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Area Rug or Runner Rug: Which is Better for Bedroom?

Rugs are the perfect aesthetic to add to your room. Not only do soft bedroom rugs and carpet runners amplify the beauty of your home, but they also give extra comfort and warmth. Stepping on a hard, cold floor can be uncomfortable for the foot, especially when you've just woken up from sleep. A warm, soft-textured, small bedroom rug will leave you with a comfy feeling under your feet and give you a satisfactory feeling.
March 07, 2023 — Ademola Ademiluyi
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Can Runner Rugs Enhance Your Rooms?

Runner rugs are popular, but when contemplating where to place them in the home, one place that rarely pops up in our minds is the bedroom. However, time and trends are changing. Can a runner rug enhance your bedroom? Yes, absolutely! A long runner rug in bedroom is an infamous idea, but it may be the game-changer...
December 13, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Seating Area with Rugs

As the temperature rises and summer draws closer, getting the perfect outdoor space slowly becomes the worry of many people. One way to lessen your worry and be one step closer to having a perfect outdoor space is to introduce outdoor area rugs.

In recent times, the outdoor rug market has experienced a boom due to its exceptional qualities and ability to withstand the elements. Besides being able to transform your space into a beauty haven, outdoor rugs can also bring unity to outdoor spaces like a patio, screen porch, or balcony.

In this guide you'll learn all about outdoor rugs and how you can use them to create the perfect outdoor seating and entertainment area this summer.

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Know Your Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs not only make your outdoor spaces more visually appealing, but they also help define spaces and make them feel just as livable and comfortable as the ones inside.

Although outdoor rugs are crafted from several excellent materials, polypropylene is often considered the best fit for this job. Polypropylene outdoor rugs have a similar appearance as natural fibers, but unlike natural fibers, they can absorb water. However, polypropylene will not grow mold or mildew when exposed to water nor fade in direct sunlight. This makes them well-suited for the outdoors like balcony, poolside, patio, etc.

Furthermore, most outdoor rugs are easy to clean and maintain, thereby, increasing their durability.

Stylish Ways to Highlight Your Space with an Outdoor Rug

Here are some stylish ways to spice up your space with an outdoor floor covering.

  1. Place A Rug Under the Table Freshen up your outdoor eating area with a bold, colorful, and waterproof outdoor rug. One of the benefits of this is that you can easily pull out the hose and wash your rug in case of a spill.
  2. Add Pattern and Color to Spaces – The color, theme, and pattern of an outdoor rug can bring instant beauty to space however big or small. You can use the rug to set the theme or tone of a space or use it to compliment the already existing ones.
  3. Define or Designate Spaces – You can use an outdoor rug to define your outdoor spaces and designate zones to different activities. Create a conversation area by placing furniture around your outdoor area rug.
  4. Make It Comfier by Going Big – If you have enough space, consider using a large area rug to add more comfort to your outdoor. Take advantage of the scale and warmth of the outdoor rug to make your patio or balcony feel more like an indoor living area.
  5. Use Outdoor Rugs on Walkways – one rule of thumb used by design professionals to warm up supposedly neglected spaces is to place runners on hallways. This can also be applied to your patios or balcony. You can bring warmth and interest to a narrow walkway connecting two areas of your deck or patio by adding an outdoor rug,
  6. Less is More – If your space or budget won’t allow for a large outdoor rug, choosing a smaller floor covering with a great design is better than having nothing at all. A smaller piece like the outdoor rugs 5x7 can be the difference-maker in your outdoor space.

5 Areas You Need an Outdoor Rug

  1. The Porch

The porch is an extension of the inside of your home. Although pouches are covered, the driving rain, humidity, sunlight, and other elements could still manage to get inside them. That’s why it is necessary to get an outdoor rug that’s resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture.


Adding a waterproof outdoor rug will keep your porch looking as sleek and stylish as possible. We particularly love this idea because it will add a layer of comfort and create a living room feel to your space and make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.

  1. The Balcony

Small spaces like the balcony can make an apartment look or feel bigger. A small or medium-sized outdoor rug can bring much-needed style and comfort to the limited space of a balcony.

Most balconies have a concrete floor that collects lots of dust and makes walking barefooted uncomfortable. Placing an outdoor on such balconies helps create a clean and comfortable surface to walk on.

