurement and the layout.

4. Find Common Colors

Also, we can't talk about pairing without talking about colors. In cases like this, finding colors for your rug and couch is the easiest way. Simply identify a common color on your rug that's also on your couch, and voilà—you've got the perfect pair! This part can be as fun as you want it to be. Just pick the furniture that you think would match your rug.

January 07, 2022 — Luxe Weavers
How to Clean and Care for Your Rug in Winter

How to Clean and Care for Your Rug in Winter

Winter comes with a lot of fun and festivity. When it starts to snow or get extremely cold at the end of the year, you know Christmas is coming. However, as much as it comes with the goodies, things could get messy during the winter season.
December 10, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
8 Affordable Luxe Weavers Rugs to Buy this Season

8 Affordable Luxe Weavers Rugs to Buy this Season

“What’s so great about a rug anyway?”

If you ask this question, then you either don’t understand interior décor or you don’t know how much a simple rug can completely transform your home. Believe it or not, everyone needs a fashionable rug at home. Why? Rugs are multi-purpose additions to every space. If you’ve ever stepped into a room and felt like burying your foot in its floors, that’s one of the magic of area rugs.

Thankfully, Luxe Weavers rugs are one of the most fashionable rugs with unmatched quality you’d find out there and that’s not even a brag. They are designed to provide extra warmth for your space as well as add color and texture to any room. They are proven to effortlessly transform living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and dining areas. Think of a Luxe Weavers rug as more than a floor décor. It works for noise reduction and serves as a playground for kids and pet. And guess what? They are very affordable!

If you are looking to decorate your space with an area rug, or replace old ones with fresh durable ones, here are 8 affordable Luxe weavers rugs you can buy without breaking the bank.

  1. Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection 3895 Area Rug

Luxe weavers victoria collection area rug 3895


This is an area rug that speaks to the class. The Luxe weavers Victoria Collection 3895 Area Rug is a quality but very affordable floor décor piece. Besides its bright colors,100% polypropylene fibers, precise rectangular cuts, regular pile height, and carefully loomed stylish abstract patterns. This area rug is the definitions of top quality. It has rich vibrant colors, and has an impressive life span. It is resistant to stains and dirt which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Even with continuous cleaning, its colors remain intact, and it doesn't shed.

  1. Luxe Weavers Lagos Collection 7501 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Lagos Collection 7501 Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers’ Lagos collection 7501 area rug is a unique collection that offers a high standard experience at prices affordable. This rug is specifically designed using beautiful abstract patterns and comes in sizes such as 5x7 and 8x10. It makes a major statement on your floor area, giving a modern outlook to the space it occupies. It has a soft texture that gives a soothing experience to any foot that steps on it. It is known for its unification features of art pieces in the floor area. This area rug is more than just a beauty, but also shields hardwood floors and can bear the weight of any furniture. It’s made of 100% polypropylene fiber, a material that makes the rug soft enough against the effect of dropped items. It has a medium pile that allows for easy movement of items around the floor. Cleaning and maintaining the rug is stress-free, as one can use a dry cloth to clean out stained spots or use a vacuum that has no beater bar. The rug doesn’t inhabit dust and resists stains, even with regular cleaning, the color of the rug remains without Fade and without shedding.

  1. Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection 49 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection Area Rug

This particular piece of art synchronizes with every piece of furniture and art in your room. In any color you might prefer, it shows perfection and is worth your penny, be it the blue, beige, or ivory color options. It also has a unique abstract pattern that gives life to every piece in your room. Its preaches calmness to any room that’s decorated brightly, blending smoothly with the room decorations. The Hampstead collection is made from the best polypropylene fibers and lacks no quality.

The Hampstead rug has a medium height pile which gives aid to your furniture’s weight. It also helps prevent the hardwood from damaging. It provides a safe playground for children and helps protect the feet from landing hard on the wood. This rug also aids easy cleaning and maintenance, as dirt and stains don’t stick to the rug. It is easily cleaned and a rotating brush vacuum can be used also. Its color doesn’t fade even amidst regular cleaning.

  1. Luxe Weavers Beverly Collection 8432 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Beverly collection 8432 Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers Beverly collection 8432 area rug is one of a kind. It turns any room into a lively area with its bright abstract pattern. It beautifies floors and spaces, adding a brilliant set of colors to your living room, bedroom, and dining room. It is perfect for areas with high foot traffic. It is pets and kids friendly and resists stains. This modern rug is made of 100% polypropylene fibers that don’t shed and is easy to clean.

