There’s a reason home decor makes some people anxious. It’s a tricky business. That’s why there are so many design professionals to do the work for you. 

But if hiring a specialist is out of the question, there are some fundamental no-nos you can keep in mind to help avoid any major design mess-ups. In this guide we’ll look at 7 home decor mistakes that can ruin your design. 

Making Everything Match

We’re trained at a young age to match like colors. Just think back on all those elementary school art lessons designed to help children identify and match shades. 

As we grow up, the concept continues into clothing, but when it comes to interior design, making everything uniform isn’t always the best idea. 

While using varying colors may seem scary, consider the fact that a one-tone palette may appear flat and bland. If blending colors makes you anxious, at the very least consider introducing different textures. 

For instance, a rug can provide a textural dimension that paint and wallpaper can’t. For instance, this Magnolia Collection Silver Geometric area rug doesn’t feature bold colors, but its plush material adds a cozy feel to a space. 

Not Considering Scale

Scale can make or break a space. 

Fill it with furniture that’s too big and it will give an Alice in Wonderland effect to a room. Put small furniture in a large room and it can appear to be swallowed up by the size. 

So before you shell out a small fortune to outfit a room, really think about the scale of your furnishings and how they’ll flow and meld together. One way to tie pieces together is with an area rug

A circular rug, for instance, can bring elements into one cohesive vision provided every furniture item touches at some point. In the same way, two rugs can help a large room have multiple spaces in one. For instance, a smaller rug can help pull together a reading nook while a larger rug centered around larger furniture can become the focal point. 

Avoid the Tendency to Hoard

Clutter is a well designed room’s nemesis. There are ways to layer many decor items, but merely overwhelming a room with knick-knacks can spoil good design. Remember to edit yourself and when you can’t, ask a friend for help. Sometimes an outside eye is all it takes to give a space a fresh look.

Don’t Push Furniture Against the Walls

It’s a natural inclination to think that pushing all of your furniture against the walls will create more space to live. Not so. 

As The Spruce explains, in actuality, pushing furniture against the walls will make a room lose all of its breathing space and instead make it feel like a cold cave. Instead, create openness by arranging furniture with space between walls and then tie living areas together with an area rug to pull the features into a welcoming room. This Trellis Collection Charcoal Geometric Area Rug, for instance, could be the cherry on top to a formal living room or bedroom. 

Lack of Balance

In the Chinese philosophy of feng shui, energy is used to harmonize individuals with their surroundings. And while some consider the concept bunk, the basic principle makes good design sense. 

Finding balance in a space can make it more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to live in. That means avoiding putting too much furniture on one side of the room like a rocky boat tilting in the sea. 

Using an Area Rug That’s Too Small 

Designers can’t stress enough the importance of an area rug in a room. It really can bring the entire space together, but if you opt for a rug that’s the wrong color or too small, it can make the design look downright silly. 

All, or at least most, of the furniture should be sitting on the rug, so if you have a postage size rug sitting under a coffee table, that isn’t going to cut it. Look for vendors who sell rugs in a variety of sizes so you can try different options, like Luxe Weavers. For example, our popular Hampstead Collection Ivory Oriental Area Rug comes in 5x7, 8x10, and 9x12. 

Getting Carried Away with Throw Pillows

What could be better than a few pillows? More pillows. 

Or so goes a common design error. 

As comfy as the concept of an abundance of pillows might seem, too many can actually make a couch or chair remarkably uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a few well chosen pillows that dress up a piece rather than consume it. 

Achieving great design doesn’t happen overnight and it’s generally not an accident. Techniques are learned through research, touring other people’s spaces, and testing out different ideas. But with these no-nos in mind, you can start on the right foot and begin crafting a home you’ll not only feel comfortable living in but love showing off to others.  

November 12, 2020 — Luxe Weavers