Rugs are the perfect aesthetics to add to your room. Not only do they amplify the beauty of your room, but they also give extra comfort and warmth. Stepping on a bare, hard, cold floor can be discomforting to the foot, especially when you've just woken up from sleep. A warm, mild, soft textured rug will leave you with a comfy feeling to your feet and give you a satisfactory feeling. 

It is soothing to have a rug in every room, and most especially the bedroom. Since the bedroom is the space specifically designed for your comfort, choosing the perfect rug for the room can be a tough one to pull.

One thing you must know is there are precisely two rugs that are most suitable for the room. Both offer comfort on different levels but are also different in size and texture. One is Area Rug, which and is usually the most commonly used rug in a room.  Lightweight, portable quality, variety in colors, pattern, and textures are just a few reasons Area Rugs are a great design fit for every bedroom's shape and size. For a large room, you can get an 8x10 area rug. You can get a 5x7 area rug for a smaller room. They also come in rectangular or circular shapes; some come in irregular, organic shapes.

Runner rugs are the second class of rugs that add glamour to bedrooms. These rugs are usually longer but not as wide as Area Rugs. They have the appearance of being narrow and long as if to fit a hallway and are mostly used in hallways, staircases, and kitchens. 

But when used in the bedroom, Runner Rugs switch up the overall feel and appearance in an unusual fashion.

So, which is most suitable for your bedroom? An Area Rug or Runner Rug?

Here you go!

Why Are Area Rugs Best for Your Bedroom ?

Area Rug in Bedroom

Area Rugs make your space quiet: Do you like the sound that comes from your floors when you walk on them? Area rugs are good sound absorbers. They absorb the squeaky sounds the floor makes when you walk on them, giving you a pleasant, quieter sound, especially when you have kids and pets in the house. Since kids tend to run around and make some noise, placing an area rug on the floor gives you that quieter, tranquil space, making it easier for you to relax and chill in your home.

Area Rugs provide warmth: The winter season keeps everywhere cold, including your floors, especially when you don't have floor heating. The low temperature further extends to the rest of the room, leaving everywhere cold. And there are heating bills too. These would most likely hurt your finances. To save cost, among other uses, you can heat your bedroom floors with Area Rugs. For instance, the Luxe Weavers' Manhattan collections trap warmth and give rooms a cozy feeling

Area Rugs Provide Comfort: Walking on bare floors can be discomforting. A Bare, hard, cold floor can hurt the feet; rugs provide comfort. Area Rugs give a softer and lighter feel to the feet, making movement easier and enjoyable. Nothing pleases better than walking around your bedroom without feeling any form of discomfort beneath your feet.

Area Rugs reduce allergies:  Rugs are your best bet if you intend to reduce allergies in the bedroom. Studies have shown that they are engineered to repel dust and contaminants. Area Rugs are tightly woven and reduce allergies gotten from dust and other pollutants. They prevent dust from mixing up with the air we breathe in. Studies have also shown rug materials like Jute, Sisal, Wool, and Polypropylene are the best materials to consider when shopping for a rug that reduces allergies in your bedroom.

Area Rugs protect against domestic accidents: Bare wooden or tiled floors can be slippery, especially when wet. Accidents can occur at any time. If you have children who love to play around, it will be great to consider buying rugs for bedrooms in your home to avoid slippery floors. Area Rugs apply friction to the feet and gives them the grip they need to prevent accidents.

It also prevents unwanted furniture movements, keeping the furniture in its designated place firmly. When choosing An Area Rug for furniture, you have to consider the weight of the furniture. For example, it usually difficult for a light rug to keep heavy furniture in place. So the more massive the furniture, the sturdier the rug should be.

Area Rugs protect your floors from damage: Bare floors, especially wooden ones, are prone to infestations; sharp objects can claw them. When adequately laid, Area Rugs help protect your bedroom floors from damages, preventing sharp objects or any other piece of furniture from damaging them.

Area Rugs come in multiple designs:  Area rugs come in different colors, giving your bedroom the perfect look and touch of color it needs. It is a great way to express your personality, especially when you live in a rented apartment and want to add a personal touch to it.

They also close up spaces in the bedroom, allowing the entire area to look full and lively. Area Rugs can serve as a demarcation of two spaces. For instance, if you want to draw a line between your living room and your bedroom, Area Rugs will help create a clear tone for the different rooms.

Why Are Runner Rugs Best for Your Bedroom?

Runner Rug in Bedroom

Runner Rugs add some color: Runner Rugs effortlessly enhance the beauty in a narrow, empty space in your bedroom. They can easily add character and comfort to any room

Runner Rugs soften hard surfaces: Runner Rugs do not only look good in bedrooms; they are also great on bathroom floors, kitchens, and hallways. They work like magic in adding a touch of color to every plain surrounding. Since floors in the kitchen and bathroom are usually hard, Runner Rugs soften such surfaces and prevent domestic accident.

So, there you go! Area Rugs and Runner Rugs are great décor choices for your bedroom. But beyond aesthetics, consider which of the two would work best for that unique space in your home.








November 09, 2020 — Luxe Weavers