It possesses a soft texture that keeps the feet warm with every step taken on it. It has a medium pile height which offers protection against damages to your hardwood floor. It also helps to take the weight of your room's furniture, and is durable. It's easy to clean. Dust, stains, and dirt are never permanent on the rug, and you can quickly get it to a pristine condition by vacuuming with a no-beater bar.

  1. Luxe Weavers Incas Collection 186 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Incas Collection 186 Area Rug

This area rug features elegance and quality in its unique creation. It has a bright red swatch color and has a soft texture with an oriental pattern that’s neatly crafted. It creates a premium experience anywhere it is placed; it adds class to a particular place. Its soft lush texture gives a soothing feeling to every foot that steps on it. It's available in colors such as red, beige, and blue, which can aid unify pieces of art in your room

This rug supports the weight of your furniture with its medium pile height, protecting your hardwood floor from damages. It is made from 100% polypropylene fiber which makes it firm, sturdy, and prevents major damages to dropped items. It's resistant to dust and dirt and requires a few minutes to clean. Its colors don’t fade even with regular cleaning, and it's durable. It does not shed, and also gives supreme comfort to the feet of step-ins.

  1. Luxe Weavers Patricia Collection 125 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Patricia Collection Area Rug

This oriental rug transforms a room with its special oriental style. It has a floral pattern that helps beautify the decoration of a room. It gives life to a room by adding the correct splash of colors.  It’s made from a fiber that’s resistant to stain, a low maintenance polypropylene fiber that’s durable, that’s friendly to pets and kids. It fits perfectly in different areas of your home. It is designed to be durable for a long period without color fade and shedding.

This oriental rug has a soft texture that gives a soothing feeling to the feet. It is also of a medium pile height that shields the hardwood floor from damages and takes on the weight of your furniture without causing wear or tear to the rug.  It requires minimum effort to clean and maintain. It's resistant to dirt, dust, and stains and can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Its color doesn’t fade even amidst regular cleaning. 

  1. Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2527 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2527 Area Rug

This oriental area rug features a unique oriental style that brings out the beauty in a room. It is designed to be durable, produced with a low-maintenance polypropylene fiber that stays soft and lush for many years. It also has a sturdy texture that helps to keep the feet warm. This oriental rug has a medium pile height that supports the weight of furniture in the room and protects the hardwood floor against damages. It doesn’t wear out nor get torn. It's durable and built for heavy foot traffic. To clean it, you need only a bar of mild soap and water. It also doesn’t retain dust, dirt, and stains making it easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Luxe Weaver Victoria Collection 2817 Area Rug

Victoria Oriental Area Rug 2817 Area Rug

This area rug is an oriental classic, designed to exceed your expectations. It comes in luxurious colors such as ivory, burgundy, and beige. This rug fits into any floor area perfectly and transforms a room into a beautiful work of art, unifying every single item. It has a medium pile height that provides warmth and supreme comfort to any feet that step on.  It’s a safe playground for children and protects the hardwood floor against damages. Maintaining and cleaning it is not cost-intensive. It is resistant to dirt and stains. And even with regular cleaning, it doesn’t shed nor fade in color.

So, there you go! With one or some of these area rugs on your floor, your home will get that facelift it’s been begging for. Happy Shopping!




November 26, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
Rolled runner rug

Runner Rugs: Best Places to Use them in Your Home

So you heard that runner rugs are primarily used in places with a lot of traffic? Well, that's true. However, they also provide an exciting way of spicing boring areas in your home and making them colorful.

Runner rugs serve other purposes in the home. These include protecting the floors, filling long and narrow spaces, reducing footstep noises, etc.

Let's take a look at areas to use runner rugs in your home.

Places You Can Use Runner Rugs around Your Home

runner rug in a walkway

1- Hallways

Many hallways look blank and boring but yours doesn't have to be. Right? You can make it bright and colorful by installing long runner rugs, making your visitors feel welcomed as they walk around. Also, since children are always running through the area, hallway runner rugs protect the floors from spillage and damage.

