English novelist and poet George Eliot once said, “Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” Pets don’t harbor criticisms of you or of the mess they make in your home. But house guests might find paw prints on the furniture less than appealing, regardless of how much they love and appreciate your pooch, cat, parakeet, or your animal of choice. 

The truth is, owning a pet is a negotiation. What matters more, your furnishings or your furry friend? Sometimes the two can live in harmony, but more often than not the latter is the cause of one decor tragedy after another. So what's the solution? Forego a nice home in exchange for the love of a sweet animal? Or keep a tidy house instead of sharing it with four-legged friends? 

The good news is, at least when it comes to area rugs, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. With Luxe Weavers there’s a way to have your cake and eat it too. Thanks to the brand’s commitment to creating sophisticated and beautiful rugs that are also durable, they can endure everything a pet may throw at them. The only question is really choosing which one works best for your home. Let’s at how to find rugs to decorate your house with your best (pet) friends in mind.

Consider the Pile

Pile is the term rug vendors use to describe the length of the fibers. Short pile are generally made of dense fibers. This can be a great choice for pets as they don’t trap dirt tracked by pets and are easy to clean. That said, a “cut pile” that is a rug made from sheared fibers that stand up and are soft to the touch might be an advantage for delicate paws.

“High pile” meaning rugs and carpet like shag, should probably be avoided if you own pets that like to scratch and pull. They could tear a fluffy rug apart and the long fibers also tend to trap dirt, a no-go for playful animals who bring the outdoors in. 

Pick a Smart Color Scheme

Have a white tabby cat? Then perhaps an all black area rug isn’t the smartest choice. Love your black lab? Then spare him the stress he’ll cause you by ordering a cream colored area rug. Listen, shedding is going to happen whether you like it or not. To keep your anxiety in check, pick a rug color that will hide stray hairs rather than magnify them. This might mean going with a color palette that mimics your pet’s or choosing hues that disguise wayward pet fur, like a blend of browns and tans or even blues. 

Luxe Weavers has affordable rugs in a variety of color choices.  Even if you need to obscure the feather of a pink-tummied Finch, they have a rug for that. The company’s Taba Collection 7085 Grey Orientral Area Rug has enough design to distract the eye while its grey and brown tones hide rogue pet hairs. 

In the same way, Luxe Weavers’ Howell Collection Red Abstract Area Rug is busy enough to draw all the attention to the vibrant bold hues of red and blue rather than fixate on any pet-induced flaws.

Accentuate the Positive

Just as color can blend in pet hair, dander, and dirt, pattern is a great way of sparing yourself the need to constantly run the vacuum on a favorite area rug. There are many directions to go when it comes to rug patterns. Detailed Oriental rugs can be a great option in high traffic pet spaces thanks to their intricate designs that steal the eye away from “overly loved” areas of the rug. Luxe Weavers specializes in reasonably priced Oriental rugs made from materials that can withstand the test of time, for instance this Magnolia Collection 7560 Blue Oriental Area Rug in brilliant blues. 

Another approach is to go abstract. With no rhyme or reason to its design, gorgeous abstract rugs from Luxe Weavers are a wonderful option for pet owners. They’re forgiving and stunning, a win/ win for any pet who occasionally gets its paws dirty. The Bevery Collection 8442 Blue Abstract Area Rug from Luxe Weavers is a great example. 

When it comes to cohabitating with other species, the key to good design is ensuring that nothing is too precious. You can still make stunning decor choices that are welcoming to both humans and pets without sacrificing style. All you need is to follow some of the strategies above and invest in a rug company that puts a premium on creating rugs as timeless as they are durable. For this there’s only one choice: Luxe Weavers. Whether your aesthetic is classic, abstract, patterned, or modern, Luxe Weavers has a suitable option that you’ll love as much as your fur baby. 

December 15, 2020 — Luxe Weavers