  1. The Outdoor Living Room

Nothing makes a room as cozy as a rug – so you better go and get yourself an outdoor rug if you don't want your outdoor living room to feel any less. With a sofa, accent chairs, throw pillows and a coffee table; an outdoor rug is the final piece of the puzzle to create that perfect outdoor space.

Put all these in place, and you have a replica of your indoor living room, just that this time, you will be sitting under the sun and fresh air.

  1. The Pool Deck

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is cool, but you know what's cooler? Placing an outdoor rug right beside it in the lounge. Placing an outdoor rug underneath your lounge furniture right beside your swimming pool will give your space that classy and elegant feel.

Additionally, a rug will provide comfort and protection for your feet after sunbathing the day away with loved ones. Just ensure it can completely dry off after every pool time.

  1. The Outdoor Dining Room

One way to make your outdoor dining room feel more welcoming and lived in is to ground it with an outdoor rug. Just make sure the rug is large enough for all your chairs to fit comfortably on it, even when pulled out.

Talk about warming your feet and making your outdoor dining room more inviting and visually appealing, a rug can do it all.


Now, youNow that you’ve learned how to create the perfect summer outdoor sitting area with an outdoor rug, you’d begin to see how they define your space, provide warmth and comfort for your feet, and make your outdoor space look stylish and colorful. Shop from Luxe Weavers' affordable collection of modern rugs to start decorating.


March 04, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
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5 Must-have Entryway Rugs for Modern Homes

No matter what’s on the table, first impressions always matter. This is why many homeowners have found entryway rugs as must-haves in their homes. Truth is, wall hooks, benches, floating shelves, and lights are stylish décor ideas for this part of the home.

Still, the puzzle is never complete without a neatly loomed, durable, entrance rug. And guess what? You don't need to have a broad foyer, balcony, or parapet to install an entranceway area rug. They are available in sizes ranging from 2x3, 2x7, to large sizes such as 9x12.

So, to get your visitors wowed as they walk in through the door and all the way through different entrances in your home with any of these five modern entryway rugs.

  1. The Luxe Weavers Euston Collection 7679 Abstract Rug

Luxe weavers Euston 7679 Entryway rug

Made from 100% polypropylene fibers, the Luxe Weavers Euston Collection 7679 area rug is an epitome of class, elegance, and quality. Make it your entryway rug and watch your foyer, walkway, and other parts of your home come alive with this chic yet simple machine-made rug. If you're looking to create a minimalist look or tone down a brightly colored area of your home, its abstract patterns and grey hues are a perfect choice.

Why buy the Luxe Weavers Euston Collection 7679 Abstract Rug as Your Entryway Rug?

  • This durable area rug has a medium pile height, offering premium protection for both furniture and hardwood floors.
  • Its soft and fluffy texture does not only protect floors but also provides a warm cushion for every foot that steps.
  • It is made from 100% polypropylene fibers, making it an excellent choice for high foot traffic areas.
  • Beyond its stunning looks and lush texture, this machine-made area rug is kids and pets friendly,
  • Its pile height makes it possible for doors and other low-to-the-ground objects to move freely.
  • Even as an entranceway rug, cleaning the Luxe Weavers Euston Collection 7679 takes no time.
  • This entranceway area rug only needs a quick spot-cleaning or a no-beater bar vacuuming to get back its cool, chic, and classic look.
  • It does not retain dirt, and stains are easy to remove.
  • You don't have to worry about fading hues too. Whether as a low traffic area such as the bedroom or in high traffic areas like an entryway, It’s designed to last for many years while retaining its charm and brilliance.
  1. The Luxe Weavers Tobi’s Collection 1007Abstract Rug

Luxe weavers Tobis collection 1007 Entryway rug

Geometric patterns on area rugs have always produced classic and irresistible appeal. The Luxe Weavers Tobis Collection 1007 Area Rug takes the appeal a step further when you use it as an entryway rug. It features rectangular geometric patterns that perfectly complement the bright plain colors of your walkway, foyer, parapet, or gallery. This top-quality modern entryway rug is available in Turquoise, and Grey colors, bringing every bland-looking entrance or foyer to life, through its unique designs.

Why Buy the Luxe Weavers Tobi’s Collection 1007Abstract Rug as Your Entryway Rug?