2- Kitchens

Runner rugs for kitchens are a brilliant idea to protect your feet and make you comfortable while standing for a long time. You can place a runner rug in front of your sink and cooker to make you comfortable while doing the dishes and cooking.

Runner rugs cushion whatever slips to the floor and protect them from breaking.

3- Stairs

Most stairs are made of wood, bamboo, marble, etc. They wear down over time and usually cause slips. This is especially bad for your kids who like to run up and down the stairs. But you can avoid that by installing runner rugs on your stairs.

Runner rugs for stairs are always long and colorful, they improve the décor of your home. They also help to muffle sounds from loud footsteps.

4- Bedrooms

A runner rug in your bedroom protects your feet from the cold hard floor when you wake up. In addition to warmth, it also beautifies your room. With their unique shapes and sizes, runner rugs' aesthetics do not get hidden under your furniture and bed. So, you can see them clearly and enjoy the sight. You can also check our guide on how to enhance your bedroom with runner rugs.

5- Bathrooms

Runner rugs give your bathroom a touch of elegance, warmth, and comfort. They also prevent against slip on your tiles and can be used instead of bath mats. You can place your runner rug in front of your bathtub and sink.

6- Open floor plan

Areas of your home that are not divided by walls can benefit from the beauty of runner rugs. You can use them to designate areas and keep the whole space neat. For instance, if you live in a large space that you use as a bedroom, kitchen, as well as living room, and dining room, runner rugs can help in differentiating these areas colorfully and making it easy for visitors.

7- Porch/patio

This is the first place your visitors see when they get to your home. You can make it welcoming and inviting by adding runner rugs. This will make the time spent with your family on your porch exciting and comforting.

Runner rug at the entranceway

Materials for Runner Rugs

Runner rugs come in different materials. If you are planning to buy one, make sure to consider the material and area before hitting the buy button.

Places with high traffic like hallways, porches, and so on would need runner rugs made of durable materials. You can consider polypropylene, wool, nylon, or polyester. These runner rugs should be easy to clean and dirt resistant. You should also consider low pile rugs.

Places like your bedroom where warmth, comfort, and luxury are priorities could use runner rugs made of wool. They are usually soft, warm, and are beautiful.

Again, dark colors are better for high-traffic areas. However, you can use bright colors for other places.

Runner Rug Sizes

Standard runner rugs are between 2 and 3 feet wide and can be as long as 6-10 feet. Ideally, the size you choose should depend on where you'll install the runner rug. For instance, there should be at least 3 or 4 inches on the sides of your runner rugs in the hallways and entryways. Runner rugs should not cover your entire flooring like area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets.

Need a new runner rug with top-quality material and stylish designs? Shop from our affordable collection of runner rugs now!


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High Pile Rugs Vs Low Pile Rugs: Which is Best for You?

High Pile Rugs Vs Low Pile Rugs: Which is Best for You?

Rugs are not just about adding class and elegance. They play functional roles such as adding warmth and reducing noise. Area rugs also brighten a dull room and serve as a perfect playground for kids and pets.

Besides all these, rugs come in different pile heights. A rug's pile generally determines its lifespan and durability. Yet, many homeowners barely consider it when buying their rugs.  So, in this guide, we'll walk you through the different types of rug piles and how to choose the right rug pile for your floors. First, how do you identify a rug's pile?

What is a Rug Pile?

rug pile

A rug pile is the density of fabric loops woven into a rug. It can be thick, soft, or loose. It can also be thin, short, and tight. A close look at your rug will reveal the type of material your rug's pile was made from. Sometimes, it is made from natural materials like wool and cotton. Other times, from synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, etc. In general, rugs' pile height is either high, low, or medium.

How to Differentiate between High Pile Rugs and Low Pile Rugs

To be sure of your rug's pile height, measure from the back of the rug to the top of the loop. 1/4 inches and below means it is a low pile rug, 1/4 to 1/2 means it is a medium pile rug, and 1/2 to 3/4 inches means it is a high pile rug.  Nonetheless, some plush carpets have more than 3/4 density.

If you are looking to buy a new area rug, below are the pros and cons of the different rug piles you'd find in stores.

Pros and Cons of High Pile Rugs


1- High pile rugs are attractive.

High pile area rugs have an inviting appeal and add a luxurious feel to a room. You'd find yourself going to that room always, just to touch and feel your rug's loops. You can use high pile rugs as entryway rugs to make a statement of elegance and make visitors more comfortable.