  • The Luxe Weavers Tobis Collection Area Rug has a medium pile height that supports the weight of your furniture.
  • It allows free movement of doors and protects your hardwood floor from scratches or damages.
  • This soft-textured rug is durable, anti-slip, and has a good grip on all types of permanent flooring.
  • It provides warmth right from when visitors step into your living room.
  • Besides being affordable, this entranceway area rug tops the list of easy-to-clean rugs
  • Stains, dirt, and pet hair do not stick to this entryway rug, as you can quickly clean them through spot-cleaning or a no-beater bar vacuuming.
  • It performs excellently in different high foot traffic areas and also retains its exact colors after many years of use and cleaning.
  1. The Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2913 Abstract Entryway Rug

Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2913 Entryway Rug

Are you looking to create an enchanting ambiance or a décor style in your home? The Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2913 entryway rug is in a class of its own and can help recreate the imagination of your foyer, walkway, and other entrances in your home. Its red, black, and white abstract patterns depict luxury, and it never fails to deliver class, no matter where it occupies. Whatever interior décor style you choose for your living room - minimalist, contemporary, modern, or casual – this rug leaves a lasting impression as your visitors walk in.

Why Buy the Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2913 Abstract Rug as Your Entryway Rug?

  • Besides its aesthetic characteristics, the Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2913 rug protects hardwood floors from damages by heavy furniture and wear from foot traffic.
  • Its medium pile height means your entrance door can swing freely after installing it.
  • This rug adds to the warmth in any area of your home.
  • A few minutes of spot-cleaning with a mild soap or vacuuming with a rotating brush is all it takes to erase stains and dirt from this beautiful art piece.
  • Dust, pet hair, and particles will clear off easily through regular care.
  • It is perfect for high foot traffic areas of your home and retains its vibrant hues, even after years of continuous use and cleaning.
  1. The Luxe Weavers Ridgewood 2277 Blue Abstract Entryway Rug

Luxe Weavers Ridgewood Collection 2277 Entryway Rug

Sync every decorative piece in your living room, family room, walkway, foyer, or balcony with the Luxe Weavers Ridgewood 2277 Blue Abstract entryway rug. Its elegant blue and earthy hues are wow-worthy, while its unique abstract patterns bring every other art piece around it to life. This entrance way rug is nothing short of quality as it is made from 100% polypropylene fibers. It blends smoothly with many entrance décor accessories by adding the right splash of color, class, and elegance to the area. This affordable piece of art is simply the best for your modern home.

Why Buy the Luxe Weavers Ridgewood 2277 Blue Abstract Entryway Rug?

  • This entrance way rug was made from high-quality polypropylene materials.
  • Its soft yet durable texture performs excellently in high-traffic areas.
  • Its medium pile height allows for the free-swinging of doors in different entrance areas of your home.
  • This luxurious but affordable entryway rug is made of stain-resistant fibers which are pet and kids friendly.
  • You can keep it in pristine conditions with regular vacuuming or spot cleaning with water and mild soap.
  1. The Luxe Weavers Nuvola Collection 8722 Entryway Rug

Luxe weavers Nuvola Collection 8722 Entryway Rug

Through its neatly combined shades of grey and blue colors, luxurious feel, and finely designed abstract patterns, the Luxe Weavers Nuvola Collection 8722 delivers a modern look to any entrance it occupies. This modern entryway area rug sparks the right mood and emotions just as your visitors make their way to your living room, walk into your foyer, or take a quick tour of different areas of your home. It boasts a soft, lush texture that soothes every foot that steps on it while unifying every art piece in entrances. This refined and affordable machine-made area rug is certainly worth more than its price tag.

Why Buy the Luxe Weavers Nuvola Collection 8722Entryway Rug?

  • This modern, luxurious area rug offers more than aesthetics in your space. It protects hardwood floors from scratches.
  • It does not bow to pressure from high foot traffic.
  • Its polypropylene fibers make it sturdy, anti-slip.
  • It has a medium pile height that allows for free movements of doors in different entrance areas of your home.
  • Cleaning this modern machine-made area rug takes little to no time.
  • Since it has stain-resistant properties, it doesn’t retain dust nor stains.
  • Simply using a mild liquid soap to spot-clean stains or vacuuming with a no-beater bar regularly will keep it in top shape.
August 20, 2021 — Luxe Weavers