2. High pile rugs give extra warmth

These types of rugs are a source of warmth during winter as there's more space between your feet and the cold floor.

3. High pile rugs are absorbent

They are quite efficient at insulating and dampening sounds. You'd hardly hear any sound from your feet while walking. In cases where your phone or a glass cup drops, a high pile rug helps to soften the blow. Your kids would also suffer fewer injuries when they fall on high pile rugs.

4. High pile rugs are durable

High pile rugs stay fluffy for a long time and can last for many years without wear or tear. Your family can enjoy many years of happy memories on this type of area rug without having to worry about its fibers becoming flat and sparse.

Cons of High Pile Rugs

1. High pile rugs are difficult to clean

They trap dirt and dust too easily. You need specific vacuum cleaners to get them into a pristine condition as not all cleaners can work on them. And even with this, it takes a longer time to vacuum a high pile rug than a low pile rug.

2.High pile rugs increase allergies

If you're allergic, then high pile rugs are not for you. You would be better off with low pile rugs in your home and office. High pile area rugs have long fibers that trap dirt and dust easily. And when you walk or sit on your rug, the dust is thrown into the air and circulates the room. This will increase your allergies and can be dangerous if you are asthmatic.

3.High pile rugs are easily marked

High pile rugs get indented fast because they are soft and fluffy. Putting furniture on them for a long time will cause marks and indents, making them unattractive. Foot traffic can also flatten them out and make them less appealing. So, avoid putting high pile rugs in places you or people in your home go often. Avoid placing your furniture on them.

4.High pile rugs are expensive

High pile rugs are costly because they are made with more materials. They are hardly the best option if you're looking for something affordable to spice your home as they can be way above your budget.

5.High pile rugs are bad for pets

If you have pets like cats and dogs, you may want to stay clear of high pile rugs. These rugs won't just appeal to you. Your pets will equally find them appealing and start to claw and chew at them every chance they get. This can get the fibers caught in their claws, and cause injuries while trying to get rid of the fibers. You may want to learn how to choose the best rug for your pet before parting with your money.

Pros and Cons of Low Pile Rugs

Low pile rug in a kitchen


1.Low pile rugs are easy to maintain

They are easy to keep clean because they do not trap dirt like high pile rugs. Their tight weaves and smooth surfaces make them less likely to be stained. Also, low pile rugs do not need special vacuum cleaners or take a long time to clean.

2- Low pile rugs are affordable

Low pile rugs are not just beautiful, they are cheap too. You can always get one within your budget. And they come in different textures and colors.

3- Low pile rugs prevent falls

Low pile rugs are made with fewer fibers so they rarely have loose ends that can cause you or your kids to fall. Their smooth surfaces make them ideal for children's rooms.


1- Low pile rugs are not as appealing

Low pile rugs are less attractive and do not have plush look or a soft feeling like high pile rugs.

2- Low pile rugs are likely to flatten faster

They flatten faster because they are made with lesser material quantity. This can make them less appealing over time and require you to change them.

Which of these pile heights is best for you?

Choose a high pile rug if:

1- You are looking for comfort and warmth.

2- You don't have a pet.

3- You want less sound in that area.

4- You want something luxurious and attractive.

Choose a low pile rug if:

1- You have a pet.

2- You're allergic.

3- You want something affordable.

4- You want a rug for your kids or a high-traffic area.

5- You want something you can clean easily.

Need the Qualities of the Two?

Medium pile rug

Buy medium pile rugs. With a medium pile height, you get to enjoy increased warmth, soft landing, and alluring aesthetics from your area rug - all these at an affordable price tag.  To start, shop through Luxe Weavers' large collection of stylish, affordable, medium pile rugs today!


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moving an area rug

How to Roll Your Rugs when Changing Apartment

Improperly rolling and packing your rug will damage its integrity, causing permanent creases, folded edges, brittle fibers, texture, and color changes. To successfully move your rug without damaging it, you’ll need to do more than just rolling it up 
September 19, 2021 — Ademola Ademiluyi
Luxe Weavers Geometric Rug

5 Best Quality Geometric Rugs to Buy this Winter

Shapes, no matter their dimensions and sizes, are natural sparks for every design project. Have you noticed yet? Every time you introduce a particular accessory to your living room, you unconsciously consider its shape before deciding where it would fit in perfectly.

This preference we tend to give to shapes before color is one of the many reasons geometric rugs stand out in every room you install them. They instantly draw attention and remain attractive for as long as you have them in your home.

It is no wonder interior designers make sure to have at least one unit in every décor project they work on.

Besides their charming appearance, modern geometric rugs are pets and kids friendly. They make bedrooms cozy and are ideal if you plan to have some warmth in your room on those cold nights, this winter.

If you are looking to buy a geometric rug, you’d find them in different sizes, shapes, with different types of materials, and different pile heights. However, not all types of materials are right for every floor, especially when you plan to use your area rug for many years.

These five modern geometric rugs will not only beautify any bland-looking space in your home, but you'd also get value for your money. They are made with 100% quality propylene fibers, have a soft and plush texture, and have amassed thousands of positive reviews from buyers. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Luxe Weavers Howell 2912 Red Geometric Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Howell 2912 Geometric Rug

The Luxe Weavers Howell collection 2912 geometric area rug is a perfect fit if you plan to go modern with your living room décor. Its vibrant abstract red, black, and white hues are pleasant to the eyes and would seamlessly complement every other décor piece in a room. This machine-made modern area rug works with hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles, and can serve as the spark in an otherwise bland or dull-looking space in your home. It is available as a 5x7 geometric rug for your bedroom, and as an 8x10 geometric rug if you have a large living room.

Other Outstanding Features

This modern rug:

  • Serves as a beautiful piece and appropriate floor protection at the same time.
  • Has a medium pile height that helps to cushion the effects of dropped objects.
  • Prevents your heavy furniture from damaging your floor.
  • Gets clean within a few minutes. You can either spot-clean this rug promptly after a stain or use a no-beater bar vacuum to erase dirt.
  • Is dust-resistant and does not retain stains.

2. The Luxe Weavers Diana 7979 Silver Geometric Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers 7979 checkered geometric rug

The Luxe Weavers 7979 checkered geometric rug is a classic modern area rug with a luxurious character that can add a unique and elegant ambiance to any room. You can use its hues to introduce a calming tone to a rather bright space without contradicting the existing decorations.

Whether in the living room, bedroom, or dining room, this rug delivers class and quality, leaving a wowing impression on anyone who comes into your home. Its calm natural hues and geometric design would unify every furniture and decorative piece in any space. This geometric rug is available in silver and light blue color options and sizes such as 2x3 rug, 5x7 rug, and 8x10 rug.

Other Outstanding Features

This modern rug:

  • Is made with 100% polypropylene fibers, providing you with warmth, comfort, and coziness.
  • Has a soft texture that provides soft cushioning and firm gripping for your underfoot.
  • Has a medium pile height allows easy movement of doors and objects.
  • Protects your hardwood floor against wear, scratches, and damage from foot traffic. or heavy furniture.
  • Easy Care, low maintenance
  • Remains intact with regular vacuuming or occasional spot cleaning with a clean dry cloth.
  • Retains its charm even after many years of continuous use.

 3. Luxe Weavers Patricia 100 Geometric Area Rug

the Luxe Weavers’ Patricia Collection 100 Geometric rug

If you are looking for a timeless elite styled geometric area rug for your living space, the Luxe Weavers’ Patricia Collection 100 Geometric rug is just perfect. It is meticulously aligned to project calmness, as well as beautify every floor you spread it. Made of quality polypropylene fibers, its fine, soft texture gives a comforting feeling. It instantly opens a space as its geometric patterns are stylish. Take your home décor skills to a new level by placing this machine-made rug as a single piece or with other luxury accessories in your living room. This modern geometric rug is available in dimensions including 2x3 rug, 5x7 rug, 8x10 rug, and 9x12 rug.

Other Outstanding Features:

This Geometric rug:

  • Takes on spaces to bring a clear tone and highlight to that area.
  •  Is crafted as a masterpiece to add extra comfort to living spaces.
  • Has a medium pile height and lush texture.
  • Provides the right amount of cushioning.
  • Can be used as an office area rug as well as in high foot traffic areas of your home.
  • Costs nothing to maintain.
  • Retains its charm after cleaning or washing liquid and a dry cloth
  • Has dust-resistant properties, hides stains expertly, and retains its spark for many years.

4. The Luxe Weavers Victoria 3646 Geometric Area Rug

the Luxe weavers Victoria 3646 Geometric Rug Collection

Love cyclical designs? You’d love the Luxe weavers Victoria 3646 Geometric Rug Collection. Its unique geometric patterns are catchy, fanciful, and amusingly complement any pre-existing furniture in your home. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, dining area, or your foyer, this modern geometric rug introduces elegance wherever you place it. Its black and red hues blend smoothly with other home décor pieces around. The Luxe Weavers Victoria 3646 geometric area rug is available in dimensions including 2x3 rug, 5x7 rug, 8x10 rug, 9x12 rug.

Other Outstanding Features

This geometric rug:

  • Provides optimal protection for you, your kids, and your hardwood floor, any time.
  • Guarantees soft landing of the foot, and adequate cushion, with Its medium pile height.
  • Has a soft, but firm and sturdy texture.
  • Gets back its charm and vibrant colors after a few minutes of spot cleaning or vacuuming with a no-beater bar.
  • Performs excellently in heavy foot traffic areas.
  • Does not retain stains nor dust.
  • Lasts for many years, without losing its lush texture and attractive hues.

5. The Luxe Weavers Tobis 1007 Geometric Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers 1007 Tobis Collection Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers 1007 Tobis Collection Area Rug takes the home décor a notch higher with its compelling multicolor hues. It introduces a tile-like feel to your floors and perfectly complements existing décor in your living room, bedroom, or dining area.  Every bland-looking space becomes exciting with this top-quality modern geometric rug. It is available in blue, grey, and turquoise color options, and as a 5x7 rug.

Other Outstanding Features

This Geometric rug:

  • Offers more than space transformation to your home. It protects your hardwood floor.
  • Has a medium pile height that takes on heavy foot traffic without a fuss
  • Is produced with 100% polypropylene fibers.
  • Has a lush and soft texture which provides an adequate cushion.
  • Has non-fade colors, as it is made from top-quality materials and dye.

There you go! As we head into the cold months, make your home winter-ready with any of these modern geometric rugs while not cutting back on the outlook of different areas in your apartment.

Pay zero fees for shipping on orders above $100. 😎😎

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Foul smell sign that you need a new area rug

5 Signs That You Need a New Area Rug

No matter how much you care and cater for your area rug, a time will come when it will lose its charm and no longer appeal to you or anyone. At this point, the popular quote that says “nothing lasts forever” comes into play for your adorable area rug. Trying to keep your area rug beyond this point will not only cause harm to your home décor but also your wallet in the long run.

Like every other thing, area rugs are bound to lose their original looks and feel at some point and would need to be replaced. But just in case you don’t know when to replace a rug or have never really paid attention to that part of your home décor plans, there are generally five telling signs that you need a new area rug.

What Are the Five Signs that You Need a New Area Rug?

  1. Stains
  2. Wear and tear
  3. Smell
  4. Depleted rug or rug padding
  5. Outdated area rugs
Stain sign that you need a new area rug

1. Stains

Considering our day-to-day activities, it is almost impossible to avoid little accidents that put those vibrant, sturdy area rugs at risk of losing their quality. Little spills here and there leave stains on our rugs that are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. Also, since we walk daily, our feet and shoes often leave stains or dirt at different spots on the rug.

While you can easily remove some stains with soap and clean water, others leave a permanent blemish on our rug. Having to clean your rug regularly due to temporary and permanent stains will make them age faster than usual until it eventually wears out. So, it is probably time to get a new rug when you have lots of irremovable stains on it.

Tear sign that you need a new area rug

2. Wear and Tear

Wear and tear are the most prominent signs that you need a new area rug. Placing your dear rug in high traffic areas or using the wrong type of rug cleaning equipment can damage the fiber and cause it to wear or tear fast. Regardless of how stunning your décor is, a worn or torn rug will make your home look dirty and trashy. Worn patches, tears, fraying, bald spots, and matting are signs that your rug is aged and needs repair, or possibly, a replacement.

3. Smell

Imagine walking into your room and a foul, unpleasant smell oozes out from the room. You think that's bad enough, then imagine you came in with a guest… You cringed at the thought of the embarrassment, didn’t you?

Truth is, foul-smelling rugs can leave a powerful stench in a room that can last for a long time if not promptly attended to.

Thankfully, it is most common with old rugs and is a result of tiny spaces in between the pile of rugs that allow for mold and allergens to grow. These microorganisms thrive in water so every drop of water on your rug revitalizes them, and then, the smell increases.

When that continues to happen or becomes persistent even after a thorough cleaning, you need not wonder how long do rugs last or start asking when to replace a rug. Offensive smells are big signs that you need a new rug.

Depleted sign that you need a new area rug

4. Depleted Rug or Rug Padding

If you had installed a rug pad beneath your area rug, it may flatten over time and cause the rug to lose shape and firmness. This gradually takes away that feeling of comfort you get when you step on a fluffy, soft, well-cushioned, padded rug. If you are quick to spot this, you may have to take out your rug pad, install a new one and not worry about how long do rugs last. Otherwise, your rug itself will start having dents, irregular textures, and surfaces. If that happens, then it is a sign that you need a new rug.

5. Outdated Area Rugs

Unless you want an antique rug or vintage touch in your home, we all want to stay updated and flow with the latest home décor and accessories trends. Year after year, manufacturers like Luxe Weavers roll out new stylish rug designs. And with the help of technology and an increased level of creativity among artisans, modern machine-made rugs offer all the luxury, classic patterns, and durability that every homeowner wants in an area rug at very cheap prices.

So, if you don’t have to break the bank to keep up with last rug and home décor trends, why keep outdated rugs in your place?

Questions People Ask About Rugs’ Life Span

How long do rugs last?

The life span of an individual rug usually depends on the quality of the rug, the amount of water, and the frictional force you expose it to. However, the general life span of a rug is about 5 to 10 years, depending on these listed factors.

When to replace a rug?

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between when to replace a rug and when you only need to repair and patch it up. Still, some of the strongest signs that you need a new rug include stubborn or permanent stains, wear, and tear, and foul smell.

How often should you replace a rug?

How often you should replace a rug depends partially on your financial strength. Sometimes, what your rug needs is some revamp – cleaning, restyling, and so on. Nonetheless, make sure to replace your rug every 5 to 8 years depending on its condition.

How long should you keep an area rug?

It can be very difficult to let go of that rug that you love so much. Some, because of the memories you've had playing on them; some come in colors that complement your space so well; others just stay impressive in different conditions and make you get fond of them.

Well, no pressure. With proper maintenance, you can keep an area rug for a long time – as long as you want.

Best advice? You can have different area rugs for different times of the year. Besides, having what it takes to change the entire appearance of your living room, bedroom, or dining areas, switching between rugs will help prolong their life.

Shop some of the most durable, stylish, yet affordable area rugs in the market today. Check out Luxe Weavers' impressive collections of top-quality rugs.



July 31, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
home office rug with a table and chair

How a Home Office Area Rug Can Enhance Your Workspace

When you think of a home office, your thoughts should be one of comfort and serenity. But a home office cannot be complete if the floor is always too cold or the floor covering is shabby. For this, you need a modern home office area rug; not just any type though.
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Are Distressed Rugs in Style?

A modern distressed rug has as a vintage or retro kind of appearance. To improve its overall appearance for instance, manufacturers use additional efforts like bleaching techniques to give off the signature faded look during production.
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Luxe Weavers Contemporary Ara Rug

Where to Buy a Contemporary Rug

Shopping for an area rug is far from a walk in the park as your choices and lifestyle hugely affect what you believe you should buy. Besides, there are so many types of rugs classified under traditional, contemporary and transitional rugs. But whichever one you choose, you must make sure it is as a result of popular opinions. Instead, it should best match your space and provide genuine comfort. 

If you are looking for a rug with a purely modern classic touch, you are most likely looking for a contemporary rug, and knowing where to buy a contemporary rug is just as important as deciding whether you want one.

If you choose to buy contemporary rugs online, there are many tips and expert guides you'll need to get you well sorted out. But not to worry, be it contemporary modern area rugs, large contemporary rugs, we'll point you in the right direction on where to buy a contemporary rug that will fit your budget and style in the following lines.

First, you need to understand what a contemporary rug is.

Luxe weavers contemporary area rug in a living room

What Is a Contemporary Rug?

Any rug with a modern design rather than a traditional outlook is a contemporary rug. In other words, it is a piece of style on its own and its process of production does not follow the traditional methods of producing rugs that existed hundreds of years ago. Contemporary rugs can be hard or soft, they can feature a more fun, playful, sensual, or serious outlook depending on how a manufacturer designs the patterns and colors. Contemporary rugs are characterized by stark contrasts, their designs usually feature geometrical shapes, abstract elements, and patterns. Unlike traditional rugs that feel more sophisticated, a contemporary rug is a unique décor piece on its own, offering several variants to buyers who are looking to purchase one.

Large contemporary rugs are very easy to spot. They usually incorporate just one or two colors - mostly bold colors accompanied by unusual styles. They are perfect and match seamlessly with modern furniture and décor.

Luxe weavers victoria collection contemporary area rug in a living room

Characteristics of a Contemporary Rug

Whether you intend to buy contemporary rugs online or from a store, the truth is, they are very easy to spot because of their very bold colors. Sometimes, they look like pages from an architectural guide. Here are some other characteristics of a contemporary rug.

  • They mostly have contrasting abstract elements or geometric shapes and patterns.
  • Contemporary rugs may showcase retro features. In this case, they are usually very similar to art deco.
  • A contemporary rug does not look like a regular traditional rug, they are made of modern patterns and lacy intricacy. They also have artistic effects such as bold images, nature, and still-life.
  • Contemporary rugs are more Western in their designs and best suited to new and informal homes.
  • Contemporary rugs are characterized by peculiar contrasts and subtlety that fit well with the main furniture in homes.
Luxe weavers contemporary rug in a bedroom

Why Contemporary rugs

Whether you use them in your bedroom, living room, or dining area, rugs with modern designs are the most elegant choice for your space, whether your and below are some reasons:

  • Contemporary rugs are styled with calm light colors or bright colors, like modern art paintings. These assist in making clear decisions about choosing an area rug for a particular space.
  • Contemporary rugs are well padded and fabricated, hence, are good shock absorbers and can reduce the risks of serious injuries when you fall. They can also keep your floor safe from damages like cracks and scratches.
  • Adding a contemporary rug to your space is the fastest way to enhance your home decoration setting while bringing out that beauty in your home.
  • They are not just made from one source material. They come in a variety of materials, ranging from high-quality pure wool to synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon, and polyester.
  • Contemporary rugs are durable, exquisite yet, affordable.
  • They give great impressions in homes.
  • They usually embody culture and sophistication with just two or three colors.
Luxe weavers 5X7 contemporary area rug in a standard living room

How Can You Differentiate a Contemporary Rug from a Traditional and Transitional Rug?

Remember that transitional rugs are a mixed style of both modern and traditional designs, while contemporary modern area rugs mostly implement the modern design patterns which are usually just simple designs.

You should spend a few minutes to read our guide on the Differences between Traditional, Modern, and Transitional Rugs

Traditional rugs carry several bold colors aligned more intricately. Contemporary modern rugs usually have geometric patterns, few colors with a few shades.

Where to buy contemporary rugs

Looking for where to buy a contemporary rug? Online platforms such as Amazon, Wayfair, Luxe Weavers' e-commerce store, and eBay are the best places to access beautiful contemporary rugs.

Amazon: With an array of beautiful collections and archives of Luxe weavers rugs, Amazon allows you to select varying shapes, sizes, materials, patterns, pile heights, themes, and construction types. It showcases a very good pictorial representation of what you want.

Wayfair: Wayfair has an envious reputation for excellent customer service and a fast delivery time. And thankfully, you can shop through a great collection of contemporary rugs from Luxe weavers and other rug manufacturers. You also get to see a section explaining why you need a particular type of rug on the website.

eBay: eBay allows you to pick the best deals for whichever style of rug you choose to purchase. The site always has affordable rugs that are not deficient in quality.

 Buy any of Luxe Weavers' exquisite but affordable contemporary rugs on any of these platforms. Simply visit their homepages and enter "luxe weavers rugs" and viola! Shopping begins instantly.




May 25, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
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Why Buy The Luxe Weavers Euston Collection Rug?

The Euston collection is an affordable but beautiful, exquisite, elegant, and modern area rug that can give that perfect finishing touch to your bedroom, living room, dining room, or any other part of your home. 
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